Finn Peacock

Founder & CEO of SolarQuotes

Finn Peacock

Following an epiphany I had about renewable energy while working in massive coal mines, and after a stint at the CSIRO I started SolarQuotes in Adelaide in 2009 using the free WiFi in Brighton public library. Since then, I’ve built SolarQuotes into a trusted hub for both homeowners and industry professionals, employed the team above, written articles for the blog and am proud to have provided over 700,000 Aussies with quotes.

Growing up in the UK, his academic path led him through Lancaster University for a degree in Mechatronic Engineering and later Cambridge for a post graduate certificate in Design, Manufacture, and Management. His early professional years saw him as a control engineer at Heysham 1 Nuclear Power Station before becoming a chartered engineer in 2000.

Moving to Australia in 2002, Finn worked as an advanced control engineer at an electrical engineering consultancy, mainly working on mines and coal-fired power stations. This led to a renewable energy epiphany, quitting the fossil fuel industry to work for the CSIRO and starting SolarQuotes in 2009 after he got tired of working for others.

Over the years, Finn’s commitment to transparency and truth in solar education has been unwavering. Founding the SolarQuotes blog in 2013, he decided it was more important to tell the truth and be objective than be popular – which has led to some clashes with manufacturers and installers over the years. His blogs dive deep into complex solar subjects, such as batteries for 3-phase homes, making otherwise arcane topics accessible to readers outside of the industry.

His penchant for innovation led to the creation of consumer tools like the SQ solar battery calculator, simplifying the solar buying process. His charts of recommended panels, inverters, batteries, and EV chargers have become a trusted reference point for homeowners, boosting their confidence when buying solar. He has coined new terms in the industry – like “apocalypse proof” battery backup – giving consumers the confidence to know what to ask for.

For solar installers – Finn started one of the first solar-specific review databases in 2010 (against the advice of his lawyers!) which has since collected over 75,000 reviews from consumers. He created the SolarQuotes awards for best panels, best inverters, best batteries and best EV chargers as a way of recognising what installers in the trenches favour.

Finn’s advocacy extends beyond the digital realm. His book “The Good Solar Guide” is an Amazon Australia Bestseller. He was featured as a case study in Tim Ferris’ book “The Four-Hour Workweek”. Engagements at councils, live radio sessions, and frequent citations in major news sources like The Guardian exemplify his authoritative stance in the solar industry.

His home, an all-electric solar passive straw bale house with a 20kW solar system, Tesla Powerwall battery, two EVs and a hot water heat pump, demonstrates his advocacy for sustainable living, making Finn not just a proponent but a practitioner of the solar lifestyle.

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Solar Cutters Member #1974

Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia

National Engineering Register

International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA)

APEC Engineer Register


Lancaster University (Mechatronic Engineering)

Cambridge University (Design, Manufacture, Management)

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