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Solar myWorld is an Australian-owned company that distributes solar PV technology, inverters and complete solar power systems. It strives to become a leader in the solar panel industry, while offering excellent value and service.

The company enlists the help of brands with similar values, as it hopes to provide customers with the support, value for money and knowledge they should expect from a solar power company.

The head office of Solar myWorld can be found in Midvale, Perth. All products are backed by Australian warranties in case anything should suddenly go awry with the solar power system.

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Original Review on 27-03-2020:


the sales knew his system and how to install.
Informed me when installation was to take and the approval from the electricity authority
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Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Greg: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system has performed as expected. The only disappointment is that I should have contacted Solar Analytics to install their device befor the new solar system was installed. This device monitors solar generation, how much is used within the household, how much is exported and imported, that would have been easier for me to monitor. Currently I rely on the downloads of how much I have generate and Western Power to provide how much I import and export. I then deduct the amount I have exported from the amount I have generated and infer that is how much the household uses.
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SolarMyWorld has a problem with managing customer expectations. Being a small firm out of Midland, Perth he was very accommodating to my demands, despite their irrationality, which led to wiring work being done that required rework.

The final solution is flipping awesome.
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The 36 panel and 10kw lithium ion phosphate battery storage system should be able to supply our modest requirements but the providers seem unable to set up the computer operated inverters to function without dropping out and shutting down completely during the day. Even during the middle of a sunny day they shut down. Therefore the system continues to be unpredictable, unreliable and disappointing.
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When I stumbled across the Solar Quotes website I new nothing about Solar Systems or qualities. Solar Quote sent me 3 companies to explain and quote their systems. I sourced another 4. With each meeting I learnt a little more about how solar works, but most of all I learnt that each company had the best panels, the best inverters and the best service and price. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff?
I received several informative emails from Finn Peacock (solar quotes) which I learnt most from. It was invaluable to have an intependent and unbiased view which made my decision making a lot easier. When my decision came down to two companies I requested Finn's view on both company's products. He did not advise which company to go for, but gave analyses on each of the products, which confirmed my decision to go with SolarMyWorld. With Finn's help I am confident that I have made the right decision. I have recommended Finn's website to two friends and will continue to do so.
All the best!
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It's a bit nerve wracking going with a small company, especially since the industry is still relatively young. You have to take a bit of a leap of faith, based on your gut feeling about the salespeople and by researching the products as best you can. Something a small company can have going for them is the personal touch. But they should still be professional...neatly prepared quotes (i received a few handwritten scrawls), follow up with polite (not pushy) emails or phone calls, email or post spec sheets of the components, offer references from past customers. And follow through with service AFTER the installation...ring or email to see if the customer has had any trouble getting grid connected, or that system is working as expected. All these things will make me more likely to recommend you to a friend. And a personal recommendation goes a long way to generating new business!
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I got 1.5kW of panels, but spent a bit more to get a 3kW inverter. I may wish to upgrade in the near future. But it is a good sales item for a large family moving in, if I sell after the system pays for itself in about 3 years. Electricity price rises not withstanding.
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The companies that you gave my details to were prompt but neither offered to come out and visit the site. For me companies need to give personal service where you can put a face to the company. I rang SolarMyWorld who said their Salesperson was unavailable but would call back within 15 minutes, which he did. He made an appointment to come out to my house and I didn't have to wait weeks. He knew his product and was able to give me the system I was after at the price I had expected to pay.
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