SolarWorld AG Is Dead — Long Live SolarWorld Industries GmbH

solarworld phoenix

SolarWorld Descended From Celestial Heights Into A World Of Pain But Rises Anew Like A Phoenix From The Ashes

Those of you who have German made SolarWorld panels on your roofs or are thinking of getting some, may be wondering about what’s happened with the company since they filed for bankruptcy in May this year.

Well, SolarWorld AG, consisting of SolarWorld in Europe and its shares in subsidiaries in Africa and Asia — but not the United States — is no more.  It went bankrupt and was bought out by a group of investors and brought back from the dead as SolarWorld Industries GmbH. [Read more…]

Longi Solar Arrive In Australia. Tier 1 Panels With Impressive Performance Warranty

longi solar panels

Quite Possibly The Largest Monosilicon Solar Panel Producer In The World…

Longi Solar is a Chinese company that has accumulated solar panel production capacity at a prodigious pace.

Also, they’ve grown really fast. [Read more…]

Clean Energy Council Sounds Warning On Solar Panel Quality

solar alarm

CEC are concerned with the reliability of solar panels entering Australia, and are taking steps to address it.

On Thursday I attended the All Energy Conference and saw a presentation by Sandy Pulsford of the Clean Energy Council on solar panel quality.  The gloomy skies above Melbourne that day well matched the bad news he gave about the quality of some solar panels in Australia. [Read more…]

Door-To-Door Solar Sales: Know Your Rights

Door to door solar salesman

Door to door solar salespeople are common in Australia. Here’s what you need to know if you are approached.

If you own an unshaded roof in Australia, filling your roof with solar is probably the best investment you can make. That sounds like a smarmy sales pitch, but the numbers are there for everyone to see.

Yet over 75% of Australian roofs still don’t have panels.

So how can the solar industry get the message out to non-solar homeowners that they really need to at least run the numbers on getting panels installed?

[Read more…]

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need To Charge An Electric Car?

dude charging his car with solar

If you are thinking of buying an electric car and have solar then you need to read this.

I recently wrote about how an electric car revolution is coming thanks to declining battery costs and rising environmental concern.  I made a promise in that article I would soon write about charging electric cars with rooftop solar and soon is now.  Or at least it soon will be. [Read more…]

SunPower P-Series Panels Now Available In Australia

sunpower p-series panel

SunPower Performance Series solar panel, or P-Series for short, are now available in Australia.  These attractive panels aren’t available in a wide range of colours and are a lower efficiency but cheaper alternative to SunPower’s E-Series and X-Series panels.  While sold overseas for more than a year, they’ve only been available Down Under for a few months and they’ve been on the down low, as their arrival was devoid of fanfare. [Read more…]

The Solar Spectrum And Why “UV Solar Panels” Are A Con Job

rainbow power company

We are getting reports of people paying through the nose for 5kW of “UV Solar Panels” from fast talking salespeople. Paying more for “UV Panels” is about as sensible as buying rainbow powered panels from a leprechaun.

The sun is a very large, naturally occurring, fusion reactor in the sky.

It constantly releases a vast amount of energy.  Even by the standards of sky fusion reactors it’s pretty powerful and outshines at least 90% of the stars out there. [Read more…]

Solar Panel Torture Testing: Jinko & Trina Do Well

DNV-GL reliability scorecard

Now you know what the those DNV-GL engineers *really* get up to in their secret European HQ…

DNV-GL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report for 2017 is out1 and gives some fascinating results.  You can follow that long link in the previous sentence to download your own copy of the report, but for your benefit, I’ve included my own unique analysis below, where I will give my interpretation of the results in 2,000 words or less.

Or possibly more.  I’ve only just started writing so don’t really know just how many words I’ll require, but if it looks like I’ll go over my self imposed limit I can just leaveoutsomespaces, so it’s not really a problem. [Read more…]


  1. Actually, it’s been out for a couple of months, but as I spent most of June honing my sleeping skills I’m only writing about it now.

What is a PERC Solar Panel?

perc solar panel

34 years after it was invented ‘PERC’ is now a big deal in solar panel technology. But what the hell is it?

Solar panel manufacturers crave efficiency.  I’m not talking about the labour efficiencies they receive from building new production lines that are robot-heavy and people-light, although they like those too. [Read more…]

Chinese Company ‘Tesla New Energy’ Steals Tesla’s Name And Logo


The ‘Tesla New Energy’ website yesterday.

Many people are aware Tesla is planning to produce solar tiles, but not so many know the company is also has plans to sell conventional solar panels.  According to one report, Tesla is going to follow the novel approach of producing them inside a buffalo in New York.  Production is scheduled to begin within two months and the panels will only be available from Tesla.

The panels are not featured on Tesla’s Australian site and I currently have no information on when or if they will be available here.  But if you do enough searching on the internet or, more likely, receive some spam from them as I did, you may think you can order some of these panels from the Tesla New Energy factory in China. [Read more…]