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Solar + Battery Powered Heat Refuge For Avenel

Avenel, Victoria

The tiny Victorian town of Avenel now has a place for residents to find relief from summer heat during a blackout event. [Continue reading…]

Coal Giant Peabody Pinged By Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator

Peabody Coal and Australia's Clean Energy Regulator

Peabody Australia Holdco Pty Ltd  has been put in the naughty corner by Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator for continually screwing up its emissions reporting. [Continue reading…]

Buying Imported Solar Panels Does Not Hurt Australia

Imported vs. Australian made solar panels

If you want Australian made solar panels, I recommend Tindo Solar.  They have a track record of quality panel production nearly a decade long.  But you’ll pay a premium for Australian made.   If you’re happy to pay extra, this isn’t a problem.  But if you choose cheaper, imported panels are you harming our economy […]

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Labor Pledges “Solar Banks” And Community Batteries

Powering Australia Plan - solar and batteries

Among Labor’s renewables related commitments are initiatives to make solar power accessible to some of the many Australians currently missing out.

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Australian Solar Systems Interest Index: December 2021

SolarQuotes auSSII report - December 2021

What size solar power systems were Australians wanting in November? What proportion were considering a home battery? Find out in the latest auSSII report.

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sonnenBatterie Evo. Finally! A Decent Battery From sonnen.

sonnenbatterie EVO or sonnen Evo battery review

Just the other day, Finn was having a whinge about sonnen batteries.  He mentioned a few problems the current sonnenBatterie Eco has:

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Victoria’s Solar Feed-In Tariff Review

Victoria feed-in tariff 2022/23

Victoria’s Essential Services Commission is reviewing the minimum solar feed-in tariff payable to system owners for the solar energy they export to the grid – and has released its draft decision.

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Reclaim PV Recycling Adelaide Gets Cranking 

Reclaim solar panel recycling Adelaide

A solar panel recycling facility in Adelaide’s south officially commenced operations this week – and it should be kept pretty busy.

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Australia’s Solar Rebate In 2022: What’s Ahead

Australia's solar rebate in 2022

Being the final month of the year, it’s a good time to look at what will happen with Australia’s hugely popular solar rebate when the calendar flips over to January 1, 2022.

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JinkoSolar Q3 2021 Results Released

JinkoSolar panel shipments Q3 2021

Shipments of JinkoSolar panels took a small hit in Q3 – but the Jinko juggernaut continues to rumble on.

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