Australian Submarines May Go Nuclear But Our Power Stations Never Will

Nuclear power stations and Australia

Australia recently decided to buy nuclear-powered submarines as part of the AUKUS pact with the UK and United States. 

Assuming it goes ahead, the first sub may be ready around 2040.  But while our submarines may have nuclear reactors, our power stations never will. [Read more…]

5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Grid Connection

Staying connected to the grid with a home battery

Yes, You Can Go Off-Grid With A $10,000 Battery — But I Don’t Recommend It

If you’re sick and tired of paying a supply charge to connect your solar home to the grid, then I have good news.  You can now go off-grid with a battery system for around $10,000. 

The bad news is, I don’t recommend it at all. [Read more…]

Big Trouble For Bad Installers As Clean Energy Regulator Shows Its Teeth

Integrity Review of the Rooftop Solar PV Sector in Australia

Last week the Clean Energy Regulator held an online information session titled, “Update on the Integrity Review of the Rooftop Solar PV Sector.”  It outlined major changes aimed at kicking crap solar installers out of the industry. [Read more…]

Biden Wants US To Go 40% Solar By 2035

USA solar power goal

You may have noticed the US President is looking less orange these days.  Now that “sleepy” Joe Biden is in the White House’s egg-shaped office, American climate change policy is moving in the right direction. [Read more…]

States With The Most Renewables Have The Cheapest Wholesale Electricity

Renewable energy in Australia and wholesale electricity prices

Wholesale electricity spot prices in the two Australian states with the most renewable energy generation — South Australia and Tasmania — are the lowest in the nation and have been for years.  This is good news for anyone who prefers clean energy over dirty. That is everyone who isn’t evil, an idiot, or both. [Read more…]

How My Friend Frank Used SolarQuotes To Buy Solar

Solar quoting case study

My friend Frank was considering putting solar panels on his roof, so — knowing I’m a solar guru — he asked me what he should do.  I told him to use the SolarQuotes site and — if it was okay with him — I’d write about his experience.  He said that was fine provided I didn’t make any horrible puns and we shook hands on it.  This was a little painful because I had my fingers crossed at the time. [Read more…]

The Huawei Luna2000 Battery Review: Tantalisingly Close To Paying For Itself

Huawei Luna2000 Battery Review

Introducing The Huawei Luna2000 Battery — A Home Battery That May Pay In WA

Huawei is the world’s largest inverter manufacturer and has been selling residential solar inverters in Australia for years.  They’re now offering home energy storage with the launch of their Luna 2000 battery in May. [Read more…]

Air Conditioners Will Heat Your Home Cheaper Than Gas. Here’s Why.

Reverse cycle air conditioner vs gas heating

The best way to heat your home is with a reverse cycle air conditioner.  This is true whether your goal is to save money or save the planet.  In this article, I’ll explain no matter how crap your air conditioner is, you’re likely to be financially better off using it for heat instead of gas. [Read more…]

How Time Of Use Tariffs Can Boost Your Solar Battery Savings

Solar batteries and time-of-use electricity tariffs

I’ve been given a mission.  It’s to determine how much money a home can save using a battery with a time-of-use tariff in every Australian capital.  

This isn’t easy to do. [Read more…]

ACT Sustainable Household Scheme: 0% Loans With Batshit Crazy Small Print

Canberra Sustainable Household Scheme

The ACT’s Sustainable Household Scheme will soon be in full operation.  It makes zero-interest, zero-fee loans available to households for rooftop solar, batteries, electric car chargers and energy efficiency measures such as replacing gas appliances.  In the future, it will be available for new and used electric vehicles. [Read more…]