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What Is A “Tier 1” Solar Battery?

Tier 1 solar battery myth

A “Tier 1” solar battery is like a Tier 1 solar inverter and nothing like a Tier 1 solar panel. Confused? Here’s a simple explanation:

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Why Landscape Solar Panels Can Be Better (But More Expensive)

Solar panels - portrait or landscape?

Have you ever noticed that most solar panels installed on Australian roofs are mounted in portrait orientation? Portrait is more popular because solar panels are cheaper and quicker to install this way. This post will explain why panel orientation can matter, and why you may be better off with landscape panels despite the extra effort […]

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Australian Solar Panel Redistribution Initiative Helping Africa

Solar panel redistribution

From rooftops in Queensland’s Hervey Bay to communities in Nigeria – how unwanted solar panels from Australia are getting a second life overseas.

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Choosing A Battery Inverter For Off-Grid Living

Off-grid battery inverters - Selectronic

See inside the Australian factory producing what’s widely regarded as the world’s best off-grid inverters – Selectronic – and pick up some valuable tips on battery inverter selection.

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Solar Powered Off-Grid Living With All The Creature Comforts

Living comfortably with off grid solar power

A South Australian family is living the dream in Strathalbyn in their off-grid solar powered home without skimping on the mod cons. And it worked out cheaper than connecting to the mains grid.

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Why Buying Solar Now Is Often Better Than Later

Buying solar in Australia

The best time to buy a solar power system is usually right now; and perhaps even more so currently. Here’s why.

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A Carbon-Neutral Port Stephens Council By 2025

Port Stephens and carbon neutrality

Port Stephens Mayor Ryan Palmer’s Notice of Motion to commit Council to carbon neutrality by 2025 has been given the thumbs up by his peers.

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Solar Power Remains Favourite Energy Source Among Australians

Climate of a Nation - solar power

The 2021 Climate Of A Nation poll found the vast majority of Australians again ranked solar power among their top three preferred energy sources. As for coal, well …

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Glen Morris And The Community Living Off Grid Since 1974

Off-grid community - Glen Morris

There’s a community just outside Melbourne in Victoria, Australia that has been living off-grid for decades. It’s home to off-grid solar guru Glen Morris, who shows us around his impressive Smart Energy Lab.

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Australian Solar Battery Maker RedEarth Cashed Up

RedEarth Energy Storage - solar batteries

Queensland-based RedEarth Energy Storage has another $12 million in its kit to take it through to the ASX listing the company is aiming to achieve next year.

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