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Aussie Solar

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Aussie Solar Overall Rating From 52 Reviews:

52 Reviews

Average Customer Review (52 customer reviews)


Aussie Solar is an Australian owned and operated company based in NSW and is dedicated to supplying renewable energy solutions. The company has been in business since 2002 and initially was involved in installing remote (standalone) solar power systems and solar water pumps, then later moved into grid connected solar power systems.

The company says that it has installed more than 3,500 solar power systems throughout NSW. They say that they pride themselves on exceptional service and a range of quality products; they also say that they were the first company in Australia to have panels insured for their efficiency over 25 years.

Aussie Solar is a member of Clean Energy Council, and all of its installers are trained to deliver to the most stringent Australian and international standards. They also have a wealth of experience in design and installation of grid connect solar power systems. Aussie Solar is a division of Carbon Management Solutions (CMS), an Australian owned and operated wholesaler of quality solar power products.

Customer testimonials for Aussie Solar are available, and include the following:

“ I would like to thank the commitment and genuine service that Aussie Solar have provided. From the initial phone call through to installation, your representatives have been phenomenal. I initially spoke to Angela who was happy to explain the whole process of how the feed in tariff works, and the inverter conversion etc. She explained this in a simple manner, which is a true sign of someone who really knows their product and is a competent professional. The best thing is we just received our quarterly electricity bill, which shows we owe only $2.77; it would have been $442 without the solar power system.”

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
We had this solar system two years ago,I was just thinking of additional 2 or 3k ...
>>> See Roberto Jr.'s review
Roberto Jr. NSW 2360
I had installed 1.5 KW plus battery back up system. Sounded great but because I ...
>>> See Andrew's review
Andrew NSW 2321
Salesman told us about lots the others didn't, and didn't try to sell us more th ...
>>> See Jess's review
Jess QLD 4209
reasonably fast service.
>>> See James's review
James NSW 2484
With this second system which will be a net system waiting on essential energy t ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2360
I bought through a very effective and efficient call centre operation. They ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2536

>>> See Sue's review
Sue NSW 2344
I did like the installers you recommended but I ultimately choose the better pri ...
>>> See Alan's review
Alan NSW 2168
Very Prompt install but there customer service let them down never ring back i a ...
>>> See Scott's review
Scott NSW 2323
Clean and efficient service. My only other comment would be that the installati ...
>>> See Graham's review
Graham NSW 2750

>>> See Martin's review
Martin QLD 4035
I have used Aussie Solar after some research and also after referring informatio ...
>>> See Punsara's review
Punsara NSW 2155
I would have used solar rec. but upon talking to a friend who has had an Aussie ...
>>> See Kevin's review
Kevin NSW 2795
Timeliness of installation was poor. I was in no great rush to have the system ...
>>> See John's review
John NSW 2780
Being put in next week.
>>> See Tony's review
Tony NSW 2324

>>> See Dianne's review
Dianne NSW 2594

>>> See Daryl's review
Daryl NSW 2480
including the companies which you supplied me with I found it hard to get quotes ...
>>> See Joanne's review
Joanne NSW 2745

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2777

>>> See Graham's review
Graham NSW 2750

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2477
Aussie Solar were very good with their quote - over the phone, everything by ema ...
>>> See Colin's review
Colin NSW 2750

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2790
We chose Aussie Solar because we are in a rural area in northern NSW and this co ...
>>> See Cheryl's review
Cheryl NSW 2473
>>> See Boyd's review
Boyd NSW 2473
I wanted to order a 4 kilowatt system after I had already ordered a 2 kilowatt ...
>>> See Pete's review
Pete NSW 2480
Aussie Solar, were able to supply a price same day, forward quotes within 24 hr ...
>>> See Graeme's review
Graeme NSW 2750

>>> See Geoff's review
Geoff NSW 2478
THIS COMPANY IS IN LAWSON, NEXT TOWN, and was the best price I received . Only o ...
>>> See Bill's review
Bill NSW 2784
Aussie Solar are a very professional company, right from the start the girls in ...
>>> See Colleen's review
Colleen NSW 2463

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2340
they revised the quote from $5400 to $3600 after i had signed up.
>>> See Stephen's review
Stephen NSW 2539
I chose Ausie Solar for a few reasons, i.e. Ausie is the install company with it ...
>>> See John's review
John NSW 2462

>>> See Alexander's review
Alexander NSW 2463
Although happy with the system the company did not appreciate that i had borrowe ...
>>> See Rik's review
Rik NSW 2480
very efficient and came when they said they wood
>>> See Allan's review
Allan NSW 2430
My problem with them is the installation of the new metering which they arranged ...
>>> See Robert's review
Robert NSW 2539
They were always on time, always did what they said they would when they said th ...
>>> See Darcy's review
Darcy NSW 2650
I assume that 1 is lowest and 5 is highest above
>>> See Thomas's review
Thomas NSW 2560

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2577
Will be able to after instal date which has not yet rolled round.Hopefully I can ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter NSW 2388
Energy Australia were particulalrly tardy in installing the gross meter. When t ...
>>> See William's review
William NSW 2074
Aussie Solar have just reduced the price for their solar systems. Can now supply ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian NSW 2750

>>> See Andrew's review
Andrew NSW 2560

>>> See Gary's review
Gary NSW 2484

>>> See Mrs's review
Mrs NSW 2340
Cheaper by $3000 then other comparable systems we priced. Very efficient and pr ...
>>> See Garry's review
Garry NSW 2540

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2778
The installation was carried out in an excellent manor and as an electrican myse ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2756
Only got one quote back from your suppliers and it was 2-3 times more expensive ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2560
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