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About BYD, Solar Batteries

BYD solar batteries review

BYD stands for Build Your Dreams - and among BYD's many dreams is being the no.1 company for solar battery storage.

Situated in China, BYD has an impressive pedigree. Founded back in 1995 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2002, it started out as a battery manufacturer and entered the automobile sector in 2003. That's the opposite of Tesla, which started out on electric vehicles and then moved into solar battery storage.

The USD $110 billion dollar company has built many of the million plus electric buses running around China (and many used elsewhere) - so it's had plenty of practice in developing EV and battery technology that gets a good workout. While many Australians may not have heard of the company, it's also one of the world's largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers.


In 2017, BYD brought the B-Box to Australia's battery battleground.  The BYD-produced battery modules are based on lithium-iron phosphate chemistry, which is currently the safest technology to use in a home energy storage system. BYD Battery-Box offers both high voltage and low voltage battery models.

Compatible with Fronius, SMA, Goodwe, Victron, Sungrow, Selectronic and Solis hybrid inverters, it's a modular system available in varying capacities. For example, the BYD Battery-Box  LVL 15.4 offers 15.4 kWh of usable storage capacity, which is more than the Tesla Powerwall's 13.5kWh . 

What is also more than the Powerwall is its weight - significantly so (164kg vs 122kg), but home batteries aren't the type of thing you have to move around once in place.

If 15.4 kWh of usable capacity isn't enough for you, up to 64 BYD B-Box  LVL can be connected in parallel. But if you need that much storage for a household, then the police will probably also take an interest in what you're doing with it.

One of the standout features of the BYD B Box battery system is its power output - a very impressive 12.8kW that leaves just about all other solar battery manufacturers in its dust. A compatible inverter enables DC coupling to solar and backup power during blackouts, and it can also be AC coupled

The low voltage LVL and LV Flex require indoor installation, while the high voltage HVS/HVM and low voltage LVS can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

BYD warrants the B Box will retain either sixty percent of its usable capacity at ten years from the invoice date, or for a minimum output energy of 46.2 megawatt hours. The company has an office in Mascot, NSW, so any warranty issues should hopefully be sorted out rapidly.

Additional specifications of some BYD B Box models can be located on our solar battery comparison table.

If you have a BYD battery system, share your thoughts on it with other Australians by leaving a rating and review.

BYD Solar Battery Reviews

Bought From: South Beach Solar Show additional information

Good battery runs smoothly.

Bought this battery from Solar Earth Solution as part with a Fronious GEN 24 inverter and REC solar panels. System got installed end of April 2022. It's still early days, the installation went smoothly and the battery performance is excellent so far. Tested it it by running the Air-conditioner during the night for +- 2 has and mornings. Not once I had to use power from the grid. So far I am vary happy with the purchase. Will see how the performance will be during Summer, when the Air-conditioner will be running many hrs during the day.
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Bought From: 24/7 Solar and Battery Show additional information
Hard to estimate performance when the batteries dont work.. wow and I have to rate this as 1 star.. need a better way of rating
Bought From: RACV Solar

Manufacturer Reply

Hi Ross, Leo from BYD Headquarters here, sorry to hear your frustration and we're here to help:

1 Please contact and ask RACV to troubleshoot

2 When the battery starts working properly, your inverter's monitoring app/platform will show you the battery performance

3 Alternatively, please install BYD Be Connect App, it shows battery performance and conditions in detail and helps us remotely diagnose when issues occur. Instructions are below

4 My email is [email protected]; feel free to contact me if you need further assistance.

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Bought From: Sun People Show additional information
we have 11kWh and it's too small. But they are too expensive to get bigger.
Bought From: Adapt Energy Gold Coast - Brisbane
Show additional information
Early days however meeting all expectations in charge and discharge rates.
Bought From: Macdonald Air and Electrical
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Bought From: Expert Electrical Beaudesert to Warwick Show additional information
Bought From: Apex Solar and Electrical Show additional information

Good product

I've had the 7kw Byd Mini for around 6yrs now byd have given it a couple of upgrades and is working fine
The only beef I have is the app is controlled from China and the lag is a bit slow and drops out, a text to byd Australia and the rep here has it fixed in no time usually within 24hrs overall great battery
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So far, so good.
Bought From: Sunwise Energy PV
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Bought From: Helcro Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Ahlec Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Proven Energy Show additional information

Well engineered

18kW solar & 22kW battery system. Solar has generated between 40kWh (rainy day) to 140kWh (sunny day) with the majority being exported. Nightly battery consumption is 20%. System has not been run to capacity yet as only 2 months since install and hasn't been a hot or cold enough day to run air con.

Fronius monitoring system (solar.web) is reasonable, easy to use and shows all the info (solar, usage, battery, feed-in), can be a bit slow specially downloading error reports.

There is additional software that can easily connect directly to the inverters and display all system parameters in real time. Solar.web can also do this via a report generation.

The Symo Gen24 has a lot of Grid Voltage Dependent Power Reduction reports. Supply authority has changed taps on transformer as most houses have large solar systems in neighbourhood. My contractor still to look into errors. It's not a critical inverter error, just means it's exporting at reduced power.

The batteries run silently. The inverter internal fan runs when system gets warm. They are a little noisy but located in garage so of no real concern. Fans only run during solar generation mid/late morning to mid/late afternoon.

Battery system is well built and appears tooperate well. Have not had a grid outage today to test seamless changeover.

System installed by Simmark. Very happy with install, service and acknowledge of systems.
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The fact if needed more batteries can be added at a later date was a big selling point.
Bought From: Future NRG Pty Ltd
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Bought From: Stag Electrical Solar and Refrigeration Show additional information
Bought From: The Green House Effect Show additional information
They are big boxes but look neat and tidy. Able to supply 5 Kw from battery. Batteries are not quite fully charging in very wet weather but easily charge on sunny days.
Bought From: Replenishable Energy Pty Ltd
Show additional information
Had to go bigger than first intended due to supply but happy with outcome
Bought From: Pure Coastal Solar
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Bought From: Quick Fix Solar and Electrical Pty Ltd Show additional information
Still early but working well.
Bought From: Jet Solar PV and Battery
Show additional information
Lithium battery from one of the largest manufactures in the world.
Bought From: The Green Power Company
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Bought From: Expert Electrical Nth Brisbane to Kingaroy Show additional information
Bought From: Harelec Core Show additional information
Bought From: Sivcorp Solar Australia Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Sivcorp Solar Australia Pty Ltd Show additional information
the b-box is nice and discreet. time will tell the ultimate reliability. The modular 'all in one' set up is a big selling point for me.
Bought From: Essential Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
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