Revealed: How SA’s Grid Will Accommodate The Relentless Uptake Of Rooftop Solar

SAPN plan for solar exports

The famous, termite-proof South Australian Stobie Pole that holds SA’s distribution network off the ground.

The most interesting presentation at this year’s Smart Energy virtual conference was only 9 minutes long and by Future Networks engineer, Cathryn McDonald.  [Read more…]

2020 Smart Energy Virtual Conference: A Review

2020 Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition review

I just flew back from a virtual conference and, boy, are my virtual arms tired.  I attended the 2020 Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition by sitting at my desk — a huge improvement over hauling my arse and other body components to Melbourne as I normally do. [Read more…]

Does It Make Sense To Build Electric Cars In Australia?

Building electric cars in Australia

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how ACE-EV plans to open a factory and produce tens of thousands of electric vehicles per year in Adelaide.

I’m hoping it will happen because I was impressed when I took their electric cargo van for a spin.

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ANU Claims Hydrogen At $2-3 A KG By 2030 — I Say Not Bloody Likely

Hydrogen vs. emission offset natural gas

Hydrogen won’t be $2-3 per kilogram by 2030. It’ll be much cheaper!

Hydrogen is the car fuel of the future.  Just not our future. 

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Feed-In Tariff For New Solar Slashed In Western Australia — Only 3 Cents Before 3 PM!

Western Australia solar feed in tariff

From yesterday (31 August 2020), new residential solar power systems installed in Western Australia will no longer receive the REBS or ‘Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme’ solar feed-in tariff of 7.135 cents per kilowatt-hour.  Instead, it will receive the DEBS or ‘Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme’ that will instead pay: [Read more…]

Solar Victoria Runs Misleading Ads They Wouldn’t Accept From Installers

Solar Victoria hypocritical on advertising

If there is one thing I hate, it’s dodgy solar installers who mislead the public with deceptive advertising and fake deals.  It harms customers who are just looking for decent quality solar and it hurts honest installers by damaging the reputation of the entire industry.  It really gets my goat, and I am extremely protective of my goat. 

But when a state government engages in misleading ads it’s fine and I don’t mind at all.  [Read more…]

Will ACE-EV Reboot The Australian Car Industry With A $40,000 Electric Van?

Ace electric cargo van review

The ACE Cargo electric van will, fingers-crossed, be made in Adelaide and sell for about $40,000.

The future of road transport is electric.  This is clear from the falling cost of batteries and crystal clear if you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel of an electric car that takes off like a rocket.

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Northern Territory’s $6,000 Solar Battery Subsidy May Become $12,000

Northern Territory solar battery subsidy

A battery shed near Alice Springs. Photo: Lloyd Peacock

The Northern Territory has the nation’s most generous solar battery subsidy: $6,000 off a battery system.  It’s already the biggest battery subsidy in Australia by a long way, and if the Country Liberals win the NT election this month they will double it to an insane $12,000.  And by insane, mean they’d be nuts to make it that high. [Read more…]

AEC Report: Solar Installations Up, Battery Installs Down in 2020

Australian Energy Council Q2 2020 solar report

The Australian Energy Council publishes a report on solar every quarter.  I’ve just read through the latest one. There are only 11 pages of text and graphics, so it’s not too much of an effort if you want to read the whole thing yourself here

But since we live a world where everyone is as busy as bees — except for people stuck at home in Melbourne — I’ll make use of my surplus of serenity by summarizing the report. [Read more…]

ACT Labor Promise Interest Free Loans For Solar, Batteries, And Heat Pumps

ACT Labor will offer interest-free loans for solar power, home batteries, and heat pump hot water systems to Canberra households.  But there is a catch.  This will only happen if they win the election starting on the 28th of September and ending on the 17th of October. [Read more…]