Ronald Brakels

Blogger and GamesMaster

Ronald Brakels

Ronald, our insightful Solar Sleuth, has been doing original research for us since 2015, turning boring documents from manufacturers into relevant and interesting information for consumers. From scrutinizing the fine print of warranty documents to boldly challenging industry norms, his contributions to the SolarQuotes blog and website not only inform but also provoke thought, change and maybe a chuckle. In 2023 Ronald stopped writing a weekly blog post to focus on continuously fact checking and updating the website’s core content.

Ronald’s our very own jack-of-all-trades. Unhappy with the quality of articles on solar he was reading online, he took matters into his own hands, writing for big names like Cleantechnica and RenewEconomy before joining SolarQuotes in 2015. Ronald believes that transparency and honesty are paramount in the solar industry, and he’s dedicated himself to ensuring consumers are well-informed and not misled by marketing jargon or misleading claims. 

He’s crafted around 500 deep-dive articles for the SQ blog, and is the Sherlock Holmes of small print, sniffing out the dodgy bits and not being shy about calling them out. His critiques, while sometimes tough, come from a place of genuine care for the consumer. 

Ronald stands firm in his belief that every buyer deserves the best value for their money, and he isn’t afraid to call out manufacturers who fall short of their promises.

Remember when Jinko had to rethink their battery warranty? Yep, that was thanks to our Ronald.

His CV’s got some fun entries, too. Model for USQ? Check. Test-driven a bunch of cool EVs like Tesla and Polestar? You bet. Co-host of the SolarQuotes Vodcast? Done and done.

Ronald has a knack for predictions – he called panel prices dropping, solar sponge tariffs, and less-than-rosy home battery uptake (in the era of the Tesla Powerwall 1). His predictive prowess is honed by industry conferences and seminars, ensuring he’s up to date with the latest developments.

In short, if you need a fresh, informed, and usually cheeky take on the world of solar, Ronald’s your guy. And if you’ve got a minute, ask him about his race against Finn or his candid thoughts on Elon Musk.


University of Southern Queensland - Bachelors of Applied Science (Psychology)

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