Solar Power For Gen Z: Top TikToks Of 2023

a pile of tik tok stills

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Finn, you’re a bit old for TikTok, aren’t you?” And you’re not wrong. I’m more of a long-form kinda guy, myself. But, like a dad tryna learn the latest dance moves to impress his kids, I’m not afraid to venture into new territory. [Read more…]

Hot Water Wars & Powerwall Price Drops: 2023’s Most Read Stories

2023 blog posts in review

As the sun sets on another year, it’s time to cast a cool eye over the pages of the SolarQuotes Blog and see what stories were most popular with our Australian readers in 2023. [Read more…]

$211,000 Donation Saves $4,600,000 In Fuel For Impoverished Communities

Pollinate Energy and SolarQuotes

Australian charity Pollinate Group continues to make significant headway in the distribution of micro-solar power solutions within impoverished communities beyond our shores; with some help from SolarQuotes. [Read more…]

Helping Australia’s EV Revolution Charge Ahead

EV Charging in Australia - advice and guides

SolarQuotes is filling a gap in knowledge in Australia on electric vehicle charging with new tools, guides and advice added to the SQ web site. [Read more…]

SolarQuotes Has 600,000 Reasons To Be Happy

SolarQuotes 2022 milestone

The SolarQuotes team was pumped to recently achieve another significant milestone in their mission to help Australians slash their power bills with high quality solar installations. [Read more…]

SolarQuotes Teams Up With “One Small Step” App

SolarQuotes and One Small Step

SolarQuotes and the “One Small Step” app team have partnered to provide Australian households the best advice on going solar. [Read more…]

SolarQuotes Launches Good Installer Guarantee

SolarQuotes Good Installer Guarantee

SolarQuotes has launched a new guarantee to protect Australian homeowners from shoddy solar power system installations. [Read more…]

Solar Helps Some Of The World’s Poorest Households Save $734,000 In 12 Months

Pollinate Group - solar power for the poor

Financial Year 2019-20 was a big year in SolarQuotes’ support for the NGO Pollinate Group, which supports low-income households in India by helping them replace expensive kerosene lighting with solar powered alternatives. By sending $1 to Pollinate Group for each quote request on this site, we’ve been able to send $64,655 their way in 12 months. [Read more…]

SolarQuotes To Help Pollinate Install More Off-Grid Solar In India & Nepal

A family in India with a solar powered light

An entrepreneur demonstrating a new solar powered light in India. A little solar power can go a long way.

Starting today, SolarQuotes will be helping Indian and Nepalese families install off-grid solar systems. Specifically 3.3 watt, 17 watt-hour off-grid solar systems. [Read more…]

Another Major Milestone For Australia’s SolarQuotes

Solar Quotes milestone

The quote counter for Australia’s go-to site for all things solar power, SolarQuotes, quietly ticked over to 400,000 early this week – the number representing equivalent to one in 25 Australian homes. [Read more…]

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