How To Save Money With The South Australian Home Battery Scheme

South Australian Home Battery scheme

Wahey! In SA it is possible to save money with batteries – thanks to the battery rebate.

For a long time now Australia has been drawing closer to the day when home batteries will pay for themselves.  With the announcement of  South Australia’s battery subsidy scheme we know that day will soon come — unless the scheme’s lack of competition prevents battery prices from falling enough. [Read more…]

The Gigawatt Project Reviewed: Solar For Rented Roofs

gigawatt project review - solar power for renters

Another company who can help get solar on tenant’s roofs is the Gigawatt Project. Ronald looks over the details…

The Gigawatt Project is a Queensland company that helps put solar panels on the roofs of rental properties.  They give tenants some of the savings from rooftop solar power while giving landlords a good enough return to make installing it worthwhile.  In Queensland the Gigawatt Project can:

  • Install a solar power system.
  • Monitor tenant electricity use.
  • Bill tenants for solar electricity they use at a rate less than the cost of grid electricity.  The bill is paid to the landlord.

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SA Battery Rebate: Examining The Scant Details Released So Far

sa battery rebate details

Battery Subsidy Scheme Outline Released By South Australian Government Is Short On Details

As part of their election campaign the the South Australian Liberal Party promised to provide a $100 million home battery subsidy.  Five months after victory they have released information outlining the subsidy scheme that will: [Read more…]

Tindo Solar Claim Spectacular Reliability: 3 Failures From 240,000 Sold

tindo solar panels

Lots Of Good News About Tindo Solar – Including An Annual Failure Rate As Low As 1 In 200,000 Panels

If you are in the market for some Australian made solar panels then I have great news for you.  It involves Tindo Solar as they are the only Australian manufacturer of panels.  If someone selling any other brand of panels says or suggests they were made in Australia, be super suspicious about that. [Read more…]

New Battery Safety Guide: What’s The Crack?

battery safety guide

“Best Practice Guide: Battery Storage Equipment — Electrical Safety Requirements.” What’s In It And Who’s It For?

In July 2018 the “Best Practice Guide: Battery Storage Equipment — Electrical Safety Requirements” was published.  This was a momentous event in the history of battery safety guides and I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the news.  I was in Australia1.  Before this day there was no specific product safety guide covering lithium home batteries.  But now, in our time of need, it is here. [Read more…]


  1. Actually, I can remember exactly where I was when Harold Holt shot J.F.K. while landing on the moon in an exploding Space Shuttle.  But I’m taking pills for that now.

Budget Solar: How To Save Money While Avoiding Disaster

How to buy solar power on a budget - tips

How To Save Money On Solar Power Without Compromising Too Much On Quality

I’ve covered a lot of ground in various articles I’ve written for the SolarQuotes blog.  But one thing I’ve never delved deeply into is the fundamental nature of the human soul.  Perhaps because at some level we fear the stark dichotomy that dwells inside us.  Within every human being there is a fundamental struggle between the desire to spend big and buy nice things and the desire to cheap out and save a few bucks. [Read more…]

Victoria Solar Rebate Update — Get Your Fresh Details Here!

Victoria Solar Homes rebate update

Victoria’s Solar Rebate Update — Get Your Fresh Details Here While They’re Hot!

Victoria’s Solar Homes rebate program was announced on Sunday and this article I wrote on it was published yesterday.  Since then fresh information has come to light on the State Government’s Solar Victoria site.  This article covers what’s new including details on a $1,000 solar hot water rebate. [Read more…]

Victorian Solar Rebate Explained: Up To 50% off Solar – Starting Now

Solar Homes rebate program - Victoria

A massive new solar subsidy is now available in Victoria. Here’s how it works and how much it can save you.

Hey, Victorians!  Listen up!  If you want solar panels your state government has just made things fantastic for you.  They will now cover up to half the cost of a new solar power system. [Read more…]

Death Match: Origin Solar Flex Leasing Vs. Buying Your Own System

lease vs cash - Origin Solar Flex review

Solar power for $0 upfront sounds tempting. But is it a good deal?

This is Thunderdome.

Two methods of putting solar on your roof enter.

One method leaves.

Today’s deathmatch is between Origin Energy’s Solar Flex leasing agreement and Private Ownership! [Read more…]

Is AGL’s ‘Solar Savers’ 20c Feed-In Tariff A Good Deal?

AGL 20c Feed In Tariff - Solar Savers

AGL’s 20 cent feed-in tariff could be  a good deal for efficient homes with over 5 kilowatts of inverter capacity.

If I were to ask:

“Would you like a 20 cent feed-in tariff for the electricity your solar system sends into the grid?”

Chances are at least some of you would reply:

“A whole 20 cents?  That’s more than what I’m getting now, so yeah, baby!  Yeah!”

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