Record Breaking 63% Of Electricity Demand Met By Rooftop Solar In South Australia

solar record for South Australia

South Australia’s Rooftop Solar Now Meets Over 60% Of Electricity Demand At Times

On Sunday, rooftop solar provided 60% of all South Australian electricity demand in the middle of the day.  This makes SA the most solar powered state by far and puts it well past the point where we were told solar power would destroy the grid, cause your lamb roast to cost $100, and make your cows spin backwards.  It’s a big increase from last year when the highest figure I heard was 48%.  Sunday’s percentage was so high it was off the chart.  [Read more…]

SolarQuotes’ Finn Peacock On ABC Radio’s Nightlife

Finn Peacock - SolarQuotes - ABC Nightlife

Finn Peacock, founder of SolarQuotes appeared on the ABC radio program Nightlife last night.  I’m guessing you won’t be surprised to hear he talked about rooftop solar.  I’m not saying he’s getting predictable, but I didn’t think the chances of him talking about home coal generation were very high. [Read more…]

Up To 75% Off Solar For Renters — If Victorian Labor Reelected

solar for renters in Victoria

Vic Labor promises cheap solar for renters. Smart move.

Victorian Labor has announced a scheme to put solar panels on the roofs of rental properties and allow tenants to benefit from the lower electricity bills it provides.  The catch is it relies on Labor being reelected on the 24th.  But, looking on the bright side, if the Victorian Liberals win I’m sure they’ll be willing to give your landlord a subsidy to mine brown coal under your backyard [Read more…]

Punters Surprised: Prices Publicised Show Batteries Subsidised Cost More Than Surmised

sonnen battery prices

Prices Sonnen Has Published Show Their SA Subsidised Batteries Of Any Size Ain’t Cheap!

In what could have been good news, Sonnen’s Australian website now gives prices for home battery systems bought directly from them after the South Australian battery subsidy is applied.  [Read more…]

How Virtual Power Plants Can Improve Battery Payback

Virtual Power Plants and solar battery systems

Virtual Power Plants: What Are They And Can They Make Batteries Pay?

I’m really excited to have this opportunity to tell you about Virtual Power Plants.  I’m virtually beside myself with excitement.  That’s not just a horrible joke.  I’ve actually written little bits of this post in a variety of houses and used t’internet to store each file in the cloud.  Once I’m done pasting them all together I’m sure you won’t be able to tell the difference between this and an article that was centrally generated. [Read more…]

Breaking News: Alinta Door Knocker Breaks Law

alinta energy door knockers

Shock Horror! Australian Electricity Retailer Does Dodgy Stuff!

On Friday I was sitting at home staring at a computer screen, as is my habit on beautiful spring days, when there was a knock on my door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone so I called out “Cho-to ma-te!”1 so I could pretend not to speak English if it turned out to be the police.  When I opened the door I saw it was a salesperson from the energy retailer Alinta. [Read more…]

Everything You Need To Know About The SA Battery Scheme Now It’s Up & Running

SA Home Battery Scheme subsidy update

The South Australian Battery Subsidy / Rebate / Scheme Is Now Under Way – Here’s What You Need To Know

When I first wrote about South Australia’s battery subsidy not all the details were available to me.  But now the Home Battery Scheme website is up and running I still don’t have all the details.  However — and this is the important point — I have more details than I had before.  [Read more…]

Amber Electric: Buy & Sell Your Electricity At Wholesale Prices

amber electric review

Amber Electric review: low prices and moderate solar feed-in tariff, but could be the best retailer for battery owners.

As I’m sure you’re aware, in this country we pay through the nose for grid power.  Electricity bills are so high I’m surprised the police aren’t required to random drug test them.  [Read more…]

Are Time-Of-Use Tariffs The Secret To Fast Battery Payback?

Time of Use tariffs and solar battery storage

Do batteries save money with time-of-use tariffs?

Home battery systems continue to fall in price — with an exception or two — and we are getting closer to the day when they will save a typical household money without subsidy or being part of a Virtual Power Plant.

But there is one thing that almost gets batteries to pay for themselves right now: the ridiculously expensive peak rates some time-of-use electricity tariffs charge.  But, without a subsidy, time-of-use tariffs and batteries will only save money for a few exceptional households.  [Read more…]

SonnenFlat Review: Is It A Good Deal?

sonnenFlat review

SonnenFlat — good if you already have a Sonnen battery but maybe not good enough to buy a Sonnen battery.

I think the German home energy storage company, Sonnen, must be having an exciting time in Australia at the moment: [Read more…]