An Apology To USG Solar Panels

use panel and aliens guy

Whatever you do, never expose a USG Universal Solar Panel to light.

I would like to humbly apologize to USG solar panels, or to give them their full name, Universal Solar Group. [Read more…]

REC Launches TwinPeak 2S 72 Series Solar Panels

REC TwinPeak 2S 72 Series solar modules

REC is half cut again – TwinPeak 2S 72 Series

Touted as the “highest power 72-cell multicrystalline solar panel in the world”, REC has announced the start of production of its TwinPeak 2S 72 Series modules.

[Read more…]

Don’t Buy Second Hand Solar For Your Home

second hand solar shop

You’ll Pay A High Price For Second Hand Solar Equipment

“Psssssst!  Wanna buy some slightly used solar panels?  They fell off the back of a truck.  Or possibly off the back of a roof.  Maybe they even fell off the back of a roof of a truck.  We just don’t know.  But what I do know is they are tier one panels in great condition – they didn’t fall far – and they’re cheap, so if you are looking to install rooftop solar you’d be a fool not to buy them, right?”

Wrong. [Read more…]

Scheme To Donate Solar To The Sydney Opera House Is A Boondoggle

sydney opera house

Sydney Opera House In Sustainability Scam Shocker! Photo Credit: Finn

This morning the Australian Financial Review reported on how the Sydney Opera House and Energy Australia, and apparently even the CSIRO, are teaming up to create a solar energy trading scheme that, on the face of it, is completely useless.  But, once you think it through, it clearly makes the world a worse place. [Read more…]

Tindo Solar, Australia’s Only Solar Panel Manufacturer, Bought By SA’s Cool or Cosy

tindo solar

Tindo Solar is now owned by SA company ‘Cool or Cosy’.

Tindo Solar, Australia’s only manufacturer of Solar panels has been bought by South Australia’s insulation, solar installation, and energy efficiency company Cool or Cosy.

The deal was announced on… Well actually, it hasn’t been announced yet1.  But since I’m from Queensland, obviously I know Julian Assange, so you can trust me to know all the secrets. [Read more…]


  1. apart from in the Adelaide Advertiser yesterday – but that’s behind a paywall – so doesn’t count

OneSolar Review. One Word: Avoid

one solar solar panels

OneSolar make a lot a lot of claims on their website that just don’t stack up.

When it comes to choosing solar panels and inverters, we recommend sticking to well known brands.

Over the years we’ve seen lots of obscure panel brands hit Australian shores, often with slick websites, and almost always with dubious claims of being ‘engineered’ in anywhere-but-China.

Our experience is that the quality of these mysterious brands is often poor, and if they fail a few years down the line it can be very hard to find the company that originally imported or manufactured them. [Read more…]

An Apology To Australian Premium Solar

Sorry can be the hardest word.

I am writing this article to apologize to Australian Premium Solar, also known as APS.

On the 20th of January this year I wrote an article entitled, “Australian Premium Solar Turn A 30 Year Warranty Into A One Year Warranty.”

In the article I did the following:

  • I described the APS warranty as “horrible”.
  • I said that unnecessary and expensive inspections are required to maintain the APS warranty.
  • I advised people not to use APS panels.

I of course apologize for none of that, as I still believe it all to be true. [Read more…]

Australian Premium Solar Turn A 30 Year Warranty Into A One Year Warranty

ASP Australian Premium Solar

Australian Premium Solar. Not made in Australia and not Premium. (Screenshot from now-deleted APS Youtube video: Caution-tape is mine)

Australian Premium Solar is a company that sells solar panels with a warranty that is truly exceptional and sets them apart from all other panels on the market. [Read more…]

Happy Christmas From The Crew At SolarQuotes

santa and tesla sleigh

Look what Santa got for Christmas.

From all of us here at SolarQuotes® : John, Rob, Jono, Ronald, Claudio, Chantel, Margherita, Bec and Finn, have a great Christmas under your LED and solar powered Christmas lights.

See you next week, with a turkey sandwich and a post rounding up what happened in Australian Solar Land in 2016.



Solar Rebate Ending?


Have you heard the news?  The solar rebate is ending!  It’s all over the internet.  Or at least all over the parts of the internet that run ads from shonky solar companies.  According to them, if you don’t rush out right now to get rooftop solar installed before the first of January you’ll end up paying a fortune for it!  If you don’t buy now, the price of a typical 5 kilowatt rooftop solar system will rise by…

…just a second… let me work it out…

Around $263 which is about a 4% increase. [Read more…]

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