Large 72 Cell Solar Panels Can Go On Home Roofs But Beware Of Shoddy Installers

72 cell vs 60 cell solar panel - size

Large 72 Cell Solar Panels Can Go On Home Roofs But They Must Be Clamped Correctly

This article is about big solar panels.  Bigger than the standard sized 60 cell panels commonly installed on residential roofs.  Those are only around 1m by 1.65m.  I’m talking about larger ones with 72 cells that are about 1m by 2m.  These larger panels are mostly used for commercial installations and solar farms, but they can be used on household roofs provided they are installed properly.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. [Read more…]

The Best Tilt For Solar Panels By Australian Capital: It’s Not Equal To Latitude

best solar panel tilt angles

This article is about the best angle to tilt solar panels for the maximum possible energy yield over a year.  It’s a common belief that panel tilt from horizontal should equal a location’s latitude, but this is not quite correct. [Read more…]

Pmax And NOCT: How Solar Panels Perform In The Heat

Pmax And NOCT - solar panels

Solar panel output reduces (slightly) as the temperature rises.

It’s an unfortunate fact the hotter it gets the worse solar panels perform.  As fossil fuel generators can suffer even greater efficiency loss due to heat, this is nothing to get all steamed up about.  But it’s still not a good thing.  [Read more…]

PERC Solar Panels And LeTID — Cause For Concern But Not Panic

PERC solar panels - Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID)

Solar panel manufacturers are always on the lookout for low cost improvements they can make to get an edge over the competition.  Or rather, stay in competition, as they are involved in a Red Queen Race1 where they have to run as fast as they can just to stay where they are. [Read more…]

Solar Panel Direction: North Doesn’t Always Give Most Energy

solar panel direction

Optimal Orientation For Solar Panels In Australian Capitals: Directly North Isn’t Always Best

It is generally accepted the best direction to face solar panels to get the maximum possible output is directly north.  While this is not a bad direction, it is often possible to get a very small boost by having them face slightly away from due north.  Usually facing them a little to the east will improve output, but in some locations a small nudge to the west is best. [Read more…]

Hyundai Solar Panels: What’s The Hyundai Name Worth?

hyundai solar panels review

Hyundai Panels: Driving A Good Bargain?

After a 7 year absence Hyundai solar panels became available again in Australia around 10 months ago.  Michael wrote about their return last year and in this article I’ll let you know what I’ve found out about them. [Read more…]

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre: Which Panels Are Winning In 2019?

Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre Puts Panels Through Their Paces: SunPower, Winaico, Q-CELLS, & Tindo Do Well

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre isn’t just a mouthful, it’s also where they test a range of solar panels and display their performance on the internet for everyone to see. [Read more…]

What The Hell Are ZNShine Solar Panels?

ZNshine solar panels

ZNShine Solar Panels:  Low Cost & Tier One But No Australian Office

If you want the dirt on ZNShine panels I’ve got some bad news for you.  According to ZNShine Solar, dirt just slides right off their new graphene coated panels when it rains.  [Read more…]

Check Your Solar Is Working Properly – With This Simple & Accurate New Tool

Solcast solar power system performance tool

Solcast Has A New Free Tool For Rooftop Solar Owners


TLDR: The tool is here

Hey SolarQuotes crowd! Remember me? I’m the bloke who made you all sign up for the Solcast API service in order to check in on the performance of your home solar PV system.  [Read more…]

Tongwei Solar: The Biggest Solar Company You’ve Never Heard Of

tongwei solar cell factory

Who The Hell Are Tongwei Solar?  The Good, The Bad, And The Weird.

Tongwei Solar is not well known in Australia.  While it’s possible goldfish fans are aware Tongwei Group is the world’s largest producer of fish food, their solar subsidiary is very low key.  This is despite it being one of the world’s largest producers of solar cells (if not the largest) with a production capacity of 12 gigawatts.  [Read more…]