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About Solar Wholesalers, Solar Installers

Based in South Australia, Solar Wholesalers provides solar power systems to Adelaide as well as regional parts of the state. It was one of the first solar power companies to be established in the area.

Solar Wholesalers has been operational since 2007 and prides itself on offering reliable products to its customers.

Not only this, but Solar Wholesalers believes it is small enough to offer a personalised service, while big enough to have strong relationships with suppliers to offer competitive prices.

Solar Wholesalers Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I wanted a good system that would suit my needs that is provide power from sun up to sunset as i am retired and spend a lot of time at home Paul at Solar Wholesalers listened to my needs and designed a system that would suit our household.
Pauls company also employs all of its staff that means no contractors,if there is a problem then there is only one person to talk to and getting it fixed is easier.
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The quote from Solar Wholesalers was not the lowest price I received, but was innovative in terms of supplying extra panels over two different roof orientations to maximise daily electricity production. After acceptance, the team at Solar Wholesalers handled everything, including all liaison with SA Power Networks and with Origin Energy. Nothing was too much trouble and, even though it was a busy period around Christmas, the system was installed and fully operational in just over six weeks - most of the time taken being scheduling of SA Power Networks tasks. The small installation team of 2 arrived early on the appointed day, got the big job done in a little over half a day and were very helpful in explaining all aspects of the installation process as they progressed. Their workmanship was very neat, with minimal impact in terms of visible cabling, other than the panels on the roof. The supplied SMA Inverter can be monitored remotely via the Sunny Portal website, allowing for on-going monitoring and analysis of electricity generation and usage patterns. Great result - well done. Show additional information
Goliath Electrical do not always knowingly or unknowing act in the best interests of the customer e.g. load a 4 kW inverter with 5 kW of panels as per the manufacturers instructions which works in the customers favour i.e. provide the highestr rebate, rather they offer a 5 kW inverter with 5 kWatts of panels. Energy Matters simpy acted in their own best interest and tried to justify their higher cost by suggesting they were the "best" company...unimpressive sales techniques. Show additional information
These guys were amazing. We had a painless process from start to finish. The customer service was above and beyond. They were always kind and courteous no matter how many questions we had. It was installed in just a few hours and they were gone as if they'd never been. For the first time I can say I'm looking forward to the electricity bill. Show additional information
We got three quotes, although one came quite a bit later than the two who responded very quickly. We looked at both DC and micro-inverter technologies. The salespeople from all three companies appeared knowledgable, were good to deal with and provided good information.

We went with a 5 kW system with micro-inverters installed by Solar Wholesalers. As most seem to quote for Enphase micro-inverters, we selected Solar Wholesalers on the basis of quality of the panels, local installer (not a contractor) and price for the system. Braemac was a close second.

Installation went smoothly and the system is now working reliably. Solar Wholesalers were great throughout the process, with regular communication before installation and followup after. We had a small issue initially, related to our house being on two-phase power (a bit unusual), which was attended to promptly. The only 'room for improvement' was that Solar Wholesalers did not provide the information for how to track the system performance on the internet without prompting - perhaps an oversight? - I had to ask for this. This too, was promptly attended to.

All up, a good experience - made all the easier by the great information available via the SolarQuotes site as well.
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Excellent customer setvice Show additional information
From start to finish the team at Solar Wholesalers were excellent.
Professional, Knowledgeable, Efficient and pricing was very good.
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I found all contact I made with Solar Wholesalers to be easy, helpful and informative. Show additional information
Hi Guys,
Just to let you know I got my first bill after having the solar put up. System size 12.72KW. This billing was from Oct to Dec. Normally the bill would have been around $630-$730 for this quarter. Well was I happy when I saw the bill, I owed the retailer $1.98c Yes no miss print One dollar and 98cents, for a house with 4 and a pool ( pump ran 6 hours a day) and a house with no one home between 8.30am to 3.30pm. Can't wait to see the next bill (they the retailer will owe me money)
So for the people out there who think solar is not worth it THINK AGAIN. The more Solar you put on the roof the better it will be for you when you see the bill arrive. So if
you have the space on the roof use it to its best potential.
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The team from Solar wholesalers were helpful and provided plenty of information when asked. They listened to my concerns and suggestions and I ended up with a great solution that was not put forward by other well-regarded installers. I believe it is a solution more tailored to my current usage and will allow further refinement in the future as my usage patterns change.
Installation occurred on time and was completed without issue. Highly recommended.
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I found dealing with Solar Wholesalers was professional and pleasant experience and I liked the fact that they were not pushy.The installers were friendly and helpful and did a top job.The quote was not the cheapest,but the quality of the panels,inverter and installation was worth the extra. Show additional information
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I had some reservations about installing a Solar system, I found the Solar Wholesale team very helpful and courteous, and this made the purchase easy and hassle free. Show additional information
Solar Wholesalers were an excellent company to have install our system. From having prices on their systems available online, to extensive information about solar technology, to the follow up once I had decided to use them, the company ticked all the right boxes. A representative took me through the options on the phone and made a personal visit to go through the process and hardware. Communication was excellent, the installation done professionally and so far the results have been terrific. Highly recommended. Show additional information
The service and installation was very professional and well handled. Very supportive group of people. We are very happy and would recommend Solar Wholesalers 10/10. Angela & Dennis Show additional information
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The salesperson was very friendly and helpful in explaining the pros and cons of various solar systems. The installation went smoothly and the after sales team were also great. Highly recommend this company. Show additional information
Until such time as the unit is installed, I really can't make a comment on the whole thing Show additional information
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Everything from the very beginning up to the installation and commissioning of the system was up to perfection. All people in Solar Wholesalers (Sam, Colleen, James, Aaron and Mark) are absolute professionals. I was really impressed with installers and their work. It was a real pleasure to deal with this company.

We are absolutely happy with the configuration of solar system we have and its efficiency.
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Solar wholesalers are very professional to deal with.From the very start Lockie was extremely helpful in all aspects and was easy to deal with.
The company after quoting left you alone unlike the others that rang on a few occasions to see where we were at.
Lockie came to the house to inspect the site and was on time and phoned ahead to check I was home.
The installation team were very nice and the work done was professional in all areas. One can see that they cared,unlike some trades people who rush the job. All equipment was top grade, Sunnyboy inverter and Canadian panels
What a neat job, thanks to all the team at Solar wholesalers you were great and you will be recommend to others.
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No, everything went to plan. We also got extra panel at no extra cost boosting our system to 3.445 Show additional information
11 Canadian Solar 310w panels with optimisers installed on house roof with no gutter or ridge overlap & 6 on shed roof on 20/7/16.Connected to grid with solar edge inverter on25/7/16.On checking monitoring portal on computer with wifi connection,found that the shed panels were hardly producing.The electrician from Solar Wholesalers returned & connected the 2 lots of panels onto 1 string instead of the original 2 & the shed panels were off & producing. Production on this part day was 18.9 kWh,so on a full day i am sure to exceed the expected average daily power output of 22.661 kWh. Show additional information
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Had several conversations with Leigh from Westside solar + electrical
If it wasn't for price I would have definitely gone with him
very informative with great insight and excellent communications
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Solar Wholesalers did a fantastic job! Sam and Colleen took care of absolutely everything from start to finish, I didn't have to worry about anything. I chose Solar Wholesalers because of the quality of their components and they don't use subcontractors. Their Installers did a great job and left the place spotless. I can't wait to see my first bill. Show additional information
Solar Wholesalers by far the most professional company out of the 3 you recommended.

Western Solar and Electrical next best. Thry need a better quoating system and be more proffesional face to face. Didnt leave us with any useful information. Liked the young chap who came though.

As for NRG Solar, a bad 3rd due to a sales pitch where I believe they make the cost of the system over $2000.00 dearer early in the quote and then try to make themselves look as though they are doing the customer a great deal by taking the same sort of money off further down the page.

Thank you for your information, check lists, back up and your very informative website. It certainly assisted us to plan and as far as we are concerned make the best decision as to what solar system to install.
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Sam seemed knowledgeable and gave us a lot of info without being pushy whilst looking at what was best for us Show additional information
I wanted to purchase a solar system through Madison Australia but they were to hard to get into contact with. I am happy with what I got and will be getting a battery soon. Show additional information
Once we got the notice that the meter was going to be changed the installation was arranged for the same day.
We had some rain on the install day which delayed the install for safety reasons, but the guys let us know when they would be back and gave us a call to let us know they were on the way.
They explained how to check power production online and what the readout on the inverter meant. Other than the rain delay everything went very smoothly and the guys cleaned up after finishing.
Best of all the system was producing power immediately and I am very happy with Solarwholesalers service.
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A good experience from beginning to end. A small hiccough with the changeover of the meter due to inability to locate the green power box which supplies power to the property (this was later discovered buried deeply in the garden by original property owners). However both Solar Wholesalers and SA Power acted quickly and satisfactorily to ensure all was rectified in a timely manner.
Very happy with Solar Wholesalers for the quick response to what could have been a lengthy delay in switching over to solar energy.
Thank you to all involved from initial contact to completion. We highly recommend your company. Thank you also to Peacock Media Group for providing the service and professional leads that helped us to make our choice of supplier for Solar.
Peter & Gaye
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They are due to install on 2nd June and Meter change over is 7th June, so I will know more in a week or so. Show additional information
The guys from start to finish were very helpful and professional. Even stayed back to explain what they had done and how the system works. I will be recommending them to other potential solar buyers. Show additional information
Very good people to deal with. Fast installation. Show additional information
Found the company we chose to be very professional and very friendly. listed quality and installation as good ,not fantastic, because we have not had it long enough to know if there will be teething problems. Not expecting any. Show additional information
The good bits:
We first contacted several suppliers long before proceeding with a solar installation, to which Solar Wholesalers followed up a short while later but didn’t persist with hounding us relentlessly, as some players tended to.
When we later contacted Solar Wholesalers, particularly due to quality of components offered, it took no time at all to get fully aligned on what we thought we wanted and what they could provide to suit. A larger system than what we'd originally considered was quoted, followed by a brief initial site visit which was equally productive.
Interfacing with SA Power etc. was very efficiently handled by Solar Wholesalers Admin, who kept us informed of progress.
The installation team were extremely efficient and a decent bunch of guys – we were happy to provide whatever assistance we could & make the installation as painless as possible for them.
Design of system was basically 4 strings of 250w Jinko panels feeding into 2 SMA Sunny Boy inverters& workmanship standards were above expectations – string lines used to level the high quality mounting system, inverters & internal wiring neat & tidy etc.
No mess left behind.
System has performed to expectations, peaking at approx. 67kw/hr. daily (average 47.6) & accruing over 2 Mw/hr. production in first 6 weeks following installation.

The bad bits:
Compared to what experience had led me to believe might go pear shaped, there really were no bad bits – would have these guys back in a flash if doing something further and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them base on our experience. Excellent work all round.
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James was excellent to deal with and helped me unpick some of the statements other companies were trying to up sell me to Show additional information
Very happy with the service provided by Solar Wholesalers. We just had our system installed last week although need to wait a couple more weeks for SAPN to change the meter over.
I spoke to a few companies and got a couple of them to come to our house. Solar Wholesalers clearly knew what they were talking about compared to the other major energy retailer that came out to us - in terms of panel placement, changing over the meter and how the system should be set up to work best. They were the only one that actually got up on our roof any measured it out rather than just relying on a photo of our roof for measurements.
I chose Solar Wholesalers because I really liked that they do the install themselves (no sub-contractors) and they also monitor the system for us through an Internet connection. Having the peace of mind that I go straight to them if we have any problems was worth a lot to me. They also use the SMA Sunny Boy inverter, which from all reports is one of the best on the market.
The installers were friendly and cleaned up thoroughly after themselves. They even moved our TV aerial a couple of metres so that it wouldn't create a shadow on the panels in the late arvo (the major energy retailer simply told us we couldn't install panels on that section of roof due to the aerial, instead telling us we needed to install the rest of the panels on the south facing roof).
Can't fault the service from Solar Wholesalers.
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Thanks to Sam and the team at Solar Wholesalers, the purchase and installation of our solar system was a breeze. The installers did a great job under very trying weather conditions, and Sam was more than helpful throughout the whole process. So far the results of us installing this system has had a marked affect on our electricity bills. We are very pleased indeed. Show additional information
One of the companies, SunTrix, did not even contact me.
Both Mark Group and Solar Wholesalers contacted me, visited site and quoted. All information and questions answered in an easy to understand manner.
Chose Solar Wholesalers on total system, larger 310w panels, price although not the cheapest, company structure and their own installers. System includes the AWS Sunny Mate hot water feed system to use and store excess power prior to feeding back to the grid of which I thought was a good idea.
All of those who I have dealt with in the company have been efficient and have coordinated this installation effectively, can recommend Solar Wholesalers.
Thanks to solar quotes which made the process easier to research and understand, review user feedback and solar companies and to make decision.
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Since we only got one quote (Solar Wholesalers) from the 3 suppliers you recommended we got 2 further quotes of our own.
Solar Wholesalers provided a very comprehensive quote with lots of detail and answered our questions promptly.
Although they were not the cheapest, we decided to go with them because they are a local company who do all the work themselves and they put a lot of effort into providing us with all the information we needed.
We got the 3.12kW system with 12x260w Canadian Solar Diamond panels and an SMA Sunny Boy 2500TL inverter.
Over the past 2 days which have been full sun, the system has provided almost 20kWh per day feed-in.
Of the 20kWh on day 1, 14.5kWh went into the grid and the power company we are with (Dodopower) pay us 6.8c per kWh. The remaining 5.5kWh we used saving ourselves 30c per kWh.
Of the 20kWh on day 2, 15.3kWh went into the grid at 6.8c per kWh and we used 4.7kWh ourselves.
We are not big power users and would get more value from the system if we used more of the power during the day which saves us 30c per kWh.
The problem is we still need to use power after the sun has gone down!
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They could bring a piece of wood to mount the inverter on. I did pay $5000 for this thing. Show additional information