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We are very fussy about which installers we allow to provide you with quotes.

That's why my quote form is a bit more extensive than some of the other, copycat solar quoting sites out there that have popped up since we began. Sure, it takes a bit longer, but it's perfect for you if you want to work with experts, not cowboys. The best solar installers insist on detailed information to provide the best quote to homeowners like you. I could shorten my form, and get more homeowners to complete it, but then the only installers I could get to reply with quotes would be the "cowboys".

While my form may take a bit longer, you'll get up to 3 free, no obligation quotes from highly-qualified installers – quotes that are perfectly tailored to your home, energy and budget considerations. No back and forth. No wasted time. Quotes done right the first time.


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I just want to be clear that buying a totally off grid system is a major investment. Typically they are at least 4 times the price of standard grid connect solar system (i.e. a small system starts at about $20k).

If you are looking for solar + batteries, but have easy access to a grid connection it is much more cost effective to stay on the grid with your batteries.

Why do we ask for your phone number?

A critical part of getting the right sized system is understanding how and when you use electricity in your home.

So the reason we ask for your phone number is so that each solar installer may call you to better understand your unique requirements and make sure that you are getting a system that will suit you best. Beware solar companies that make no effort to understand your situation!

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Under $1000 monthly bill

We classify installations for bills under $1000 per month as residential (even if on business premises)

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You can still proceed on this page to get up to 3 quotes from other professional, highly-vetted installers in your area.


How does SolarQuotes make money?

SolarQuotes makes money by charging solar companies (who have been personally vetted by Finn) for referrals to people who ask us for quotes.

They pay us a small fee (around $39 + GST*) if we send them your quote request. We get paid whether you choose to buy solar from them or not. That’s how we stay independent.

The solar installers that we accept into our referral network:

Do you pay more by using a solar installer referred by SolarQuotes?

The only extra cost to the solar installer who sends you a quote through SolarQuotes is $39. This compares very favourably with alternatives such as newspaper advertising, Google advertising etc.

The nature of our quotes service - with multiple installers providing competing quotes to one customer - means that installers must provide great hardware, great service and be competitive on price to win your business.

*For the purpose of transparency, here is what we charge our clients for 'sales leads':


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A note about the Victorian Solar Rebate:

The current Victorian Solar Rebate offers up to a $1,850 subsidy to households with no existing solar, a household income under $180,000, and a house worth less than $3m.

The process to get a rebate is:


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