SolarQuotes Launches Good Installer Guarantee

SolarQuotes Good Installer Guarantee

SolarQuotes has launched a new guarantee to protect Australian homeowners from shoddy solar power system installations.

The company is introducing the Good Installer Guarantee, which provides peace of mind to homeowners who request up to 3 quotes through its platform.

The service has helped more than 550,000 people since 2009, and offering an Australian-first guarantee cements SolarQuotes’ reputation as the industry’s most trusted source for information and finding good installers.

Through the program, customers need only provide some evidence indicating there may be issues with their installation, and then SolarQuotes will work with the homeowner to rectify those issues. If the original installer does not satisfactorily fix the problems, SolarQuotes will arrange for the work to be performed by another pre-vetted solar professional at no cost to the homeowner.

This will offer more peace of mind to potential solar buyers as it ensures they will receive a well-installed system.

Founder Finn Peacock said the platform’s trust factor is a key to its success and the guarantee is an example of that.

“It’s humbling and pretty incredible just how many people have put their faith in SolarQuotes and the installers we work with. We’re proud of our network and the quality of their work.


Our #1 priority at SolarQuotes is if you choose one of our referred installers, you get a well-installed system. If you believe your system has not been completed to the specification promised, we’ll work with you and the installer to make sure it is. In the unlikely event the promised installation isn’t delivered, we’ll engage another installer – at our cost – to make it right.”

Finn says SolarQuotes was born out of a need for a reliable service to take the risk out of buying solar panels in Australia.

“Unfortunately,  I’ve seen a lot of dodgy companies come and go over my 13 years in the solar industry, so I understand the cynicism that exists in the community – but what we are guaranteeing is customers will get what they were promised.


We can do this because of our strict installer vetting procedure, honed over 12 years.”

SolarQuotes is Australia’s most popular solar website, with almost a million page views a month and more than 50,000 reviews published to help Australians choose services and products with confidence.

The company connects prospective buyers to more than 450 individually vetted installers around Australia. Since its founding in 2009, the firm has been involved in one in 18 Australian home solar installations.

SolarQuotes is offering this formal guarantee on the quality of every installation it is involved with going forward.

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