Landlord Energy — Providing Solar For Commercial Tenants

Landlord Energy - Commercial Solar

If you are a business owner there’s an excellent chance you’re not happy with cost of grid electricity and would love to lower your bills with rooftop solar.  Unfortunately, there’s also an excellent chance you rent your business premises and so don’t have much of an incentive to install solar. After all you can’t take it with you when you leave. [Read more…]

Solar To Help Power Queensland Hospital Linen Services

Group Linen Services - Commercial Solar

Wide Bay Group Linen Service’s Maryborough Facility | Image via Bruce Saunders MP/Facebook

One of the largest linen service providers in Australia is to have solar panels installed on its facilities in order to cut electricity costs and emissions. [Read more…]

Adelaide’s CBD Could Host More Than Half A Million Solar Panels

Centrepoint Building with solar

Image: Spatial Analysis of Solar Potential in Adelaide

Analysis released yesterday by the Australian PV Institute indicates Adelaide’s CBD could support 129MW of solar panels on the rooftops of its buildings. [Read more…]

“Slender Roofs” Not Just An Issue For Commercial Solar

Rooftop solar panels

Australian commercial rooftops are reportedly increasingly being built without the strength to bear solar panels – is this happening with new houses too? [Read more…]

Sydney Markets Now Boasts 3MW+ Of Solar Power

Sydney Markets solar power system

Image: Sydney Markets

Sydney Markets today officially switched on a huge addition to its previously existing solar capacity and has laid claim to having Australia’s biggest private sector rooftop solar power system at a single site. [Read more…]

SunPower Panels Power 4.4MW Campbell Soup Solar Project

Campbell's Soup - Solar Energy

Campbell Soup Company announced yesterday a 4.4-megawatt solar power project at the company’s World Headquarters in Camden, New Jersey is officially online. [Read more…]

Castlemaine’s Historic Market Building Going Solar

Market Building - Solar Energy

Image: Mount Alexander Shire Council

Old meets new – the Market Building in Castlemaine will have solar panels installed this month, with the blessing of Heritage Victoria.

[Read more…]

Installation Of Australian Shopping Centre’s Monster Solar Project Begins

Stockland solar panels installation

Image: Stockland Green Hills

Installation work on a huge commercial solar power system has commenced at Stockland Green Hills in New South Wales – and electric vehicle chargers are also on their way. [Read more…]

Ronald’s Hints, Tips, And Tricks For Commercial Solar

commercial solar tips

Here at SolarQuotes we’ve put together a resource on commercial solar power called:

Solar For Your Business ‘101’:  A Beginner’s Guide

If you have a business but no solar panels, it’s made for you.  Or if you work at a business without solar and want some cred for suggesting a money saving idea you may want to run your eyeballs over it for that reason.  It’s full of solid advice and I highly recommend it.  The only way I could recommend it more is if I wrote it myself.  And I didn’t do that because I actually had no involvement with it at all. [Read more…]

Installing Solar Panels On A Flat Roof — All The Angles Covered

flat roof solar panels

Beautifully installed frameless solar panels on an almost flat (3º N) roof. Photo credit: Gippsland Solar

If you are checking out this article because you are planning to put solar panels on a flat roof, then odds are you’re looking to install a commercial solar system.  While there are homes with flat roofs, they’re not nearly as common as flat business roofs.  But whether it’s for a home or a business the basic principles of installing on a flat roof are the same.  It’s just that commercial systems tend to be a lot larger. [Read more…]