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Solar power is gradually catching on in the NT as the full benefits of the bill-busting technology are increasingly realised.

More than 17,686 small-scale systems (<100kW capacity) had been installed as at December 31, 2020 (Source: Clean Energy Regulator) in the Northern Territory, adding up to a total capacity of around 128MW. Given the population of 245,600 as at September 2019 (Source: ABS), this breaks down to approximately 521 watts of solar per Territorian – a bit in front of the national average of 505 watts.

NT’s government also understands the importance of PV in the Territory’s future energy mix. In fact, it’s the centrepiece technology in its goal of achieving 50% renewable energy by 2030. 

The APVI (Australian Photovoltaic Institute) estimates the percentage of NT dwellings to have PV installations installed to be 22.8% at its last calculation, so there are a lot of under-utilised rooftops in the Territory.

While installing solar power costs more than in other states due to the tyranny of distance, the NT has a feed in tariff on offer that will pay you for the surplus electricity you generate, helping to accelerate payback.

Just to give you a general idea, a 6kW solar panel system (a popular choice these days) can generate a stunning 31kWh of clean electricity a day (averaged over a year) – assuming a good system  is installed by a professional and you have a suitable rooftop. That would put a mighty dent in your power bills and in many cases blow them away altogether.

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The major population centers in the Northern Territory are of course Darwin and Alice Springs, but we also have installers in our network for just about everywhere in the Territory.

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