SolarQuotes in the media.

SolarQuotes and/or Finn Peacock have been regularly mentioned in online and print media, radio and television both in Australia and overseas – below you’ll find a few examples.


Advertiser, Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun

In this February 2020 article, Finn warned solar buyers about some companies that combine the payback figures of solar and batteries, obscuring the benefits of just installing solar. Click on the image for a larger view.

Solar marketing

Adelaide Advertiser, Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph

In this November 2019 article, Finn provided advice on what a home solar power system should cost – and for consumers to be wary of so-called “interest-free” deals. Click on the image for a larger view.

Cost of home solar panels

Adelaide Advertiser

In this May 2019 piece in the Adelaide Advertiser, Finn bust the myth that solar isn’t worth it without batteries. Click on the image for a larger view.

Courier Mail

An interview with Finn regarding his career direction that appeared in New Limited’s national careers lift-out in early May 2019. Click on the image for a larger view.

Adelaide Advertiser

Panels, batteries, inverters, feed-ins – it’s enough to confuse anybody. In this Advertiser article from March 2019, Finn translates the jargon and answers readers’ questions. Click the image for a larger view.

Finn - solar energy - Advertiser

7 News

In this 7 News item, Finn comments on AGL’s Offsite Solar scheme and Carlton United Breweries being supplied  with 74,000 MWh of electricity per year from Karadoc Solar Farm.


NightLife – ABC Radio

Finn appeared on ABC Radio’s Nightlife on November 14, 2018, chatting about the basics of home solar and batteries, and answering questions from callers. You can listen to the full segment here.

NIghtlife - ABC Radio

Adelaide Advertiser

In this Adelaide Advertiser piece (November 2018), Finn comments on the South Australian Home Battery Scheme (click image for larger view).

Home Battery Scheme

Studio 10

Finn takes questions from the Studio 10 panel about:

  • electricity prices – and why they have risen so much
  • how much you can typically save in each capital city with solar
  • how much solar costs
  • the risks of shoddy installs

…and manages to stink out the studio with the charred remains of a DC isolator.


The Checkout

ABC’s The Checkout had a great segment to help people considering solar power. SolarQuotes was mentioned a couple of times, as a recommended way to get 3 quotes from pre-vetted installers:

The ABC team did a fantastic job on covering home solar power in Australia, but the segment crammed *a lot* of information into a short duration – so we followed up with a post on the SQ blog on the major points The Checkout addressed or touched on; along with links to further reading.

Nine News

Finn chats with Will McDonald about:

  • How much more affordable and accessible solar power is today and how quickly it can pay for itself
  • How the electricity companies want to introduce Demand Tariffs so they can hit us with extra surcharges to try and make up for lost revenue due to the popularity of solar panels.
  • Why I wrote my book, The Good Solar Guide.
  • The difference between utility scale batteries and home batteries.


Here Finn chatted for an hour to Philip Clark on ABC’s Nightlife, which is broadcasted nationally, about how to buy solar well. During the segment, Finn also took questions from Australians calling into the program, covering a wide range of issues relating to purchasing, using and making the most of solar power.

abc radio finn peacock

Finn has also appeared on ABC Radio Adelaide, Radio National, and FiveAA taking live questions from listeners.


Sydney Morning Herald

smh article

The Age 

the age article

Smart Company

smart company article


SolarQuotes®  and/or Finn Peacock have also appeared in/on:

  • Nine News
  • ABC Radio Adelaide
  • FiveAA
  • ABC Radio National
  • WA Today
  • Rooster Radio
  • The 4 Hour Work Week (pages 364 & 365 of the multi-million selling business book)
  • Australian House and Garden
  • lifehacker
  • The Guardian
  • Renew Magazine
  • Solar & Storage Magazine
  • One Step Off The Grid
  • Sanctuary Magazine
  • The Courier Mail
  • RenewEconomy
  • The Owner Builder
  • The Australian
  • Network Ten’s Studio 10

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