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SolarQuotes exists to help you get up to 3 quotes for high-quality solar, batteries or EV chargers for your home or business from installers who care.

The SolarQuotes team at our Adelaide office.

SolarQuotes contains over 75,000 genuine installer reviews, panel reviews, inverter reviews and battery reviews. It also has heaps of guides, blog posts, videos and tools to help you navigate the solar, battery and EV charger market.

And we literally guarantee a good installation if you use our ‘get quotes’ service

The SolarQuotes Story

I started SolarQuotes in early 2009, when a 1kW system cost $10,000 and residential solar systems were rarer than rocking horse poo.

I was working for CSIRO in their renewable energy division (having left the mining industry to follow my passion for solar). As I learned more about solar power, I quickly realised that solar was going to be huge in Australia, with prices of panels falling, their efficiencies rising, and grid electricity getting more and more expensive.

But when I talked to people outside of CSIRO who were considering solar power, I soon found out that they were craving independent advice and, above all, reassurance that the quoted prices were reasonable, the hardware was good quality, and the installation was safe. Indeed, with one mob flogging a $10k system for $25k, there was an urgent need for people to get multiple quotes from honest installers.

And so this website was born.

Drawing on my experience as a chartered electrical engineer, I’ve channelled that knowledge into SolarQuotes, making it a panacea for the confused homeowner tumbling down the solar rabbit hole.

Since 2009, it has grown to become the most visited solar-specific website in Australia, providing quotes to over 700,000 Aussies and getting about a million Australian pageviews per month. SolarQuotes is often cited in the media.

Third-party review sites like Trustpilot and Product Review have over 17,500 reviews of SolarQuotes, with an average rating of 4.76/5.

If you want to learn even more, read the long and gory founding story of SolarQuotes – featuring massive coal loaders, camping out of a beat-up Volvo, and how a chance encounter with a painter gave me the idea for the business.

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How does SolarQuotes make money?

Legendary installer trophy - the highest honour our installers can receive

Primarily by charging solar companies (who I have personally vetted) for referrals to people who ask us for quotes.

They pay us a small fee (averaging approx $50 + GST) if we send them your quote request. We get paid whether you choose to buy solar from them or not.

That’s how we stay independent.

If you ask us to send your details to a finance referral partner, we receive a lead referral fee of ~$50. We also earn about $16 from Bill Hero if you sign up with them via our website.

Read the full details of how we make money.

Meet the Team

Since SQ started with me, Finn, and my laptop in the local library (hey, don’t knock free Wi-Fi!), we’ve slowly grown into a small team. Here’s a rundown of who’ll handle your enquiry. It’s always nice to put a face to a name, don’t you think? (Seriously, don’t you just hate it when you get an email response from an anonymous person called “Customer Service” or “Management”?)

Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service
Installer Ops
Installer Ops
Content Crew
Content Crew

Customer Service

If you’ve got a query about solar or an issue with your quotes, this team’s mission is to make sure you have the best experience possible.

From onboarding to ongoing support, if you’re a solar installer our installer ops team is here to make your journey with us a smooth and pleasant one.

The SolarQuotes website wouldn’t exist without their tireless efforts – from squashing bugs to implementing the latest tools or features.

This is the team of solar experts who write articles for our blog and website, as well as fact-check and maintain existing website content.

This is the team that sets the direction of SolarQuotes, makes all the big calls, and upholds our core values.

John Burcher

Chief Information Officer

With us for over a decade (in fact, the first proper hire SolarQuotes made), John is the Sydney based technical wizard that has built and maintains the IT systems that run SolarQuotes®. In his time, he’s personally coded up over 2000 changes to our platforms. He also looks after the software that matches people looking for quotes with the best 3 solar installers that are in our network. If you have a technical issue with the website, John won't sleep until it's fixed! John has a 10kW Sunpower/Fronius solar system, which provides just enough power to run his ultra powerful gaming PC!


In-house Installer

A licensed roofer, builder and electrician who has run his own solar business, Anthony joined SolarQuotes in 2022. He brings a rare blend of technical mastery and practical know-how. When not decoding complex technical queries, responding to customer emails that are too complex for Margherita or contributing to our blog, he's tending to his award-winning coloured sheep. Learn more about Anthony >>>

Ronald Brakels

Blogger and GamesMaster

Ronald, our insightful Solar Sleuth, has been doing original research for us since 2015, turning boring documents from manufacturers into relevant and interesting information for consumers. From scrutinizing the fine print of warranty documents to boldly challenging industry norms, his contributions to the SolarQuotes blog and website not only inform but also provoke thought, change and maybe a chuckle. In 2023 Ronald stopped writing a weekly blog post to focus on continuously fact checking and updating the website’s core content. Learn more about Ronald Brakels >>>


Client Operations

Joining SolarQuotes in 2013, Rob's is the bridge that connects SolarQuotes with dedicated installers, ensuring you get the best in solar when requesting quotes. He nurtures over 600 active accounts, making sure they’re happy with the enquiries we send their way and that you’re happy with the quotes and installations they provide. He also knows more than most about the nitty-gritty of Electrical Contracting Licence requirements for installers across Australia.


Assistant Client Operations

Silvana, with a robust 30-year background in accounts, payroll, and finance across diverse sectors, has been a part of SolarQuotes since October 2020. She's the go-to person for solar installers' accounts needs - managing service area changes, pausing and unpausing, and aiding in sub-account setups.


Assistant Client Operations

Ned joined SolarQuotes in 2019 and plays a crucial role in supporting our network of 400+ installers. If an unlikely issue happens to arise between you and one of our installers, Ned's the friendly voice of reason who will be your advocate. Besides handling installers, he also moderates every single review we receive of solar installers, panels, inverters, batteries and EV chargers. Over the years, he’s read and published over 20,000 reviews! With that said, the real reason we hired him is because he was once the South Australian Street Fighter 3 champion.


Head of Marketing

Hopping on board with SolarQuotes in 2014, Jono ensures you get the latest and greatest from SolarQuotes. To that end, he’s our advertising guru, especially for Facebook. He’s also the producer of our (hopefully) engaging videos you might have seen on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. If you’ve ever called us, it’s Jono’s friendly voice you’ve likely chatted with. And if you’ve come across our comparison tables for solar panels, inverters, batteries, hot water diverters or EV chargers, that's Jono's handiwork too.


Customer Service Hero

With us since 2018, Rino oversees NSW, QLD, and the ACT. If you've ever had a concern about missing quotes, Rino's the one who will chase them up for you. In the rare event of an installer being unable to quote, he will find another trusted installer for you. With tens of thousands of customer emails under his belt, his mission is to keep you happy.


Business Development

Since 2017, David has been the force behind expanding our Australia-wide network of trusted affiliates (such as Choice and Canstar Blue). Plus, he oversees SA, VIC, TAS, NT and WA and has personally handled over 25,000 customer emails. If there's ever a hiccup with your quotes, David is there to make things right.

Finn Peacock

Founder & CEO of SolarQuotes

Following an epiphany I had about renewable energy while working in massive coal mines, and after a stint at the CSIRO I started SolarQuotes in Adelaide in 2009 using the free WiFi in Brighton public library. Since then, I’ve built SolarQuotes into a trusted hub for both homeowners and industry professionals, employed the team above, written articles for the blog and am proud to have provided over 700,000 Aussies with quotes. Learn more about Finn Peacock >>>


IT Manager

After working as a network admin for 15 years, Shannon joined SolarQuotes in 2020. He’s the 2IC for the IT team, becoming John when John is on holiday. When John isn’t on a cruise ship, Shannon is the IT team’s jack of all trades, maintaining our systems, fixing bugs, and doing all the random IT tasks not handled by our other devs.


General Manager

With a background in software engineering and entrepreneurship (including winning Australian Startup of the Year in 2009), his career journey through software development to CTO and COO roles has given him invaluable experience - especially that a successful business is a profitable business. As the SolarQuotes GM since 2021, Trevor's expertise is channelled into refining our tools like the solar calculator, advocating for automation, and fostering a supportive work environment, ensuring that SolarQuotes remains #1 in the game.


Office Manager and Keeper Of Books

An internationally decorated marathon runner and wife of Finn, when she’s not hitting the pavement she’s making sure our bills and payroll are sorted. If you’re a client and need to discuss invoices, Chantel is your point of contact.


Coder extraordinaire

Claudio has worked full time for SolarQuotes since 2012, all the way from Portugal! He’s responsible for keeping the SolarQuotes website in working order. In his time with us, he’s written over 100,000 lines of code (and counting). In his free time, Claudio plays soccer (badly) and enjoys motorbike riding through Europe. Lucky bugger.


Customer Service Heroine

Margherita has been on the frontlines of our customer support since 2016 - and has handled a whopping 100,000 emails in that time. If you've ever replied to our emails or sent us an inquiry through our contact form, it's Margherita who gets your message. Her time with us has transformed her into a living encyclopaedia of solar-related queries, ready to assist you with any question that might arise.


Customer Service

The latest addition to our team, Katrina joined us in 2022 and is responsible for getting your quote request over the line. If you mistyped your address or forgot to provide us with any critical information, Katrina’s the one that’ll reach out to help update your details.

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