Catch Solar Relay in 2024: The Swiss Army Knife Of Solar

catch solar relay

I’ve been a fan of the Aussie-developed Catch Solar Relay since it was first released in late 2020. [Read more…]

Maverick Victorian Microgrid Breaks All the Rules (and Sometimes Itself)

How to make (and break) a microgrid

The future of energy is local, modular, and thrill-seeking – meet the microgrid, the little grid with big dreams of transforming how your appliances are powered and how your community copes with extreme weather. [Read more…]

Cybertruck’s Powershare: Single-Vendor Ecosystems For The Win?

Solar brand product ecosystem

Let’s face it: The number of different solar-related products out there is mind-boggling to the average consumer. There’s a myriad of solar panels, inverters, batteries, EV chargers, and assorted smart energy devices. [Read more…]

How To Achieve Next Level Solar Monitoring With 3D Mapping + Solcast

3D solar guru solar monitoring

What do you get if you put a 3D mapping expert, a coder, an incurable data nerd, and a proud owner of a one-year-old rooftop solar power system in the same room? [Read more…]

10 Aussie Companies Using AI To Transform The Solar Industry

AI in solar

Artificial intelligence are words that scream equal parts of fear and curiosity to many people. Like it or loathe it, AI has been stealthily integrating itself into our daily lives for a few years now and is here to stay. [Read more…]

Outsmarting Solar Connection Limits With Semi-Off-Grid Appliances

Maximizing solar production without exceeding limits

Network-imposed solar system size limits can sometimes squash our dreams of tiny bills, but Glen from Perth has discovered a game-changing solution. [Read more…]

There’s No Room for Nostalgia With Australia’s Energy Future

solar blueprint

Sometimes moderating the comments section is trying. Some trolls get quietly and politely under your skin, and the best way to save yourself from a satisfying expletive-laden rant (that may get you sacked) is a measured blog post to explain the situation. [Read more…]

Allume SolShare Makes It Easier For Stratas To Go Solar

Solar on apartments - Allume Energy Solshare review

Putting solar panels on a Strata property is often tricky. There can be technical challenges with the design and installation, not to mention the political challenges of dealing with multiple owners and a shared roof.

Making solar power easy for people in multiple occupancy buildings is a tough nut to crack.  Some good news is Allume Energy appears to have developed a powerful nutcracker in its SolShare system that distributes energy from one large solar system to multiple users in a building. [Read more…]

Should You Get Solar Tiles Instead Of Solar Panels?

Tesla solar roof tiles

A Tesla Solar Roof. Image: Tesla

I recently attended the 2022 All Energy Australia conference in Melbourne.  There was a lot on display, including some Building Integrated PV (BIPV) I hadn’t seen before.

[Read more…]

Revealed: The Pioneers Of Australian Solar Energy

Australian solar energy pioneers

This article celebrates some of the events and people who pioneered the modern solar energy revolution in Australia over the past 80 years. Without these pioneers, Australia would not be the world leader in residential solar that it is today. [Read more…]

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