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Are you getting the best Solar Panels? The Top 10 Things To Check

the best solar panels

There are a bewildering array of solar panel brands out there. How do you sort the wheat from the solar chaff?

My advice is go thru the spec sheet for each panel and judge them on the following top 10 solar panel selection criteria.

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Solar Panel Warranties – How to make sure yours is worth more than the paper it is written on:

All solar panels should come with both a “power output warranty” and a “material warranty”. What is the difference and how do you make sure they will give you the protection you need?

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Don’t Install Solar…Until You’ve Read This

Don’t buy that solar system until you have at least done the most basic energy efficiency upgrades…

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Grid Connection of your solar system: should you organise it yourself?

Some pitfalls that can be encountered when connecting your solar system to the grid.

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Everything You Need To Know About Solar (Grid Connect) Inverters

Inverter Circuit

A detailed look (in plain English!) at how inverters work. Learn how a solar grid connected inverter performs its crucial functions of: Converting DC to AC, transforming the voltage, keeping you safe, exporting to the grid and last, but not least maximising the power from your panels.

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How Important Is Efficiency When Choosing A Solar Panel?

Mounting a solar panel to allow "backside irradiance"

Is panel efficiency the only thing that matters when deciding which solar panel to buy?

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Why Electricity Prices Are Rising…?

Click the image to enlarge… (it’s worth it!)

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Which Electricity Company pays the most for your solar electricity?

Update: Feb 27 2015: Please note the date on this blog post is October 2010 – so the information is out of date. The best way to find good electricity tariff deals for solar owners in 2015 is the surprisingly good government website: Go to that website, click on the red ‘residential’ button, enter your postcode, […]

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Is this the daftest solar power promotion in Australia?

Watching the late movie on TV last night the most ridiculous ad for solar power I have ever seen came on. I nearly fell off my sofa when I saw that if you buy a 1.5kW solar system from these guys, they’ll throw in a ‘free’ 50″ plasma TV. Large Plasma TV’s are, of course, the […]

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Daily Telegraph gets on its high horse about Solar Power and Electricity prices

I’ve been in Sydney for a couple of days (including a really interesting tour of Silex Solar’s impressive Solar Panel factory at Olympic Park). I picked up the Daily Telegraph in the hotel this morning to see the front page screaming about electricity prices. According to the paper, the only person who can bring NSW […]

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