Installing Solar Panels On A Flat Roof — All The Angles Covered

flat roof solar panels

Beautifully installed frameless solar panels on an almost flat (3º N) roof. Photo credit: Gippsland Solar

If you are checking out this article because you are planning to put solar panels on a flat roof, then odds are you’re looking to install a commercial solar system.  While there are homes with flat roofs, they’re not nearly as common as flat business roofs.  But whether it’s for a home or a business the basic principles of installing on a flat roof are the same.  It’s just that commercial systems tend to be a lot larger. [Read more…]

Small Business Commercial Solar With A 3 Year Payback – A Real World Case Study

Small scale commercial solar

Can commercial solar power for small business really slash overheads and pay for itself in 3 years? A real-world example.

A few days ago I wrote an article on commercial solar for small businesses but I was worried it may have been a little abstract.  I mentioned this to Finn, my boss1, and he said people might:

  • not believe that they can get a 3 year payback on a small business solar system – it seems too good to be true
  • appreciate something a little more hands on

.. and suggested I do a case study. [Read more…]


  1. He’s only fired me twice so far, so I’m doing quite well as these things go.  Once for misusing an apostrophe and I don’t know what he sacked me for the second time because I was too drunk to remember.

Commercial Solar For Small Businesses Can Pay Back In Under 3 Years

commercial solar power system

Don’t let soaring power bills kill your business – commercial solar can slash your bills.

Business is a kind of miracle where humans put aside their natural desire to screech and fling stuff at each other to work together to achieve common goals.  And the most common goal among businesses that are still in business is making money.  Unfortunately, focusing on this has led to some undesirable consequences such melting the icecaps.

If our civilization wants to continue as an ongoing concern then we need to make money in a way that doesn’t damage the environment.  Fortunately, I know something that can help business both make money and protect the environment and that something is commercial rooftop solar power. [Read more…]

Black Max Solar Panels Review: Beware Conflicting Warranty Claims

What the hell is a Black Max solar panel?

I recently wrote an article on black solar panels and included pictures of sexy black ones from SunPower and LG Solar.  What I didn’t do was mention Seraphim Black Max panels.  This is something I probably should have done, as we have received some inquiries about ‘Blackmax panels’.

Fortunately I wasn’t asked directly because all I could have said about them a few days ago was, “They are black solar panels made by Seraphim that are called Max.” [Read more…]

Black Solar Panels: Is Lower Efficiency Worth The Sexy?

black solar panels

Black solar panels in Alice Springs. Black frame, black cells, black backsheet. Photo Credit: Finn

Black Solar Panels Are Hot!  This Reduces Efficiency.

I want you to think about someone you know who has rooftop solar.  It doesn’t matter who.  It could be a friend, a relative, or that handsome bearded man you’ve been stalking for months — it doesn’t matter.  I want you to think about where they live.  Picture their home in your mind’s eye and then answer these two questions: [Read more…]

The Solar Panel Warranty Paradox

solar panel warranty paradox

Presenting “Ronald’s Solar Panel Warranty Paradox™ “. Or what happens when you spend too much time thinking about solar panels and not enough time playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Why Solar Panel Warranties Are Less Important Than You May Think

I’ve written one or two blog articles over the years and if you’ve happen to have seen them, you may have noticed I have a thing about solar panel warranties.  Specifically, I like ’em long.  The longer the better.  It’s a little peccadillo of mine.  Because of my predilection for impressive warranties you could, quite understandably, reach the erroneous conclusion that I think a good solar panel warranty is a valuable thing for a household to have.  But this is not the case. I think for all practical purposes most solar panel warranties will be almost worthless. [Read more…]

Flex Solar Panels Review: Now Available In Australia – But Beware Outrageous Prices

panels and pile of cash

Flex Solar Panels: Beware of door knockers selling them for silly money.

Flex solar panels are now sold in Australia and there is one thing I want to be very clear about.  Despite their name, you should not flex these panels.  They are not the flexible sort you might put on the roof of your caravan or, at a suitable level of insanity, your cat.  They are the normal sort that go on top of homes and if you flex them too much they will splinter and break.  [Read more…]

Is Electromagnetic Radiation From Rooftop Solar Dangerous?

EMF warning sign

Will Electromagnetic Radiation From Solar Panels And Inverters Frizz Your Heir?

All electrical and electronic device create electromagnetic fields or EMF around them when used and also emit electromagnetic radiation or EMR.  This includes solar panels and solar inverters.  So is it possible for the electromagnetic fields or radiation from your rooftop solar system to harm you or your family?

Normally these type of questions have two answers — a short one and a long one.  But today I’ll give you two short answers and then a long one. [Read more…]

SolarWorld AG Is Dead — Long Live SolarWorld Industries GmbH

solarworld phoenix

SolarWorld Descended From Celestial Heights Into A World Of Pain But Rises Anew Like A Phoenix From The Ashes

Those of you who have German made SolarWorld panels on your roofs or are thinking of getting some, may be wondering about what’s happened with the company since they filed for bankruptcy in May this year.

Well, SolarWorld AG, consisting of SolarWorld in Europe and its shares in subsidiaries in Africa and Asia — but not the United States — is no more.  It went bankrupt and was bought out by a group of investors and brought back from the dead as SolarWorld Industries GmbH. [Read more…]

Longi Solar Arrive In Australia. Tier 1 Panels With Impressive Performance Warranty

longi solar panels

Quite Possibly The Largest Monosilicon Solar Panel Producer In The World…

Longi Solar is a Chinese company that has accumulated solar panel production capacity at a prodigious pace.

Also, they’ve grown really fast. [Read more…]