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I just want to be clear that buying a totally off grid system is a major investment. Typically they are at least 4 times the price of standard grid connect solar system (i.e. a small system starts at about $20k).

If you are looking for solar + batteries, but have easy access to a grid connection it is much more cost effective to stay on the grid with your batteries.

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How does SolarQuotes make money?

SolarQuotes makes money by charging solar companies (who have been personally vetted by Finn) for referrals to people who ask us for quotes.

They pay us a small fee (around $55 + GST*) if we send them your quote request. We get paid whether you choose to buy solar from them or not. That’s how we stay independent.

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The only extra cost to the solar installer who sends you a quote through SolarQuotes is $55. This compares very favourably with alternatives such as newspaper advertising, Google advertising etc.

The nature of our quotes service - with multiple installers providing competing quotes to one customer - means that installers must provide great hardware, great service and be competitive on price to win your business.

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A note about the Victorian Solar Rebate:

Due to extremely high demand for quotes (due to the VIC Rebate) - we can only offer 2 quotes for solar at the moment.

The current Victorian Solar Rebate offers up to a $1,400 subsidy and interest-free loans to households with no existing solar, a household income under $210,000, and a house worth less than $3m.

The process to get a rebate is:


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A note about the ACT Government loan scheme:

The ACT Government has partnered with finance provider Brighte to offer true zero interest loans for new solar or battery systems.

Eligible homes (ones with land value under $750,000) can borrow between $2,000-$15,000.

The process to get a loan is:

Rest assured that if you select the 'monthly repayments' option in this quote form, we will only refer you to installers participating in this scheme.

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