Compare Feed-In-Tariffs and Usage Costs by Electricity Retailer

Instantly see which energy retailers would provide the cheapest bills over 12 months for a typical solar power system owner in your postcode.

The best electricity plan for solar owners has a balance of high feed-in-tariffs, low usage tariffs and low daily charges. This comparison tool compares the current plans of all the retailers we know of who serve your postcode.

For a more definitive comparison, use 12 months' worth of electricity bills and you can enter how many kilowatt-hours you exported and how many kWh you imported - you’ll see exactly which offers would be cheapest based on your energy usage patterns.

Electricity Retailer Comparison (beta)

(Last updated on Sunday 28th, November 2021)

Accuracy Of Comparison

For a comparison based on your exact usage, you’ll need 12 months of electricity bills (or consumption monitoring data).


Why Your Postcode Matters

We need to know your postcode so we only display plans for electricity retailers that serve your area.


Why We Ask Solar System Size

The size of your solar power system determines how much energy you generate and how much electricity you are likely to both export for a feed-in tariff and self-consume.


Sort Electricity Plans How You Wish

Click on a column heading; e.g. "feed-in tariff", to sort by that value.


Change Usage Patterns To See Effect On Plan Costs

The self consumption slider determines how many solar kWh are used in your home, the rest will be exported and receive a feed-in tariff.

The energy your home uses per day (self-consumed solar electricity plus grid usage) determines how much energy you’ll need to buy from the grid.

The advanced version is coming soon, please bear with us.

from the grid over 12 months

to the grid over 12 months

Please note: this tool is a beta version. Although we try really hard to get accurate data, we can’t guarantee all the values in the table below are correct. Use this tool as a starting point only and verify all the charges and feed in tariffs before switching retailers. Please also read this guide before switching. If you find any errors please let us know.
This tool currently only shows standard tariff plans. Time of use plans are coming soon.

Retailer Plan details Usage rate
(c per kWh)
Usage rate after
all discounts
Feed in Tariff
(c per kWh)
Daily charge
(c per day)
Typical annual bill
Plans this colour have extra eligibility conditions - Check the link for more info
36.3 32.1 16.1 78 $1,234