Tindo Solar Claim Spectacular Reliability: 3 Failures From 240,000 Sold

tindo solar panels

Lots Of Good News About Tindo Solar – Including An Annual Failure Rate As Low As 1 In 200,000 Panels

If you are in the market for some Australian made solar panels then I have great news for you.  It involves Tindo Solar as they are the only Australian manufacturer of panels.  If someone selling any other brand of panels says or suggests they were made in Australia, be super suspicious about that. [Read more…]

Budget Solar: How To Save Money While Avoiding Disaster

How to buy solar power on a budget - tips

How To Save Money On Solar Power Without Compromising Too Much On Quality

I’ve covered a lot of ground in various articles I’ve written for the SolarQuotes blog.  But one thing I’ve never delved deeply into is the fundamental nature of the human soul.  Perhaps because at some level we fear the stark dichotomy that dwells inside us.  Within every human being there is a fundamental struggle between the desire to spend big and buy nice things and the desire to cheap out and save a few bucks. [Read more…]

Solar Panel Performance Warranties Are Still Crap But Getting Better

crap solar panel warranties

I’ve already written about how incredibly awful solar panel performance warranties are, but I’m writing about them again because they are so bad I could write for days on the topic and still have a big sack full of snide remarks left over. However, despite my massive sack, I have to admit that warranties are improving.  And not just performance warranties, which are currently for 25 or 30 years, but also the more useful product warranties that are mostly for 10 years.

[Read more…]

Bad News: Your Solar Panel Performance Warranty Is Probably Crap

Solar panel performance warranties are crap

I’ve actually read the solar panel warranties for most of the major solar panel brands. They are almost universally full of crap clauses. Thankfully you are protected by Australian Consumer Law no matter what the warranty says.

SALESMAN:  Hi everybody!  I’m Ronald Brakels and have I got a deal for you!  Right now, for a limited time only, I am selling Brakels LED lights.  And let me tell you, they’re the best.  We have all the best LEDs here at Brakels Incorporated.  If you install these LED lights you will cut your electricity use, protect the environment, and reduce your electricity bills.  And what’s more, we have such faith in Brakels LED lights, they come with a 25 year performance warranty.  Buy a pack of 10 today!  Don’t Delay!

LITTLE OLD LADY:  Excuse me young man, but I bought 10 of your LEDs and 2 of them have stopped working.  I’d like them replaced under their 25 year warranty.

SALESMAN:  I’d like to help you, I really would, but it’s a 25 year performance warranty and bulbs that don’t work at all have no performance and so aren’t covered. [Read more…]

DNV-GL’s 2018 Scorecard Results — Longi, REC, & Suntech Only Residential Solar Panels To Pass All Tests

DNV-GL solar panel reliability scorecard 2018

Those nice people at DNV-GL have done another year’s worth of panel torture testing. Here is a summary of the results.

Over the past 4 years the Norwegian company, DNV-GL, has performed annual tests on solar panels and released a report on their performance.  Their latest one, the 2018 PV Module Reliability Scorecard is now available.  The good news is solar panel reliability looks as though it is continuing to improve.  If you buy now you are more likely than ever to get panels that will last for decades without failing and with only minimal deterioration in output. [Read more…]

How Norwegian are REC Solar Panels? And Does It Matter?

REC solar panels

Some people are getting their knickers in a twist over whether REC solar panels are European or Asian.

I’ve had a request to clear up the question of whether REC is a European or Asian company. The confusion arises because although the company was founded in Norway and has its headquarters there, it manufactures REC solar panels in Singapore and is owned by a Chinese corporation.

I have looked into this topic exhaustively and I can state the answer to the question of whether REC is European or Asian is — Yes.

Yes — it is European or Asian. [Read more…]

Solar Panel Optimisation: Micro inverters, DC Optimisers, AC Solar Panels & Maxim Explained.

Solar panel optimisation

Solar Panel Optimisation is an extra feature you can pay for when buying solar that optimises the power output from each panel independently. [Read more…]

Half Cut Solar Panels: Higher Efficiency & Better Shade Tolerance

half-cut panel and installer

Don’t let a half-cut solar installer install your half-cut solar panels.

Silicon solar cells of the type now used for almost every residential solar installation in Australia have been around for a long time.  They are 64 years old.  This makes them same age as nuclear power generation.  They’ve come a long way since they were first made at Bell Labs in the United States.  Originally they were only able to convert around 6% of the energy in sunlight into electrical energy but now the most efficient solar panels on the market manage 22%.

Unfortunately, the days of large improvements in efficiency have long been over.  Now we only see small incremental improvements and one of these in use that will be much more common in the future are panels that use half cut solar cells. [Read more…]

LG Solar’s Product Warranty Now 25 Years For All Panels

LG solar panel warranty

It’s only two months now since I wrote an article telling everyone in the world the product warranty for LG Solar’s NeON 2 panel was being extended from 12 years to 15.  But if you were looking forward to to getting some NeON 2 solar panels and enjoying that sweet 15 year warranty, I’m afraid you’re out of luck because it’s no longer available.  Instead you’ll just have to enjoy a massive 25 year product warranty as it has been extended by another 10 years. [Read more…]

Jinko Maxim Panels With Cell String Optimization Will Not Be Sold In Australia

Jinko Maxim Solar Panels not coming to Australia

Bad news for fans of cheap panel level optimisation. Jinko MX solar panels are not coming to Australia.

Last Tuesday I went to Sydney to attend the Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition.  I learned many things, one being that Jinko Maxim panels that use use cell string optimization — described in  this article — will not be sold in Australia because they were unable to stop them interfering with television reception. [Read more…]