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4 Reviews

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Complete Power is an electrical supply and contracting company which also provides solar power solutions. The company is based in Goulburn, NSW. The company says that its solar systems set the standard in reliability and durability. They say that their technology has been proven in the harshest environments: on satelites in space, on weather stations in the bitter cold of Antarctica, and on telecommunication systems in the heat of the Australian desert. Complete Power says that it uses BP solar panels and that these are covered by a 25 year performance warranty.
Customer reviews for Complete Power are available, and include the following:
" I got three quotes, all about the same price. I think I got the best service. They were easy to talk to and I got an easy answer which made me understand everything."
Four customers reviewed Complete Power. They rated the company highly for value for money, system quality and installation, and very highly for customer service.

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>>> See Dianne's review
Dianne NSW 2580

>>> See Chris's review
Chris NSW 2580
System has been installed, but not connect to the grid as yet, waiting for certi ...
>>> See Tony's review
Tony NSW 2579
They were easy to talk to and I got an easy answer which made me understand ever ...
>>> See Craig's review
Craig NSW 2580

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Complete Power