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  • A note about the Victorian Solar Rebate:

    Due to extremely high demand for quotes (due to the VIC Rebate) - we can only offer 2 quotes for solar at the moment.

    The current Victorian Solar Rebate offers up to a $1,888 subsidy to households with no existing solar, a household income under $180,000, and a house worth less than $3m.

    If you want to apply for the VIC rebate please read this before getting quotes:

    If you want the VIC rebate, you are not allowed to sign a contract for solar until your rebate application has been approved.

    The process to get a rebate is:

    • Get quotes from solar installers
    • Choose your favourite quote
    • Your chosen installer will upload the quote to the Solar Victoria Portal.
    • If you successfully get a rebate, the installer claims the rebate on your behalf, deducting it from the total cost of the system.
    • You pay the balance to your installer once the solar power system is installed.

    The latest batch of 2,000 rebates, released on January 16th, is currently still available.

  • I understand. Please get me quotes for solar in Victoria >>
  • Thanks! But before I arrange your quotes...

    I just want to be clear that buying a totally off grid system is a major investment. Typically they are at least 4 times the price of standard grid connect solar system (i.e. a small system starts at about $20k).

    If you are looking for solar + batteries, but have easy access to a grid connection it is much more cost effective to stay on the grid with your batteries.

  • Thanks! But before I arrange your quotes...

    You've told us that you want quotes to add batteries to your existing solar system.

    There are lots of reasons to buy batteries. But if you are interested in batteries purely from a financial payback perspective, please be aware that the cost of adding batteries starts at approx $10,000.

  • Thanks! But before I arrange your quotes...

    Although batteries are dropping in price all the time, they are still very expensive.

    A solar + battery system currently starts at about $15,000. Hit the blue button to get quotes for solar + batteries.

    If $15,000+ is not in your budget range right now, then a good alternative is a 'battery ready' solar system which is easy to add batteries to in the future and doesn't cost much more than a standard system.

  • Solar for your charity or non-profit

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  • Looking for solar for a non-profit/charity and have the funds available?

    Looking for solar for a non-profit/charity but aren't able to fund the upfront cost?

    You may be eligible for an interest-free loan via the CORENA fund, which then uses the savings from the solar system to cover the loan repayments.



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