Why Your Solar Panels Need Bypass Diodes

bypass diodes explained

Solar panel bypass diodes – those unassuming little electronic components quietly working in the background of your solar panels. What are they, why are they there, and do we really need them? [Read more…]

The Best Solar Panels In 2024: According To Aussie Installers

It’s that time of the year again when I reveal the results of our annual Installers’ Choice Awards for Best Solar Panels in 2024. [Read more…]

Hanwha QCELLS To Exit Australia

qcells solar panels on an australian roof

QCELLS solar panels installed in Australia

In a significant development for the Australian solar market, solar panel and battery importer, Hanwha QCELLS Australia – who operated in the mid to high end of the market – has let the solar industry know it will be closing its business in Australia. [Read more…]

Eclipsing Trust: Trina Solar’s Ongoing Warranty Worries

Trina warranty details

In the competitive solar panel market, Trina Solar stands out as a brand synonymous with reliability and value. They’ve built a reputation on promises of quality and durability, making them a trusted choice for Aussie homeowners. However, a recent chat with a fellow installer reveals a stark reality that may leave you questioning their reputation; and us questioning their place on the SolarQuotes recommended panel chart. [Read more…]

NREL Study Challenges Our Solar Panel Cleaning Advice

A new study from America’s NREL might have us rethinking our stance on solar panel cleaning. [Read more…]

Solcast Update: Check Your Solar Panels’ Performance For Free


Wondering if your solar panels’ are still operating at their optimum efficiency? A free online tool from Solcast precisely calculates how much energy your panels should have generated yesterday, enabling you to swiftly identify any performance issues. Here’s how to use it.
[Read more…]

Trina Warranty Dispute Has More Questions Than Answers

a befuddled homeowner reading a Trina warranty document

Here’s a solar warranty story with so many unanswered questions it could easily fill a TV episode of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. [Read more…]

REC Alpha Pure-RX: 470W Of High-Voltage, Low-Current Goodness

REC Alpha Pure RX solar panel

Prominent Singapore-headquartered PV module manufacturer REC has dropped the specifications of its latest line of residential solar panels, the REC Alpha Pure-RX Series. The “pure” part of this name refers to the panels being lead-free. [Read more…]

Solar Panel Power Tolerance: What’s Hidden In The Fine Print?

Solar panel power tolerance

I’m here to help you navigate the positives and negatives of solar panel power tolerances until you can tolerate no more. Is this just another obscure term in solar technology, or is it worth paying attention to? Let me explain… [Read more…]

Solar Panel Efficiency: Budget Brands No Longer Playing Catch-Up

Budget vs. premium solar panels

The solar industry is undergoing a seismic shift. Gone are the days when only premium brands like Sunpower dominated the solar panel efficiency charts. Budget Chinese brands are not only catching up but in some cases, surpassing their high-end counterparts. [Read more…]

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