HOEM Device Converts V2L Cars To V2H – For Under $1,000

Many Australians are having an epiphany: electric vehicles are big batteries on wheels that could, in theory, be used to power our homes using a V2H (Vehicle to Home) system. [Read more…]

Why Faster Home EV Charging Gives Better Returns

EV charging on 3 phase

Charging at 16A on 3-phase = 11 kW charging rate.

Solar power systems have been saving us money for years, but what about saving some for later? With large solar arrays on houses becoming the norm, finding places to store all the goodness is becoming more important. Faster EV charging is an excellent place to start. [Read more…]

Best EV Chargers 2024: According To Australian Installers

What are the best home EV chargers in 2024 in Australia?

I tapped into the collective wisdom of installers in the SolarQuotes network to find out. [Read more…]

Queensland Finally Allows Faster EV Charging With Solar

Ergon and Energex have rewritten their rules on EV charging in Queensland, so properties running on a single-phase supply can now charge ahead at a full 7kW capacity.
[Read more…]

City Living With An EV: Charging Solutions for Those Without Driveways

Power to the pavement

Living in the city makes it hard for electric car owners without off-street parking. It’s tough to find a place to charge, dissuading many inner city dwellers from buying electric cars.
[Read more…]

How To Stop Your EV Draining Your Home Battery

Guide to preventing an EV from draining a home battery system

I think AI is going to design my next house.

Don’t want to waste the energy in your home battery charging your electric car? You’re not alone. Discover a straightforward wiring tweak that fixes this—no fancy gear needed. [Read more…]

Why Your EV Charger Matters More Than You Think

Electric vehicle charger selection matters

I recently answered a query from an excited soon-to-be EV driver looking to set themselves up with the necessary gear for electric car charging. [Read more…]

Why Network Capacity Will Make or Break Your EV Charger Plans

Home EV chargers and network capacity

With the electric vehicle revolution kicking into gear, it’s time to talk about why getting your energy infrastructure sorted sooner rather than later is a smart move. [Read more…]

Should You Install An Industrial Socket For Home EV Charging?

EV charging and electrical sockets

Standard Australian socket and plug for 32 amps 400 volts 3 phase power.

TL;DR: Hell, yes.

In Australia, the wall socket pictured above is your go-to option for a 3-phase electricity supply, while this one is for single-phase: [Read more…]

3 Million EVs, 22.46 Gigawatts: A Sober Look at Australia’s V2G Future

a v2g utopia

Many clued-up Australians dream of their electric car not only taking them places but powering their home and even the grid.

Keep reading, and you’ll discover how Vehicle-to-Grid technology (V2G) could outdo Australia’s entire coal fleet in terms of power delivered (kW) but not energy (kWh) and what that means for our future energy mix.

[Read more…]

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