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Replenishable Energy Pty Ltd
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Replenishable Energy Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

Easy to work with and nothing was a problem

From start to finish Rollo and his team were great. Show additional information

Great advice followed up by quality installation and exceptional customer service

I was referred to Replenishable by another electrician I had contacted to conduct some repairs on a 10 year old system that was malfunctioning due to a DC current leak (system installed by supplier now out of business and I couldn't get anyone to have a look at the system).

Replenishable were very helpful in suggesting how to find the fault and provided a quote for removing 56 panels, testing them and the connections, then reinstalling them and bringing them up to current standards. They even offered to help with any warranty claims should the panels be faulty.
Although I thought the quote for the work was reasonable ($3100.00 estimate plus parts to bring up to standards), I was concerned about spending this amount of money on an old system that was just about out of warranty, so I asked for some advice about options for replacing the system for comparison. Ensuring that any work didn't affect the solar bonus scheme feed in tariff eligibility was a priority.
Rollo was very flexible in fitting in with my busy work schedule and visited me at home. I conducted quite a bit of research before this meeting, and Rollo was great at talking me through the various options for a replacement system, including options for a budget, mid-range and high end installation. He was well informed on regulations to ensure the replacement system didn't breach the solar bonus scheme contract. I was so impressed with his advice I didn't bother getting further quotes - I knew I would go with Replenishable even if they were significantly more expensive than other quotes. When the quote came through, I knew it was reasonable based on my research.

I decided to replace my system with a high end installation (LG panels, optimisers and Solar Edge inverter) based on warranty and individual panel monitoring so that I can identify faults in the future. The quote and contract were very detailed and easy to understand. The office were fantastic at fixing a date for the install so I could take leave to clean the roof after the old system was removed.

I was contacted a few days before installation to confirm the date and time, and contacted on the day to confirm they were on the way. Paul (electrician) led a well presented and professional team who introduced themselves and set to work efficiently removing the old system from the roof over a 4 hour period. I was donating the old hardware to a local farmer who was going to make use of the components in an off-grid installation - the team were careful in ensuring none of the old system was damaged in removal and stacked the panels and tracks tidily in the garden for collection (including all the screws and fixings). I was interested in the work they were doing, and all members of the team were happy to answer questions and include me in conversation.
The quality of materials used was matched by the team's care and attention to detail in their installation - they respected my property and didn't cause any damage. All wires were laid into the tracks or in conduit and secured with stainless steel fixings, unlike my last system where the plastic zip ties broke after a couple of years and wires dangled down onto the roof trapping leaves and causing obstructions to rainwater flow. They were very tidy as well, removing all wire cuttings and packaging - it even looked tidy while they were working.

I didn't hear a swear word or any inappropriate conversation at any stage which should be highly commended (it isn't something that worries me, but my wife is quite sensitive to the usual "tradie language"). She was so impressed she baked them a banana cake on the second day!
After installation, a clear system guide was provided including system inventory of all components with serial numbers and care instructions as well as startup/shutdown procedures. Registration with the monitoring software was arranged within 24h of installation.

I gladly paid the final instalment, an unusual feeling as I have grown used to begrudgingly settling accounts as most workers usually leave you feeling that you haven't received value for the money you have spent - not in this instance!

I have no hesitation in saying that Replenishable is the best customer experience I've had and highly recommend them. I only wish they also provided a plumbing, painting and maintenance service as well!
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The staff from Replenishable Energy Pty Ltd were fabulous. They came to see us face to face, gave us great insight to what we were getting and the benefits, didn't become annoying with constant emails and phone calls (as another did). They informed us when they would be coming and called if there was any hold ups. They are great business to work with.
Thank you.
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Set a tentative install date but failed to notify that the date had slipped - set a second install date and install went very quickly; overall very satisfied. Show additional information
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This company is very professional, was the only company that got up on the roof and measured it before quoting a price
and backed up by competent friendly installers and friendly office staff who are very knowledgeable.
Thanks Everyone.
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Originally planned for a 6.6kW system and confirmed pricing with a second vendor so happy with quoted price. Found out that house actually has 2 distinct phases and Ergon put conditions on the install so resulted in the need to install 2 inverters (and decided to increase installed capacity to take advantage of the extra inverter). Replenishable Energy kept me well informed and worked with me to resolve 2 phase issue. Their electrical contractor did a great job on the install as well. Be prepared for delay in installing Smart Meter to take full advantage of solar production (took 5 weeks from PV install for meter to be installed by electricity supplier).

The system produces as expected (even on terribly cloudy days) with the only issue being excessive RFI that kills reception on several TV channels during daylight hours. Contacted inverter/power optimiser vendor but response is that inverter(s) comply with standards for RF generation and will need to move antenna. Luckily we're rural and don't have near neighbours - testing indicates need to relocate antenna on separate shed roof, 25m from house where PV cells are located. Not the end of the world as don't watch much TV during the day but an added expense to rectify.
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Initial consultation with Rollo and contact with Amanda excellent and installation crew were great and very patiently and politely answered my panel location questions.
Good ratings should be 'very good' but that was not an option and I could not quite get to 'fantastic'...quality of system will get a 'fantastic' if it stands the test of time and produces the expected output!
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I have been busting my arse waiting to send this review, but wanted to wait until I had received two full electricity bills. I did the normal thing went out and got 4 quotes, and it all lead me to Rollo and the team. My suggestion to anyone reading this is, DON'T BOTHER GOING ANYWHERE ELSE.

Value for money, system quality, the whole team including the ladies in the office - all 5 stars. Paul the installation electrician, said to me on the day of install, that he would be ordering another cover for the Inverter, because there was a blemish on the cover, I couldn't see it, but he could, that's the level of detail that this team goes too.

I can not speak highly enough of Rollo and the team. My wife and I may be purchasing another property in the next 9 months, and I will be loading that up with Solar as well. This time I won't be getting another 4 quotes, we will be going straight back to Replenishable Energy.

The 10.8kw system we have on our roof has halved our electricity bill, as promised by Rollo. Thank you Rollo and all the team, for your help and patience, and probably answering the same question put to you 7 different ways.

Best regards,
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Very professional in the service and the installation of the solar system. The inverter they were going to use was out of stock so instead of holding up the install a upgrade was used valued at an extra $1100 was used at no expense to myself.Highly recommend the team for the pride in workmanship . EXCELLENT Show additional information
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We had 5 quotes. 1 was $200.- cheaper but different brand panels.
So we choose Replenishable to give the job.
It turned out to be the best choice.
Dean ,Gina.Amanda and the installation team did a great job!
The whole team make you feel ....we do it for you!
thank you all.

fam. Elgers
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We were orphaned by the company who provided our old solar system and we engaged Replenishable Energy to rectify our old system and add a new system to double the capacity. Rollo and his team are very professional, accommodating and friendly at the same time. They will bend over backwards to assist. Nothing beats fair dinkum local support. Highly recommended. Show additional information
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A quality company, with great staff and good equipment. Came on time, quick quote and delivery date and installed on time. Working great so far. Would recommend anyone looking at companies in Cairns to use replenishable. Show additional information
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Replenishable Energy personnel could not have done more to assist with the process. Great service, total transparency, smooth transition period and all work was carried out on time and often ahead of schedule! The company came highly recommended and did not disappoint. I have passed on the recommendation to others who are now in contact! Thanks! Show additional information
The quote was accepted and due to weather events it was installed immediately, just waiting for Ergon energy to change the meter Show additional information
We purchased the top of the line LG system for piece of mind with a great warranty and large capcity generation.

Living in the Redlynch Valley area we get a LOT of rain - and the guys did an awesome job of installing during the brief sunny patches.

All in all very happy and would 100% recommend Rollo and the team at Replenishable Energy in Cairns for your Solar install.
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Only installed yesterday and full cloud cover so not sure how it is going just yet. Very pleased with the team that did the installing - professional and friendly Show additional information
Good communicators, Rollo and team very accomodating with their time and answering questions. Show additional information
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system will be installed next month Show additional information
They responded first and they ended up the best value for money Show additional information
Good to deal with well installed system worked very good . Staff and installers were polite and easy to talk to Show additional information
Replenishable Energy were very quick to respond and kept us well informed re the installation. This was important as it was for our new house in Cairns whilst we are still living on the Gold Coast. Show additional information
Nicest group of installers that I have met in all my working life.
Contact staff are really approachable, cooperative and understanding.
Follow up phone calls were really appreciated.
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I would like to thank you for your informative information and the vast information you supplied on solar systems. It was very helpful and the company we went through was very professional with great service. Thanks Show additional information
It is a 5.4Kw system actually. Not only myself but the real estate Property Managers and the tenants are impressed with REPL. Show additional information
The first person who tried to sell us solar just came off the street, he told us the pros and cons about solar answered all the questions that we asked at the time. But did not give us any time to think about it like sign on the dotted line and they would get it installed. (He was a good talker) That is when we found out about solar quotes a no non sense website that gave us all the answers and more to make an informed decision without all the sales hype. Plus that they put us in touch with local reputable companies. Show additional information
It took 7 days from order to installation...The Rep and the installation crew were excellent and the office staff were incredibly helpfull Show additional information
Replenishable energy were extremely professional and quick. I was very impressed by the service and speed with which they installed the panels. Show additional information
Contact was prompt and at appointment was knowledgeable & helpful. Gave me sufficient options to make an informed decision. Show additional information
We have recommended Replenishable Energy to others Show additional information
Show additional information
The service was excellent. There was a quick response to my enquiries and all questions were satisfactorily answered, including those you specified Finn. The installation team was very efficient, led by the electrician Bodhi who directed his troop with professionalism, checking each part of the process. Communication with the office was also excellent in every respect. Now to see if the solar does actually reduce my power bill, though the latest news seems to suggest the electricity companies aren't exactly playing ball! (Tardy with connection to the grid, excess power delivered to up bills, blaming solar for potential blackouts etc - my brother, who recently retired as Sub Station Manager with a NSW company says the latter is a load of rubbish - he was a recent customer of yours by the way). Perhaps it's an area you could look in to Finn and let us know what's going on. Show additional information
From the very first phone call requesting a quote to the finish of installation we found the whole team at Replenishable Energy to be very efficient, friendly and informative of all the options available.
The response time to each phone call was second to none, in fact, the whole system was installed and running by the time another company rang back to give us a quote! He was a little surprised when I said he was far too late and the job was done
We are impressed not only by the service but also the product, we can see online exactly what we are producing, using and sending back to the grid. So a very big thank you to the whole team, amazing service, we'll done
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One company was not really interested in giving me a quote.everyting went very fast and smooth.the system is working fantastically,can't wait for my next bill.highly recommend solar quotes and Replenishable solar.kind regards Knud Show additional information
The team at Replenishable Energy were fantastic. Rollo, Amanda and the team really offered an authentic, honest, local service that was personable, great value for money, responsive and quality, quality, quality. Highly recommended. Show additional information
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Rollo, Amanda, Gina and the whole Replenishable Energy team were (and are) brilliant.
LG's 25 year warranty on parts and labour (and yes, it's transferable) provides great peace of mind that we have invested in something of lasting value.
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You guys were very easy to deal with - straightforward and professional. Thanks Show additional information
Great service. Dean Explained everything about the system. The team were very professional. Recommend. Show additional information
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