SolarQuotes Australian Solar Price Index

How much does solar power cost in Australia currently - and what about in the past? 

These graphs, updated in real-time, shows the average price paid over time in Australian dollars for a rooftop solar power system installation across the whole of Australia - from a few years ago to just last month. The prices noted are after STCs (aka the solar rebate) and any state-specific rebates. 

The top graph shows average $/watt paid for an installed solar power system - this is the out-of-pocket cost in Australian dollars divided by the system size in watts. The bottom graph indicates average system costs, also including installation.

The data is based on purchase date and sourced from reviews submitted to SolarQuotes. We give every reviewer the opportunity to report the price they paid for their solar power system.

Drill down to specific system sizes (panel array size in kW) using the dropdown below, or even to various inverter and solar panel brands used. To see all states and territories on one graph click 'All States' below, or see figures for individual states and territories using the individual links.

Average $ per watt paid

Average price paid

Note: In bottom graph, the average price paid for all system sizes is trending up because Australians are buying larger systems.

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