EV Ranges In The Real World — How Far Will You Really Go?

Real-world electric vehicle range

Electric car manufacturers know exactly how much range drivers get on average from a full charge.  Despite this, they continue to give inflated figures based on unrealistic tests rather than a realistic real-world range. [Read more…]

Why Don’t All Electric Cars Have Solar Roofs?

Solar panels on electric cars

Image: Edison Future

It makes sense to install solar panels on homes, but does it make sense to put solar on cars? [Read more…]

Top 10 Electric Car Myths Busted

Some people have strange ideas about electric cars. 

I know because they’ve been kind enough to share them.  I’ve collected so many I’ve made a Top 10 list.   

[Read more…]

Electric Cars Vs Petrol Cars: How Much Can You Save?

The next new car you buy should be electric. 

I’m serious about this.  I’m willing to include fuel-efficient hybrids in my advice for now, but anyone who’s not in the habit of chucking laps around the Strzelecki Desert should consider an all-electric car next time they’re looking to buy a new vehicle or a pricey second hand one. [Read more…]

Victoria’s Electric Car Tax Robs Peter To Pay Peter

Victoria's electric vehicle tax and EV rebate

An EV tax that pays for an EV rebate? You couldn’t make this shit up.

Victoria is set to become the only place in the world to de-incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles with an electric car tax for every kilometre driven. 

Victoria will also introduce a $3,000 incentive to encourage buying electric cars.

After coming up with this brilliant move, I don’t see why the Victorian Government should stop there. [Read more…]

Evee: A Website For Renting Other People’s Teslas In Australia

Renting a Tesla electric vehicle with Evee

Evee is a website that rents out Teslas but does not own any Tesla electric cars…

Recently I rented a Tesla Model 3 through an online service called Evee.  I had a really great time just driving around, sightseeing, and engaging in criminal activity. [Read more…]

Tesla Model 3 Review: Great Car, Ridiculous Claimed Range

Tesla Model 3 review

My boss, Finn, gave me a nice little Christmas present this year.  A Tesla Model 3 electric car…

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Ergon Readies Plan To Teach EV Owners How To Play Nice With The Grid

Charging electric vehicles and the impact on the mains grid

I’ve heard lots of predictions about electric vehicles’ role as storage in a renewable energy future. But it’s never before occurred to me that networks might encourage EV owners of the future to fill up their cars at a charging station during the daytime, specifically so they can use that electricity to power their home at night. [Read more…]

The Electric Mini In Australia — Awesome Performance, Lousy Warranty

This is the third electric Mini Cooper SE to be sold in Australia and the first in Adelaide. Ronald spent the weekend with it. Here’s what he thought.

For two days last week, I managed to get my hands on an Electric Mini Cooper SE.  I tried to take it for a spin, but its traction control wouldn’t let me, so the good news is it’s safe to drive.  It was also a lot of fun.  [Read more…]

Does It Make Sense To Build Electric Cars In Australia?

Building electric cars in Australia

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how ACE-EV plans to open a factory and produce tens of thousands of electric vehicles per year in Adelaide.

I’m hoping it will happen because I was impressed when I took their electric cargo van for a spin.

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