Tesla Lowers Powerwall 2 Price $2,200 In SA Virtual Power Plant Deal

Tesla Powerwall 2 SA battery deal review

If you add $2,200 to the existing $6,000 SA battery subsidy, South Australians can get an $8,200 discount on the TeslaPowerwall 2. But as always, read the small print.

On Thursday Tesla announced it will lower the price of its Powerwall 2 battery storage system by $2,200 for South Australian residents.  This will make the Powerwall 2’s minimum installed cost around $7,100.  After adjusting for the SA battery subsidy it’s now only around $1,000 more than it was at the start of 2018.  With luck we won’t have to wait too much longer for it to be back down to where it was 20 months ago. [Read more…]

Bigger Is Better — Installing Over 6 Kilowatts Of Solar Almost Always Pays

3 kW vs 6.5 kW - Solar Energy - Bigger Is Better

If you asked me how much solar you should put on your roof I would say, “As much as you can without doing something stupid like borrowing from the mafia or doubling up on solar panels by stacking them on top of each other.”  In other words, install as much as you can without making problems for yourself. [Read more…]

Canberra’s Battery Subsidy Is Up To $24,450

Solar battery rebate in Canberra

ACT has a powerful battery rebate, but only 3 battery sales companies are allowed to be part of it.

Do you live in the ACT and want the highest solar battery rebate in Australia?  Well, you can’t have it! The only way you can get that is to move your ACT arse to SA.  If you come to Adelaide be sure to bring some kangaroos with you because, unlike Canberra, we never see them hopping through the suburbs here. [Read more…]

Hyundai Solar Panels Enters Race To Top: Product Warranty Now 25 Years

Hyundai solar panels

Hyundai have increased the product warranty of their solar panels from 12 to 25 years!  O frabjous dai! Hyun! Hyai!

I have great news for anyone who wants a 25 year product warranty on their solar panels but doesn’t want to pay big bucks to get it.  On the first of this month Hyundai Energy Solutions increased their product warranty in Australia from 12 to 25 years.1

[Read more…]

Who Has The Cheapest Electricity Plans For Solar Owners?

Winner's podium showing cheapest electricity plans for 6.5kW solar owners -- Amaysim, Origin, and Energy Australia.

The cheapest electricity plans for 6.5kW solar owners (with median self-consumption) are Amaysim, Origin, and Energy Australia.

The three most populous states — and South Australia — all have electricity retailer choice.  This gives people the freedom to choose the electricity plan that’s best for them, while electricity retailers do their best to stop that from happening. [Read more…]

Incompetent Andrews Government Refuses To Admit Mistake. Would Rather Hurt Victorians.

Victorian solar rebate mess

An exclusive shot of Solar Victoria’s efficient new process for handling solar installation businesses.

Well, that’s it.  They have made their decision.  The Andrews Government in Victoria had a clear moral choice.  They could either… [Read more…]

Moody’s Economic Report On Climate Change: $100 Trillion In Economic Damage By 2100

Moody's Economic Report On Climate Change

And they are talking real dollars – not Zimbabwe dollars.

Attention, fellow capitalists!  Our god, the Moody’s rating agency, has put out a report on the economic effects of climate change and — in return for a small fee — I will tell you all about it.  Just put $50 in an envelope and mail it to me and then keep reading.  I trust you. [Read more…]

Good News! Tesla Drops Price Of Powerwall 2 By $650 — Less Than One-Quarter Previous Price Hike

Tesla Powerwall 2 price cut - Australia

Well, that makes a nice change…

This morning I woke up, checked the horse was still alive, checked the children were still alive,1 and then checked my email.  To my surprise there was one from Finn telling me the price of the Tesla Powerwall 2 had dropped. [Read more…]

SA Energy Minister — Dan Pellekaan — Says $9,300 For A Tesla Powerwall 2 Is “Very Expensive”

Dan Van Holst Pellekaan - Home Battery Forum

Does the SA Energy Minister understand battery payback?

Last month my boss, Finn, received a letter inviting him to a “Home Battery Forum” hosted by South Australia’s Minister for Energy and Mining, Daniel Cornelius van Holst Pellekaan, at the Marion RSL.  As Finn couldn’t make it and I was curious what the Dutchest of all Australian Energy Ministers had to say, I attended. [Read more…]

Charging Your EV From The Grid Is Cheaper & Greener Than Charging From A Home Battery

Charging electric car from a solar battery

Solar & EV owners: don’t stress about charging your car directly from the grid when the sun isn’t shining.

The first thing I’ll do in this article is point out it’s difficult to fit caveats into a headline.  The second thing I’ll do now I’m writing the article and have the space to explain is state there are exceptions to the two main points I am about to make, which are:

  1. It doesn’t make economic sense to charge an electric car with a home battery.
  2. Charging an electric car with a grid-connected solar-battery is worse for the environment than simply charging it from the grid.

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