How To Beat Inflation With Solar & Smart Tariff Selection

Savings with solar power in Australia

Inflation is back, and the cost of living is rising. While not as bad as headlines may claim, we’ll end up a lot poorer if inflation starts to beat wage growth consistently. [Read more…]

To Electrify Road Transport Australia Will Need 46% More Generation

Electrification of road transport in Australia

Australia has more than 20 million vehicles, including 2 million heavy trucks. To electrify them all would require an increase in on-grid electricity generation of approximately 46%. 

This size of this increase raises the question:  Is it possible for Australia to generate enough electricity to enable a rapid transition to electric road transport? [Read more…]

How Fast Can I Charge My EV At Home?

How fast is home electric vehicle charging?

How fast can I charge my electric car at home? 

The answer depends on what you plug it into.  It can also depend on which EV you have. [Read more…]

Norway Has So Many EVs Their Battery Capacity Averages 13 kWh Per Household

ev charging station in Norway

Norway has more electric cars per capita than any other nation.  They have over half a million EVs, one for every 11 people.  The combined capacity of all those rolling batteries is a whopping 34 gigawatt-hours.  [Read more…]

Federal Election ’22: Clean Energy Scorecard, The Good, The Meh, & The Ugly

Australian Federal Election 2022 - clean energy policy comparisons

The federal election is only four weeks away, so I decided to make an in depth study of the environmental policies of all major political parties and rank them from best to worst:

  • Greens
  • Labor
  • Coalition

That didn’t take long. [Read more…]

Good News! Rare Earth Elements Are Not Rare

Rare earth elements (REE), renewables and electric vehicles

Powerful permanent magnets made from Rare Earth Elements (REEs) give us cheaper, lighter and more efficient generators and motors for wind turbines and electric cars. [Read more…]

Elon Musk Holds “Cyber Rodeo” As Tesla Announce 127,785 Car Recall

Elon Musk - Tesla Cyber Rodeo

On Friday our time, Elon Musk rounded up his fans and workers in Texas and held a huge hoedown he called a Cyber Rodeo.  The get-together was to celebrate the opening of the Austin Tesla Gigafactory — the largest factory by volume in the world. [Read more…]

10% of New Cars Sold Today Are Electric. In Australia It’s 2%

Electric car sales in Australia

There are so few EVs on Australian roads, I had to badly Photoshop one onto this picture.

As I write this, approximately 1 in 10 new cars sold worldwide are electric.  But not in Australia. [Read more…]

Elon Musk Delivers Surprise “Resilience Day” Presentation

Tesla's Elon Musk - Resilience Day presentation

This morning, at 2:00 am Adelaide time, I watched Elon Musk’s “Resilience Day” announcement.  I wasn’t happy about the timing.  I had under four hours warning of the event and less than 3 hours sleep. 

But I made the sacrifice so I could tell you not only how Tesla is coping with supply chain disruptions and raw material price increases, but also how Elon Musk is working to ensure humanity’s long term survival. [Read more…]

The SolarEdge Home Battery — An Okay Battery For An Okay World

SolarEdge Home Battery review

The SolarEdge Home Battery: 9.7 kWh, DC Coupled, Optional Backup

At 4 o’clock last Thursday, SolarEdge launched their home battery with an online event. 

The next day, they held another launch for people who couldn’t make it to the first one.  I attended both and paid 55% attention each time, so I want you to know I gave this article 110%. [Read more…]