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About Solar Wholesalers, Solar Installers

Based in South Australia, Solar Wholesalers provides solar power systems to Adelaide as well as regional parts of the state. It was one of the first solar power companies to be established in the area.

Solar Wholesalers has been operational since 2007 and prides itself on offering reliable products to its customers.

Not only this, but Solar Wholesalers believes it is small enough to offer a personalised service, while big enough to have strong relationships with suppliers to offer competitive prices.

Solar Wholesalers Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
While there are plenty of companies to choose from i had heard fantastic feedback about Solar Wholesalers. While their quote was not the cheapest it was the best value and meet my needs of rapid payback and piece of mind regarding a problem free system into the future.
The installation process went smoothly and as promised.
I would have no hesitation is strongly recommending Solar Wholesalers. Don't get sucked in to a cheaper system, deal with real people who are there to ensure you get the right outcome for your individual needs.
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The first question above doesn't allow of our choice which was for the number 9 (Solar Wholesalers) of the top 10 on your home page. That is, we learned about them from your site but not via the quotes offering. For some reason, your three quotes process didn't offer Solar Wholesalers as the third quote (we only received two) which is surprising as they are not far away from us (Bridgewater) in Mt Barker. I wrote to your support email address querying this outcome but have not had response.

Supplier Reply

Yes sorry unfortunately our system at the time of your submitted enquiry was unable to send your details to Solar Wholesalers on our network for a 3rd quote. This may have been due to them not being active for enquiries, or their daily, weekly, monthly enquiry quotas may have been fulfilled.
I hope that helps.
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Only early stages as still waiting to be installed. Show additional information
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Solar Wholesalers were very quick to answer any concerns I had, and being a technician myself, they were happy to provide me with the more in depth information I sought. Though I have not yet had the system installed (next week) I cannot fault their customer service.
I like that they do not subcontract to another installer, it gives me piece of mind that if anything does go wrong, I have the one point of contact to worry about.
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We were very impressed with Solar Wholesalers' professional approach throughout the quotation and installation process. Options and choices were explained clearly, and their final price was very competitive. The installation team (who were company employees rather than sub-contractors) were polite and efficient, and the installation was well done. I would not hesitate to recommend the Company.

We are a heavy-use household, averaging about 50kWh/$17 per day across the 12 months before solar installation. Our first quarterly post-solar bill confirmed that the predictions of system performance made by Solar Wholesalers during the quotation process were accurate. We are very pleased with the outcome: our solar system will have paid for itself well inside two years.
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I wanted people to come and have a look at my house as it is a 2 storey residence. I found it difficult to get someone to come out to have a look at the place when I was able to be there.
Solar Wholesalers ended up getting the job as even though they were more expensive than the other, they actually came out and talked to me and I also knew of a number of other people who had used them and were happy with their service.
Looking at a January installation as rules have changed on meter installations and waiting for AGL to do their thing.
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solar wholsalers are local and do it all no sub contraters Show additional information
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From first receiving the quote to the finished job. All phone calls, emails, questions, were answerd, in a manner that I understood. All personal were polite and helpful.
A real professional team. Congratulations. A real pleasure to do business with.
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Solar Wholesalers have been really helpful and professional. Right from quotation to helping with meter change application, advise on type and size of panels and inverter to choose based on our individual circumstances and professional installation, it has been a great and positive experience. Thanks for proactively moving the tv antenna anticipating interference from panels. Show additional information
Solar Wholesalers take pride in their work. I have been very happy with the quality of their work and the performance of the system (after 2 days). Show additional information
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Solar Wholesalers have been great to deal with from start-to-finish: sales, administrative, design and installation. Very happy with the system that we bought. Show additional information
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Pleased with the service so far, but not installed yet Show additional information
It isn't actually connected yet but will be within a week or two. Show additional information
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Our house has significant shading so we opted for 24 Trina Maxim optimised panels and a 5 kW Fronius inverter. The system has been running for a week now and it is performing way beyond our expectations. We had done our calculations and thought that we might reduce our bill by a third. In fact, we have fed in more than twice what we have taken from the grid and would only have been paying the supply charge. We have tilt racks on a near-flat metal roof consisting of two different KlipLok profiles and the team from Solar Wholesalers did a fantastic job ensuring that the racks were fixed without penetrating the roof. They were extremely patient while they waited for us to get development approval from our local council. Communication with the sales, admin and installation staff was excellent. We would certainly recommend them. Thanks also to Finn and the SolarQuotes folks. We were very happy with the three companies that quoted and you saved us many hours of research. Show additional information
The team from Solar Wholesalers were excellent - highly informative and very responsive to questions and queries from us. Everything was done right on time and the installers were pleasant and friendly. I would be happy to recommend Solar Wholesalers to anyone interested in installing a high quality solar system. Show additional information
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All good really.

We had to do some of the final negotiations from afar. My wife and I spent some time in the US during the negotiations about the Solar System, indeed had to leave it to our son to have everything in place for the installation process. All went well. The bottom line is we are happy enough with the job.

On another note we are obviously not too happy we needed to put in the system in the first place. We own a couple of places in the US. The current cost of electricity in the State of Maryland is 5.9c Kwh. We put in the solar system to avoid the $2,000+ per quarter we get charged during the winter months in South Australia (and that's at 30c Kwh rate not at the new rate of 36.5c Kwh we have just been notified as now applying).

As soon as the wife and I are retired we are certainly out of here!


Ian Fraser
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The quote was not the cheapest - only marginally higher than the second highest; however the quality of the quote presentation coupled with a site visit and further explanations made it very easy to select this superior configuration.
Further the installers were first rate in all matters.
The journey from initial quotation/explanations to selection and installation/commissioning/web access was likewise first rate.
In addition, the final paperwork 'package' was very professional.
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Sam - Solar wholesalers did everything via the phone. the other 2 companies came out to meet me and explain the systems. Luckily enough the information I got through the other 2 companies helped me gain knowledge about solar and branding etc. I went with Solar wholesalers as they were cheaper by at least $1000 but I felt he didn't have to spend much time with me and that's probably why he was a bit cheaper. everything was via email and when I phoned him regarding the price/installation process I felt he wasn't as informative and a little short with me on the phone however $1000 is a $1000 so I went with him. His installers were great and explained everything, as for Sam - the jurys out on him . Show additional information
I would like to commend the staff at Solar Wholesalers Mount Barker SA in all aspects of my recent Solar installation at my new home. From the first point of contact through to the guys who did the installation my experience has been top class. It was pleasing to come home after the guys had finished the installation and find a clean site with no rubbish etc left behind and of course a solar system that continues to deliver more power than originally expected, saving me money. Show additional information
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The installers were exceptional. Spotted a fault on the roof of the adjacent house & helped him fix it. Show additional information
Very helpful staff, I had no real idea about solar panels and they explained everything well and offered plenty of information about the process, panels and installation and well as telling me what size system would best suit our needs. Show additional information
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Excellent knowledge & phone etiquette. Great readable information . Show additional information
I found Solar Wholesalers very professional. They were very prompt with everything they promised and the installation was extremely efficient.
The salesperson, administration staff and installation team were all very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend Solar Wholesalers.
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Not installed yet, but a very helpful sales rep with experience and knowledge on the systems and pricings etc. Show additional information
From sales to installation Solar Wholesalers were great. The guys who installed the system were very respectful, tidy and did an excellent job. The 16 KW system, 60 panels, was installed and running in 2 days! Would definitely recommend this company... Sam was great too ! Show additional information
# I have had 3 solar installs to date. This was the smoothest process experienced from start to finish and the most satisfying install of the lot. No hidden surprises.

# Installers cleaned up after themselves to the point that one could question whether they had been or not.

# The electrician went out of his way to ensure the Inverter was well placed and the wiring well concealed by consulting us first before commencing the work involved.
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Very knowledgeable, we enjoyed the interaction with the sales person. They explained everything in detail. Not pushy, which is important. We had other suppliers call us every two days for a month!
They organise everything for you - from booking the SAPN electrician to claiming the government rebate.
Installation was a breeze, very professional. Neat and clean - no packaging or rubbish left behind. Highly recommended!
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I found SolarQuotes to be a very useful resource in understanding what size and type of system I should invest in for my needs, and to research alternate products. The questionnaire template allowed me to pursue some considerations that I might not have queried which prompted smart questions and helped distinguish vendors who new their business and could provide the best technology.

After some investigation and quizzing the competitors, Solar Wholesalers provided the best explanation of their proposal and the technology their products offered. I am very satisfied with my system which is relatively shade tolerant and offers additional capacity for energy storage in the future. Furthermore, their service was as promised with excellent workmanship, on time with likable staff (albeit Crows supporters), all at a reasonable price.
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The Installers were very polite and friendly and worked virtually non-stop until the system was up and running. Chris then clearly explained the operation of the SMA inverter and the characteristics of the wi-fi access. We were very pleased with the personnel of Solar Wholesalers. Show additional information
This is my second solar install, my first system I installed 5 years ago. That system was purchased from Zen Energy Systems using tier 1 hardware. SMA inverter and 16 x 190watt black panels. I wanted my upgrade to include the same quality components at a competitive price. I got that with Solar Wholesalers. Solar wholesalers workmanship is on par with ZEN.

I would recommend both outfits without reservation. They use the same hardware and their installations are top notch.
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System was installed with total professional and with ease. Installers wiped their feet of any dirt prior to climbing the ladder onto the roof to avoid dirt from both scratching the colourbond roof or adding to the gutters which were used to collect rainwater. The system was installed across the roof to be easy on the eye, and spaced well. Very Neat! There was no daggy frame ends hanging out the sides as you often see. The electrician knew what he was doing and explained the system. As soon as the system was finished it was sending 5.6 KW to the grid, not bad for the last day of winter. Since then, as we haven't moved into our new house the system is sending a shitload of power to the grid. Very Happy. Peter Show additional information
Sam Cranna, their energy consultant was extremely helpful and was happy to take the time to answer my many questions. Communication between Solar wholesalers and myself was very good and information provided was clear and very informative. Everything was done on time and the total cost was exactly what was quoted (No changes based on STC prices) The installation was quick and everything was left tidy. While installing the system they also removed an old unwanted satellite dish from the roof and moved my TV antenna to a better location.
I got exactly what I asked for and so far am very pleased with the system. The whole process went very smoothly from the initial consultation with Sam through to the installation of the system. They managed all the necessary permission and organised the change over of my meter.
Overall an excellent company to deal with. If or when I consider any upgrades such as battery storage I will certainly contact them first.
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From the initial consultation through installation the service provided by Solar Wholesalers has been excellent.

Sam visited our home and discussed the options for installing the panels and the location of the inverter.

The installation team were efficient and very friendly.

Since installation with have had no ABC TV reception during the daylight hours. Sam and James have been working with us to rectify the issue.
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We have just had it installed yesterday so a bit early to tell if will be good or not. Great company and very helpful.
Would definitely deal with them again.
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The 3 quotes I received were all around the same price, but Solar Wholesalers were the only one to discuss and quote on oversizing the 5kw system to over 6kw by adding extra panels to produce more energy on cloudy days. This made a lot of sense and the extra cost was minimal. We've had the system for a week now and on the cloudy/rainy days we are still producing enough to cover our usage and still put something back into the grid.
The office staff and the installers were great to deal with. Once installed, Candise was very quick with the email to connect us to Solarweb so we could see immediately what our system was producing.
Looking forward to getting our next electricity bill now.
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I had no issues from sales through to installation. It all went very smoothly and on time as promised. The quality of the installation was excellent. Show additional information
I asked for quotes for a solar system as the prices for we get for electricity is high. After moving the first bill that we got is a heart breaker considering there is only 2 of us, so what more if 5 people are already living here. I got 3 quotes where one just sent me a quote based from the details I gave him but after Isent him a question he never replied. He must not be interested, so I didn't waste time chasing him. The second one gave a quote for a 3KW system using Sunpower panels. It was the same price I would get for a 5KW solar system with LG tier 1 panels from the third quote I got. The difference might be with the name/reputation and marketing. In the end, the third quote supplier (Solar Wholesalers) gave me materials and insight on what system I can get and suggested oversizing thepanels to maximise the power I can harvest and use. They took care of everything from meter change up to installation and registering me for system monitoring. The installation came at a beautiful sunny day done by a friendly and expert crew. They were finished by 2pm and my house is already making power. Me and my wife couldn't be happier. Looking for batteries once the prices become affordable and paying for itself long before the warranty is finished. Solar Wholesalers will take care of everything from start to finish and would suggest to anyone considering Solar. :-) Show additional information
Overall Solar Wholesalers were excellent. Sam, who came to see me to discuss the system, provided great advice and was flexible on the design in order to maximize our roof space which was not simple in our case.
I asked each company that quoted to do so on a similar set of panels and a Fronius Primo inverter in order to compare apples with apples. Solar Wholesalers came up well below the others in cost and also removed an old satellite dish and moved my TV antenna for free which would have cost me extra to get done.
The cost quoted was exactly the price paid with no changes due to the fluctuations of STC prices.
The company took care of all the paperwork and organising of SA Power for a new meter and then came and carried out installation the day before the meter was to be installed as arranged. I was extremely pleased with the installation which was carried out very professionally with minimum disruption to our household.
Since the installation of the new meter the system is working as expected and even on days where there is a lot of rain and cloud, is still producing reasonable power.
Communication with the company has been excellent throughout with any questions being answered quickly and thoroughly. At this point in time, when I consider adding a battery storage to the system, I will most likely call on Solar wholesalers again.
It is early days as yet but overall we are very pleased with the system and with Solar Wholesalers.
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