Solar Power In Australia – Information & Statistics

Australia’s home solar power revolution has been nothing short of phenomenal. When I started this site back in 2009, there were just 85,000 solar systems connected to the mains grid in Australia by the end of that year – and Australia’s first solar farm was yet to be built.

Fast forward to 2024 and more than 3.72 million solar panel systems have been installed on rooftops throughout the nation and gigawatts of large scale solar energy projects are operational, under construction or in the pipeline.

In fact, more solar panels have been installed on rooftops of homes in this country than there are people in Australia. Here’s how Australia’s small scale solar energy (systems less than 100kW capacity) revolution has progressed over the years. As you can see,  it shows no signs of really slowing down at this stage.

Year Systems Installed Running Total
2001 118  
2002 251 369
2003 664 1,033
2004 1,089 2,122
2005 1,406 3,528
2006 1,115 4,643
2007 3,480 8,123
2008 14,064 22,187
2009 62,916 85,103
2010 198,208 283,311
2011 360,745 644,056
2012 343,320 987,376
2013 200,407 1,187,783
2014 180,139 1,367,922
2015 141,500 1,509,422
2016 132,697 1,642,119
2017 174,942 1,817,061
2018 224,852 2,041,913
2019 284,031 2,325,944
2020 370,320 2,696,264
2021 377,458 3,073,722
2022 315,701 3,389,423
2023 326,386 3,715,809
2024 56,593 3,772,402
Total 3,772,402  
Source: Clean Energy Regulator

Note: due to the way the Clean Energy Regulator collects its statistics, the figure above for 2023 will continue to increase during 2023 and into 2024. The Regulator also reviews its statistics from time to time for earlier years, so figures may vary (but usually not by much).

Collectively, the 3,772,402 systems noted represent more than 22,86 gigawatts of electricity generation capacity! At the time of writing, around 879 watts of small scale PV had been installed per Australian.

So, Is Solar Worth It In Australia In 2024?

Home solar installations will continue at a rapid clip in Australia in 2024 for a simple reason – it’s certainly still worth it to get panels installed on your rooftop in order to slash your electricity bills.

The generous solar rebate is still available (as are other solar and battery rebates and subsidies depending on your location), feed in tariff incentives still apply and the cost of solar panels is well within reach of many households. Simple payback on a system is generally very rapid in a situation where a home has a compatible rooftop and a good quality installation is performed.

You can find out how much you can save on your electricity bills and your estimated payback time using my solar calculator.

Solar Energy Information For Each Australian State

From the southern extreme of Tasmania, to the tip of the top end of this great country, solar power is making its mark everywhere in Australia; helping families and businesses take control of their electricity costs and reducing their energy related carbon footprint.

Find out more about solar energy in your state:

Solar Energy In Your Town Or Suburb

To provide more granular information, we maintain a huge database on solar energy in most Australian locations. You can find up-to-date details and statistics such as the number of installations, expected performance for different sized systems and much, much more for just about every Australian postcode.

How To Get A Great Solar Installation – Guaranteed.

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