Compare Electricity Plans and Solar Feed-In Tariffs

The best electricity plan for solar owners has a balance of high feed-in-tariffs, low usage tariffs and low daily charges. Solar owners are usually better off with simple, fixed tariffs.

The best plan for solar + battery owners is often a time-of-use tariff with lower off-peak and shoulder rates. The expensive peak rates on these plans can be mostly avoided if you have enough solar and storage. Virtual Power Plants are another option for battery owners. Compare VPPs here.

This comparison tool compares current plans from all the electricity retailers we know of that serve your postcode. It provides very easy-to-read summaries in a list format, and links to more in-depth detail for each offer.

How This Electricity Plan Comparison Tool Works

The SolarQuotes electricity plan comparison service is simple to use. Simply enter your postcode above and hit the button, then a list of plans currently available in your area from various electricity retailers will be generated.

Summaries for each plan enable you to easily compare:

You can also sort and filter the results - for example, comparing only plans offering a flat rate or time of use (ToU) rates. By default, the results will display both.

Using This Tool To Get A Better Deal On Electricity

The simplest way to get a better deal on your electricity is to use our retailer comparison tool to find a better offer; then use that as leverage with your current retailer. Electricity retailers hate losing customers - so you have the upper hand here. Call them and say you'll switch if they can't match an offer. 

For example: " XYZ Energy offer an X cent feed-in tariff. Can you match this, or should I switch to your competitor?".

You can often get a better rate without even bothering to switch. Many other online comparison tools won't give you this advice because they make money only if you switch! We don't have commercial relationships with any electricity retailer listed - we provide this service to help you get the most out of your solar power system.

Important Notes

The information generated by this electricity plan comparison tool is provided on a best-effort basis and updated very regularly. But with so many retailer offers available and given the pace of change and complexity in the retail electricity market, we can’t guarantee all the values will be correct all the time - and there are bound to be plans available not shown by this tool.

Use this tool as a starting point only and verify all the charges and feed in tariffs before switching retailers - and be sure to read this guide before switching.

Note that in order to achieve the lowest power bills, the highest feed-in tariff does not necessarily represent the best overall deal. As mentioned above, the best electricity plan for solar owners is one offering good balance of feed-in tariff, consumption and supply rates.

Some of the issues to watch for in the fine print of electricity plans for solar owners in particular include:

If you find any errors or experience any issues when using the comparison tool, please let us know.