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Last Updated: 3rd Jun 2024

Back in 2016, I decided to put together a single page guide outlining the basics of everything Australians needed to know about going solar. Continuously updated since, my original Solar 101 Guide has been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

Finn Peacock - Solar 101 Guide author

Finn Peacock – SolarQuotes Founder

I’m proud (and humbled) this guide has played a role in many Australians now enjoying the money saving benefits of a good quality, professionally installed solar power system through the tiny power bills they are achieving.

The original guide has evolved over the years to keep pace with Australia’s rapidly changing solar energy scene – in technology, changes to incentives and other aspects. It continues to remain as relevant in 2024 as it was more than 5 years ago.

But I still wanted to add even more to the guide, so I added new separate pages – Part 1 – Understanding Solar and Part 3 – Owning Solar.

Given the increasing popularity of home energy storage, I then created a 101 series relating to understanding, buying and owning solar battery storage.

So, wherever you may be in your research, whether you’re just wanting to get your head around the technology, you’re ready to get quotes or have a system and want to know what’s next, pick a part most relevant to you and dive in!

Solar Power 101 Guides

Everything you’ll need to know about going solar in Australia in three easy-to-read guides!

Part 1 – Understanding Solar

Understanding Solar runs through the basics of residential solar energy and the components that make up the system. It demystifies the magic that turns sunlight into clean power for your home that can save you a bundle of cash on your electricity bills, and clearly explains some important concepts you should understand.

Part 2 – Buying Solar Power

My original guide to buying solar power, updated each year that also includes a printable and video version.

Now you have a basic understanding of all the bits that make up a solar power system and how they work to generate electricity, it’s time to think about getting quotes.

After reading this, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with a salesperson and be confident you’re paying the right amount of money for a properly-sized system with the right components  – and from the right installer.

Part 3 – Owning Solar

The panels are now on your rooftop and the installers have packed up and left. What should you do now and how can you make the most of the new valuable addition to your home? From checking the installation to maximising electricity bill savings, find the answers here.

Solar Battery 101 Guides

New generation home energy storage promises great benefits for Australian households – but there are also some traps for the unwary. Here’s what you should know before getting a battery.

Part 1 – Understanding Home Battery Storage

This chapter will provide you an understanding of solar batteries – and will help you determine if installing one is right for you. It covers topics such as how a home battery works, the different types of energy storage and how home energy storage can save you money.

Part 2 – Buying Solar Batteries

My guide to buying solar battery storage provides useful advice on how to go about purchasing a good quality home battery system installation at a reasonable price – and how to identify some of the traps. By reading this, you’ll be better equipped to make a solid purchase decision.

Part 3 – Owning A Battery System

As the proud new owner of home energy storage, you’ll want to make the most of it. This chapter provides very useful information about owning a battery system and maximising the benefits it can provide.

Electric Vehicle (EV) 101 Guides

NEW! The electric vehicle revolution is on our doorstep – discover everything you should know about charging an electric car in Australia in my EV Charging 101 guide.

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