AEMC Report — Electricity Prices To Fall Thanks To Renewable Energy

Wind energy and solar power - AEMC

Electricity Prices To Fall Thanks To Wind And Solar Power — But Not In WA!

If you don’t live in Western Australia I have good news.  A report released on December the 9th by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) says electricity prices will fall in all states except WA.

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Solar Power And Bushfires: Safety, Shutdowns And Cleaning Off Soot

Cleaning bushfire ash from solar panels

Lately, Australia has been having a bit of a problem with bushfires.  You may have noticed.  It’s been on the telly.  Also, there’s a good chance you’ve been spluttering on vast clouds of smoke blowing across the country.  Smoke and fine ash from the fires can travel thousands of kilometers before settling and most of us now have a fine layer of soot on our solar panels, while those nearer to fires may have a thick layer of ash. [Read more…]

AEMO Says They Will Support A Broken Market System That Puts Lives In Danger

AEMO 2020 Integrated System Plan

Australia’s Energy Markets Are Broken Because They Ignore Externalities

You would think the middle of a horrendous bushfire season — at a time when large areas of New South Wales were ablaze and air quality in Sydney was worse than Shanghai thanks to smoke hanging in the air like the ghost of gums before drifting out to sea — would be a bad time for the Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to announce they are okay with people dying from fossil fuel use as long as someone is making money from it. [Read more…]

Australia Likely To Suffer 1,000 Or More Excess Deaths From Bushfire Smoke

Deaths from Australian bushfire smoke

Wagga Wagga yesterday. So smokey you can’t even make out a single Wagga.

According to UQ Economics Professor, John Quiggin, Australia is likely to suffer 1,000 or more excess deaths due to smoke pollution from the current disastrous bushfire season. [Read more…]

2019 In Review — A Great Year If You Ignore Climate Disasters (Just Like Our Prime Minister)

Australia 2019 - year in review

If you’re willing to overlook a couple of major climate disasters, Australia has been doing great this year.  We’re on fire! [Read more…]

House Of Reps Report Supports Nuclear – But Only If Everyone Is Into It

Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations

It’s not about safety – it’s about cost. Nuclear power is just too damn expensive for Australia.

Last Friday the House Of Representatives released a report on nuclear energy in Australia.  They said it’s a good idea — provided everyone is cool with it. [Read more…]

Dyness Powerbox Battery: A First Look At Its Specifications & Warranty

Dyness Powerbox Battery

The Dyness Powerbox home battery.

There’s a new battery contender in town – the Dyness Powerbox. And if you live in SA it’s eligible for South Australia’s hefty home battery subsidy. [Read more…]

Tossing Old Solar Panels Into Landfill Is Greener Than Recycling Them

Is solar panel recycling miscycling?

The conventional response to criticism of solar waste is panels can simply be recycled. But is that the greenest option?

Recycling is a good thing.  Most of the time.  Humans have been reusing material for thousands of years, probably beginning on a large scale when early agriculturalists noticed poo is good for plants.  Ancient Greeks didn’t let pieces of broken pottery go to waste and used them like notepaper, while my father would collect (steal?) rubber bands because a dozen were worth a few cents back in 1950. [Read more…]

The “Solar Rebate” Is Not Ending: Don’t Be Fooled By Misleading Ads

Australia's solar rebate is not ending

The “solar rebate” does not end this year. In fact rooftop solar power may be cheaper early next year.

DON’T PANIC!  Despite attempts by dodgy advertisers1 to convince you otherwise, the “solar rebate” isn’t ending any time soon.  Renewable energy certificates (called STCs) will still be lowering the cost of rooftop solar for years to come.  To be precise, for another 11 years, 1 month, and 2 days. [Read more…]

Tesla’s Beaut Cybertruck Ute:  Body As Tough As Steel, Windows As Weak As Glass.

Tesla Cybertruck electric ute / pickup

Tesla’s Cybertruck reveal was a smashing success.

I am sitting in the SolarQuotes office awaiting revelation.  In just one hour, plus 20-30 minutes to allow for Tesla time, Elon Musk will reveal to the world the wonders of the Tesla electric ute.  The first wonder is it’s not called a ute, it’s called a Cybertruck.  Personally, I would have gone with Wonder Ute myself, but if you fail to keep me on a retainer that kind of genius is just going to pass you by, Elon. [Read more…]