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Clive Palmer’s Proposed Coal Power Station May Be Called In

Clive Palmer - coal power

Queensland’s Planning Minister says he wants to ensure sure the community have their say on Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal power station.

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EV Range Anxiety Test: 2,000km Tesla Trip In Australia

Tesla range anxiety - Australia

Can a Tesla electric car cover long distances in Australia when rural travel is a big chunk of the journey? SolarQuotes Founder Finn Peacock found out in this EV field test.

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Victorian Solar For Public Buildings Rollout Update

VIC solar panels on public buildings

The Victorian Government’s Solar on Public Buildings program has seen dozens of solar installations completed, and dozens more to come.

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By How Much Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Solar panels and Australian home values

There are a bunch of articles around indicating installing a solar power system can substantially increase the value of a home. Be aware of devil in the detail of some of the eye-popping estimates.

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COP26: Australia Stupid Not To Join Global Methane Pledge

Global Methane Pledge - Australia

Last week at the COP26 in Glasgow, more than 100 nations took the Global Methane Pledge and committed to reducing emissions of this dangerous greenhouse gas 30% by 2030.  It was a shining moment in history as the world’s people came together to act for the common good. When I say “the people of the […]

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Buying A Battery Without Solar Is No Longer A Crazy Idea

Is a home battery without solar panels worth it?

South Australia has a lot of solar.  Relative to total generation it’s well ahead of any other state.  All this solar power reduces daytime wholesale electricity prices.  This is a good thing.  Not only is solar energy clean, it cuts costs for homes and businesses.

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Why Your Next Car Should Be An EV

Why your next car should be electric

4 common questions SolarQuotes Founder Finn Peacock is asked about his electric car (a Tesla) answered – and Finn explains why buying a new petrol or diesel vehicle now could be an unwise decision.

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Australian Solar Systems Interest Index: November 2021

SolarQuotes auSSII report - November 2021

A greater proportion of Australians considering solar in October wanted to fill their rooftops with panels – and more were also interested in home batteries.

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Jinko Solar Ploughing Cash Into Polysilicon Producer

Jinko Solar - Polysilicon

Solar panel manufacturer Jinko Solar has announced its intention to throw a bundle of bucks at a subsidiary of one of China’s polysilicon production giants.

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Empowering Health: Solar + Battery Storage For Victoria’s GLCH

GLCH solar and battery project

The team at Gippsland Lakes Complete Health is pretty excited about a big solar power and battery system on the way for its Lakes Entrance facility.

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