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A solar installer and electrician in a previous life, Kim has been blogging for SolarQuotes since 2022. He enjoys translating complex aspects of the solar industry into content that the layperson can understand and digest. He spends his time reading about renewable energy and sustainability, while simultaneously juggling teaching and performing guitar music around various parts of Australia. Read Kim's full bio.

How To Beat Future Solar Export Tariffs

Zero export dilemma

From July 1st, NSW, ACT, NT, and Victoria will start to slowly roll out two-way pricing, with others in the National Energy Market (NEM) set to join in next year. This new setup lets network companies charge electricity retailers for the energy that flows back to the grid during busy times. [Read more…]

Do You Need An Efficient Home If You Own A Massive Solar System?

The average size of a residential solar PV system installed in Australia has grown significantly over the years, which raises an interesting question: Should owners of larger systems even worry about energy efficiency in their homes? [Read more…]

5 Proactive Ways to Protect Your Solar Setup from Corrosion

a corroded solar inverter

A Growatt inverter near Ardrossan, South Australia

This article will explore proactive ways that you can protect your solar investment by slowing down and even preventing corrosion, enabling your solar panels to keep on giving right through to their (and maybe your) sunset years. [Read more…]

Why Your Solar Panels Need Bypass Diodes

bypass diodes explained

Solar panel bypass diodes – those unassuming little electronic components quietly working in the background of your solar panels. What are they, why are they there, and do we really need them? [Read more…]

Hybrid Inverter Or Solar Inverter: Which Is Best For Adding Batteries Later?

should you buy a hybrid or regular solar inverter?

Lately at SolarQuotes, we’re getting slammed with this question:

“I’m gonna get a battery at some point. Should I get a hybrid inverter or a regular grid-tie inverter?”

That’s the million-dollar question. I know which one I would get, but I’m not you! [Read more…]

Can Amber Electric Win Back Tesla Powerwall Customers?

Amber Powerwall onboarding

Amber Electric recently put a hold on adding new Tesla Powerwalls to their novel electricity plan, thanks to some tricky issues between Amber’s SmartShift app and Tesla’s Powerwall control software. The good news? They’re back on track and ready to roll with Powerwalls again. But the big question remains – after this little stumble, can Amber rebuild the trust of their Powerwall customers?
[Read more…]

Solar Accreditation Australia Named As The New Accreditation Scheme Operator

Solar Accreditation Australia

Australia’s rooftop solar industry underwent another transformation on 29th February with the emergence of a new accreditation scheme operator, Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA).

[Read more…]

Dynamic Solar Exports Are Mandatory In Victoria From Today

Dynamic solar exports Victoria

Today (March 1st) is “D Day” for inverters installed under Solar Victoria’s rebate programs. “D” for dynamic, that is. [Read more…]

Can I Use A Balcony Solar Panel System To Power My Apartment?

Balcony solar panel systems

If you believe the internet, balcony or mini plug-in solar panel system sales are booming across Europe, yet there isn’t more than a whisper about them in Australia. [Read more…]

The Duck Test: When Solar Companies Wind Up

The duck test

At SolarQuotes, we sometimes hear stories about orphaned customers in a predicament when their installer goes bust. But this one rubs salt into the wound. [Read more…]

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