Stage One Of Panda Solar Power Plant Up And Running

Panda Power Plant - Solar Farm

Datong Panda Power Plant – Artist’s Impression

The initial phase of the world’s first Panda Power Plant in Datong, Shanxi province, China has been officially connected to the grid.

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Scania Spruiks The Netherlands’ Largest Solar Rooftop Array

Scania looks to solar energy

Scania’s Zwolle Manufacturing Facility Sans Solar Panels (For Now)

Swedish manufacturer of big trucks Scania is also getting into big solar, announcing it will cover the rooftop of its Zwolle, Overijssel plant with solar panels.

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A Solar Waste Crisis On The Horizon?

Solar panel recycling

Recycling solar panels | Image : Public Domain

A pro-nuclear group has warned of a potential solar waste crisis – so what is happening with regard to solar panel recycling?

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Townsville Water Taskforce Recommends Solar Power For Pumping

solar powered water pumping

Securing Townsville Water Supplies With Solar | Image: Townsville Water Taskforce

Solar energy may soon play an important role in securing water supplies for the Queensland city of Townsville as part of a proposed new pipeline project.

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5MW Solar + Storage For U.S. University

University of California, Merced - solar energy

University of California, Merced Shooting For 100% Renewables

The University of California’s Merced campus will soon have a 5MW solar power system installed, along with 500kW of battery storage.

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Euroa’s Solar Capacity Gets A Bump

Solar installations in Euroa

Solar panels popular in Euroa | Image: Public Domain

Installed solar capacity in the Victorian town of Euroa just experienced a significant lift with the installation of a 100kW solar power system at one of the town’s service stations.

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UPS Pledges More Renewable Energy

UPS expanding solar power capacity

More Solar Power For UPS

Logistics giant UPS has committed to boosting its renewables sourced electricity use from less than 1% currently to 25% by 2025.

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Printed Batteries To Bring Solar Panels And Energy Storage Together?

Printed Energy - Battery Development

Image: Printed Energy Pty Ltd

An Australian project has set its sights on creating printed batteries that could ultimately be integrated on the back of solar panels.

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Solar Panels To Face Their Biggest Heat Challenge

Parker Solar Probe missions

Parker Solar Probe | Image: NASA

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe spacecraft will fly closer to the Sun than any other mission – and its solar panels will require special protection to survive temperatures reaching around 1,370C.

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World’s Most Powerful Rooftop Solar Project Completed

Westmont Solar Energy Project

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti. Kids, Don’t Try This At Home*

The Westmont Solar Energy Project, consisting of more than 50,000 solar panels covering 50 acres of roof space, has been completed – and LA’s Mayor is celebrating.

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