Notes On Solar Installer Reviews

Here at SolarQuotes, we continually strive to ensure published feedback on solar companies is authentic; i.e. that the person submitting their views/opinions has actually had dealings with the company. The following provides further details regarding some of the flags on our solar installer reviews.

Verified Purchaser Badge

Where a review is accompanied by a green “verified” badge this indicates the person providing their views has supplied one of two things:

  • evidence of purchase and we have verified that evidence as proof the person has had dealings with the company, or;
  • the person has provided their name, email address, telephone number and street address when requesting quotes for solar power via our service and the company they are reviewing is one we referred them to.

Even if a review doesn’t have the green verified page, the person providing the feedback is still required to verify their email address and the review must pass our sophisticated screening systems. These systems aren’t just automated, we also have a dedicated team member who screens every review before it is published. 

Review Removed (User Request)

The person who submitted this review requested it be removed and we honour all such requests. There could be any number of reasons the person requested removal, such as reconsideration of their views/opinions.

However, if we become aware the person has been pressured by a company to request removal, we may take further action depending on the circumstances; which could include assisting the person report the company to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Whilst we show the original review’s star rating, it doesn’t contribute to the overall score for that company.

Review Removed (Company Request – Approved)

The company alleged the review was not authentic, and we investigated. As part of this investigation, we requested proof of purchase from the reviewer but that was not provided. As there was no evidence forthcoming to back the claims made in the feedback and the claims were challenged by the solar business, we chose to remove the review.

Review Removal Attempted (Company Request – Denied)

The solar installation company requested or demanded this review be removed, but on investigating the grounds on which the request was made, we determined the reviewer did have dealings with the company and the feedback provided did represent the person’s views.

SOLAR INSTALLERS, TAKE NOTE: If you believe a review or other content should be removed, you must read our reporting guidelines first. and take note of our legal threats policy before submitting a request for removal.

A removal request can be submitted by clicking the flag icon under the feedback of concern. We also encourage installers to first politely engage with the reviewer to gain a better understanding of the situation, which can be done using the same form. Note that these communications will appear under the review.

The views expressed by reviewers are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of Peacock Media Group, which makes no representations as to the accuracy of the reviews. For our full disclaimer and further information, see our Terms of Use and our Review Guidelines.

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