Budget EV Diaries: Running on Empty and the RAA Rescue

Emergency road service van charging an EV

As I wrote last week, I’ve recently picked up a really cheap electric vehicle. Since then, I’ve been testing out the battery, mulling over why we feel the need to name cute cars… and trying out the RAA’s new emergency charging service for EVs. Oops.

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I Just Bought The Cheapest Electric Car In Australia… Again

I can’t quite believe it’s been over a year since I penned an article about buying my first EV.

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Tritium Chargers Getting Simpler: No Card-Tap Needed

Brisbane-based charger manufacturer Tritium is taking the tap-to-pay step out of electric vehicle charging, with a Plug and Charge feature called Autocharge. [Read more…]

Cutting-Edge Batteries From Amprius Dominate The World Solar Challenge

amprius battery pack in solar car

The Amprius battery pack in the third-placed Brunel ‘Nuna 12’ solar race car.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is not just a race. It’s a tough test for solar-powered cars, travelling a 3,000-kilometre stretch from Darwin to Adelaide. Every year, this race shows off the latest and best in solar, battery and EV technology. [Read more…]

10 Lessons In History That Tell Us Electric Vehicles Are Here To Stay

EV adoption history lesson

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Australia is not without challenges, one of which is overcoming resistance to change. It seems that no matter how credible the case for EV adoption is, there is always a chorus of naysayers in the background trying to undermine the consensus. [Read more…]

Fobbed Off! Comparing Tesla and Electric Mini Service Costs

Tesla Model S and electric Mini Cooper SE key fobs

Picture this: You’re standing at your dining table, staring at two sets of car keys—one for a Mini Cooper SE, a zippy little electric car, and the other for a Tesla Model S, the electric behemoth. [Read more…]

Why Tesla’s NACS Connector Won’t Be Adopted In Australia

ccs2 and nacs connectors on a tesla

The Australian-adopted CCS2 charge port and Tesla’s NACS port.

In a welcome development for American EV owners,  SAE International (formerly the Society for Automotive Engineers) has announced it will standardise Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector. But don’t expect Australia to follow suit.
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US Study Shows EV Batteries Should Last An EV’s Lifetime

a very old Tesla

Good news! As your EV gets old, its battery should be fine.

How long do electric vehicle batteries last?  According to a study by Recurrent — a US company devoted to helping people buy and sell used EVs — it’s a long time. [Read more…]

Tesla Sued Over 2022 Car Software Update

Tesla is facing a class action in California over claims that a software update issued in 2022 was “responsible for a drastic drop in battery performance and driving range in affected vehicles”. [Read more…]

Ausgrid Proposed Tariffs Could Make EVs More Expensive Than Petrol

a gold-plating charger

Ausgrid wants to gold-plate the fast charger tariffs on its network…

The EV Council has warned the Australia Energy Regulator (AER) that Ausgrid’s current regulatory proposal offers a tariff structure that would push up the price of public chargers. [Read more…]

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