Small Business Commercial Solar With A 3 Year Payback – A Real World Case Study

Small scale commercial solar

Can commercial solar power for small business really slash overheads and pay for itself in 3 years? A real-world example.

A few days ago I wrote an article on commercial solar for small businesses but I was worried it may have been a little abstract.  I mentioned this to Finn, my boss1, and he said people might:

  • not believe that they can get a 3 year payback on a small business solar system – it seems too good to be true
  • appreciate something a little more hands on

.. and suggested I do a case study. [Read more…]

Commercial Solar For Small Businesses Can Pay Back In Under 3 Years

commercial solar power system

Don’t let soaring power bills kill your business – commercial solar can slash your bills.

Business is a kind of miracle where humans put aside their natural desire to screech and fling stuff at each other to work together to achieve common goals.  And the most common goal among businesses that are still in business is making money.  Unfortunately, focusing on this has led to some undesirable consequences such melting the icecaps.

If our civilization wants to continue as an ongoing concern then we need to make money in a way that doesn’t damage the environment.  Fortunately, I know something that can help business both make money and protect the environment and that something is commercial rooftop solar power. [Read more…]

More Solar Power For Club Mulwala

Club Mulwala - solar power

A new solar energy project at Club Mulwala in the Riverina region of New South Wales will mean lower electricity bills for the club and cooler customers. [Read more…]

Solar Power To Feature In Victorian Turkey Farm Expansion

Solar energy in the Australian poultry industry

Image – foreground – OpenClipart-Vectors | background: eliseocabrera

Leadoux Turkeys in Bairnsdale is relocating and expanding its free-range production and processing venture, part of which will include installing a solar power system. [Read more…]

Building Upgrade Finance To Support Commercial Solar In SA

Commercial solar power - building upgrade finance

Removing barriers to commercial solar uptake in South Australia | Image: Roofjockey, CC BY-SA 4.0

New regulations now in effect in South Australia could help boost the number of solar power systems installed on tenanted commercial buildings throughout the state.

[Read more…]