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Hi There! Would you like to contact me (Finn) or my team here at SolarQuotes®?

Please note: Because it would be physically impossible for me to answer every email myself, you'll initially get a response from one of the cast of characters below. If they can't help you, then you will get escalated to me.

You can go directly to our contact details with the big blue button. But first... if you can please read the guidance below first, that would be a great help. Thanks!

Help with getting 3 quotes for solar.

If you've used my Get-3-Quotes service and need help, don't hesitate to contact us with this form. We are dedicated to helping you get your quotes and, if you want advice, helping you decide which one is best for you.

General Questions about Solar

Type your question or keywords in the box and hit enter.

If you have not used my Get-3-Quotes service, but have a general question about solar in Australia then we will do our best to help you. But please, please use the site search function and the knowledge base search box above to search for an answer first. We have spent years creating the content on this site and most of your questions will already have been answered.

Questions we do not have the resources to answer:
  1. Questions about solar outside Australia.
  2. Free troubleshooting of a solar system not bought through a SolarQuotes-recommended installer. The best way to fix such systems is to get a quote for an inspection from a local expert.
  3. Electrical design - please engage a licensed electrician.
  4. Wind power questions.

Can't find the answer by searching this site? Then ask your general question about solar here.

Business Opportunities

If you have an offer, opportunity, or introduction that might make my life more interesting, contact me here. I get a lot of these, so please understand that I'll only respond to those proposals that are a good match for my schedule and interests.

Media Enquiries

I'm always happy to provide expertise for the media. Media enquiries are handled by Trevor Glen:

Meet the team

Since SQ started with me, Finn, alone with my laptop in the local library (hey don't knock free Wi-Fi!) we've slowly grown to become a small team. Here's a rundown of who'll handle your enquiry. It's always nice to put a face to a name don't you think?

(Seriously, don't you just hate it when you get an email response from an anonymous person called "Customer Service" or "Management"?)

Ned Photo

Ned: Assistant Client Operations. While Ned's official job is to read every single review that gets published onto SolarQuotes just in case there is something suspicious contained within them, the real reason we hired him is because he won South Australia's Street Fighter 3 Championship. So if we ever do get into a fight Ned can just suplex our foes.

David Photo

David: Business Development. If you have used our Get-3-Quotes service and need help from an actual human being, Adelaide based David will do his absolute best to help you out.

Rino Photo

Rino: Customer Service Hero. Rino will do his absolute best to help users of our Get-3-Quotes service with his mission being - Keep the end-users happy. Rino is based in Adelaide and in his spare time plays golf (not very well) and enjoys cooking pizza in his traditional brick oven.

Margherita Photo

Margherita: Customer Service Heroine. Margherita who is lucky enough to work out of Adelaide too helps me answer the hundreds of emails that come in every day. If an enquiry stumps her, she will escalate it for me to answer personally.

Rebecca Photo

Silvana: Assistant Client Operations. When Silvana is not assisting Rob with setting up the new installer clients and enquiries from existing installer clients, making desserts with her daughter is the icing on the cake to make everyone content.

Rob Photo

Rob: Client Operations. Rob looks after our 200 or so solar installer clients. He works with them to ensure that they are happy with the enquiries we send their way and that the you are happy with the quotes and installations that they provide.

Chantel Photo

Chantel: Office Manager and Keeper Of Books. Chantel makes sure our bills get paid so the the servers keep spinning, and ensures every one on this list gets paid so please be nice to her. If you want to talk about accounts you'll get put through to Chantel. Chantel has the misfortune of being married to Finn.

John Photo

John: Chief Information Officer (aka Chief Geek). John is the Sydney based technical wizard that has built and maintains the IT systems that run SolarQuotes® . He keeps our servers spinning and secure. He also looks after the software that matches people looking for quotes with the best 3 solar installers that are in our network. If you have a technical issue with the website, John won't sleep until it's fixed! John has a 10kW Sunpower/Fronius solar system, which provides just enough power to run his ultra powerful gaming PC!

Jono Photo

Jono: Head of Marketing. Jono looks after our paid online marketing. When you see us pop up anywhere online apart from the free Google Results, chances are this was Jono's fault. Outside of SolarQuotes, Jono is very knowledgeable about all things Adelaide. If you need a recommendation about where to go for dinner, or the best place for a cold IPA Jono is your man.

Ronald Photo

Ronald: Blogger and GamesMaster. Ronald's primary role is to write for our blog. As part of this, Ronald spends a considerable amount of time doing research and actually reading those pesky terms and conditions that no one else can be bothered looking at. His research and writing abilities are second only to his repertoire of bad jokes. When Ronald is not getting us into trouble with his opinions he is getting fellow role-players into trouble in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Shannon Photo

Shannon: IT manager. Working out of Sydney Shannon works with John and the other developers maintaining the system, fixing bugs and cursing browser differances. He blows off steam by blowing up virtual people while gaming and watching shows on streaming platforms. He'll often be awake into the wee hours of the morning playing games or fixing issues.

Claudio Photo

Claudio: Coder extraordinaire. Claudio works full time for SolarQuotes, all the way from Portugal! He works on our primary SolarQuotes website and also dabbles in blog code updates. In his free time, Claudio plays soccer (badly) and enjoys motorbike riding through Europe. Lucky bugger.

Michael Photo

Michael: Blogger and Google Wrangler. Michael pumps out daily news items for the blog and optimises the website so that you can find it in Google. With 'solar' being one of the most competitive corners of Google in Australia, he has his work cut out for him. Michael also chooses to live in Adelaide, because, between you and me, it the finest city on the planet.

Trevor Photo

Trevor: General Manager. Trevor is a sport-loving, "ops guy". He's a Crows, Strikers and 36ers fan and grew up supporting the Barmera-Monash Roos. He hates people doing what computers can do, loves to ask "why do we do it like that?" and doing root cause analysis.

Finn Peacock Photo

Finn. I respond to your sticky technical questions, like "Is this inverter any good?", "Can I use a single phase inverter on my 3 phase supply?", and "Is Tony Abbott really an android taking orders from a bond villain?"

I spend my days, writing about solar and energy efficiency, worrying about the Google algorithm, asking Chantel how much money I can spend on coffee this month, vetting solar installers who want to join our network, riding my bike and convincing my kids that I'm not a cartoon character.

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