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A solar installer and electrician in a previous life, Kim has been blogging for SolarQuotes since 2022. He enjoys translating complex aspects of the solar industry into content that the layperson can understand and digest. He spends his time reading about renewable energy and sustainability, while simultaneously juggling teaching and performing guitar music around various parts of Australia. Read Kim's full bio.

The Duck Test: When Solar Companies Wind Up

The duck test

At SolarQuotes, we sometimes hear stories about orphaned customers in a predicament when their installer goes bust. But this one rubs salt into the wound. [Read more…]

City Living With An EV: Charging Solutions for Those Without Driveways

Power to the pavement

Living in the city makes it hard for electric car owners without off-street parking. It’s tough to find a place to charge, dissuading many inner city dwellers from buying electric cars.
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Refurbished Realities: Joe’s Warranty Tussle With His Tesla Powerwall

tesla powerwalls installed in Australia

If your brand-new Powerwall falters, brace yourself for nothing more than a refurbished replacement from Tesla. At least that’s the experience SolarQuotes reader Joe had when his Powerwall stopped working two months after being installed. [Read more…]

How Josh Pays Just $612 Per Year For Electricity, Gas & Petrol

Josh Mylne follow up story

In 2023, Josh Mylne and his family reached a milestone many aspire to: an all-electric lifestyle. Their energy bills, once soaring over $5,500, have been slashed to just $612 for the entire year, thats for both home and transport. Josh now spends only 11% of his pre-electrification yearly bills, and a mere 10% compared to the average West Australian household’s energy + fuel costs.
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When Nature Strikes: An Emergency Response Guide for Solar Owners

Solar emergency response guide

Our hearts go out to those Australians facing the current onslaught of floods nationwide. Times like these underscore the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency without the added stress of figuring it out on the spot. [Read more…]

Solar Backup Without Batteries: Revolutionary or Ridiculous?

Battery-less backup

Solar newbies are often bemused as to why their rooftop solar shuts down during a grid outage. It seems counterintuitive, given that the idea of an alternative power supply is to generate electricity separately from the grid. [Read more…]

7 Tips For A You-Beaut, Energy-Efficient Aussie Christmas Feast

7 tips for a you-beaut, energy-efficient Christmas

We all know Christmas Down Under can be a ripper of a time, but between the cooking chaos and the relatives causing mayhem, thinking about energy efficiency might be the last thing on your mind. Fair enough, I get it. [Read more…]

Maverick Victorian Microgrid Breaks All the Rules (and Sometimes Itself)

How to make (and break) a microgrid

The future of energy is local, modular, and thrill-seeking – meet the microgrid, the little grid with big dreams of transforming how your appliances are powered and how your community copes with extreme weather. [Read more…]

Should You Have A Home Battery Safety Plan?

Home battery safety plan

Many local councils actively promote the importance of having a bushfire survival plan to residents. Given the potential risks associated with home batteries, should homeowners also have a dedicated emergency response plan for their home battery systems? [Read more…]

Maximising Solar Efficiency in Heat Waves: An Aussie Guide

With another scorching summer looming on the horizon, spare a thought for the solar panels doing it tough up there on the roof. There’s a common misconception that PV rooftop solar thrives in the heat just like a thermal solar system, but in fact, the opposite is true. [Read more…]

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