Solar Installers In Cairns

Below are reputable solar installers in the SolarQuotes network who serve Cairns, in Queensland, along with links to ratings and reviews of their installations. Other useful information about installing solar panels in Cairns is below the list.

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  • Client since Jun 2024

    RESINC Solar


    580 reviews

    $3895 – $14000 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since Oct 2016

    Adapt Energy Pty Ltd


    392 reviews

    $5300 – $10000 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since Jul 2012

    Replenishable Energy Pty Ltd


    276 reviews

    $6400 – $6700 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since Aug 2020

    G Solar and Electrical Pty Ltd


    260 reviews

    $4000 – $9225 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since May 2020

    GI Energy


    234 reviews

    $6090 – $9000 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since Sep 2014

    GEM Energy Australia Pty Ltd trading as RACQ Solar


    199 reviews

    $6000 – $7164 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since Jul 2020

    Hielscher Electrical and Communications Pty Ltd


    104 reviews

    $4830 – $7770 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since Nov 2023

    Go Green Energy


    71 reviews

    $4000 – $20000 For a 6.6kW system

  • Client since Aug 2017

    East Coast Energy Solutions Pty Ltd


    45 reviews

    Not enough data

  • Client since Aug 2020

    Barra Electrical Pty Ltd


    15 reviews

    $7800 For a 6.6kW system

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Residents of Northern Queensland city of Cairns have been quick to install solar panels on their rooftops. More than 7,500 small scale and home solar power systems had been installed in the Cairns postcode region by the middle of 2020.

Owners of these systems are taking advantage of Cairns' great solar energy resources - approximately 5.47 kilowatt-hours per square metre per day on average over a year.

Like most households in Australia, Cairns residents have experienced a hike in electricity prices and are looking to solar power to help reduce their energy costs, while helping save their precious natural environment. Cairns folk understand the need for emissions reductions with the Great Barrier Reef threatened by rising sea temperatures resulting from the impacts of climate change.

Cairns Regional Council has also been supporting solar uptake efforts by leading through example - and saving a bundle of cash in the process. By the end of the 2019 financial year, it had more than 1MW of solar power capacity in place and more is on its way with another 1.78MW to be installed in 2020/21.

As with much of Queensland, solar energy is helping Cairns towards a clean power future. You can make a start on joining the residential rooftop revolution right now by submitting for three obligation-free quotes from installers of solar panels in Cairns that have a solid track record.