Northern Territory Solar Power System Grid Connection Rules & Process

The only Distributed Network Service Provider in the NT is PowerWater, which has rules on inverters connecting to its network indicated in the table below, and current as at August 2021.





Darwin region, Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek

Single phase: 5 kW inverter limit, 5 kW export limit.

Three phase: 7 kW inverter limit, 7 kW export limit.

Larger inverters normally only permitted if they are zero export limited. In that situation, 10kW single phase, 30kW three phase.

Battery inverters do not count towards phase inverter limit. Where there is a battery, the total inverter limits are 10kW single phase and 30kW three phase.

PowerWater website

NT Solar Grid Connection Process

Solar power systems fall within one of four classes in the Northern Territory. Small commercial and home systems are Class 1 and larger commercial systems (inverter size up to 30kW) are Class 2. Larger systems fall into in the Class 3 and 4 categories.

For Class 1 and Class 2 solar power systems, the process for connecting to the mains grid is:

1. Network Connection Agreement Submission

As well as submitting a Photovoltaic Inverter Network Connection Agreement to Power and Water (usually done by the installer), an Embedded Generation Notice (pages 1 – 3) will need to accompany it along with a wiring diagram and payment for a solar-compatible electricity meter.

2. Power Purchase Agreement

You’ll need to contact your electricity retailer to organise a power purchase agreement to ensure you receive the feed-in tariff – you don’t want to miss out on this as the NT has the most generous feed in tariff in the country!

3. System Installation And Inspection

Your system will be installed by your chosen provider and then inspected by a registered certifier.

3. Electricity Meter Changeover

Your installer will determine if your current electricity metering arrangement is up to standard. In a case where it isn’t, the installer will need to do any necessary work but first have to book with Power and Water to have the mains supply to your house switched off. It’s on this day that Power and Water will also upgrade your meter box to accommodate your solar power system.

If everything is satisfactory with your existing metering setup, then Power and Water will upgrade your meter for PV, but this may take up to 6 weeks.

The wait can be a pain, but will be worth it as after that you’ll be ready to start saving big bucks on your electricity bills and reaping the rewards of your solar energy investment.

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