Kim Wainwright


Kim Wainwright

A solar installer and electrician in a previous life, Kim now spends his time blogging for SolarQuotes, reading about renewable energy and sustainability, while simultaneously juggling teaching and performing guitar music around various parts of Australia.

Kim is a seasoned electrician and former solar installer. His electrical journey began in his late teens when he pursued an electrical apprenticeship, which led him to the mining industry in Capel, WA, in the early 80s.

After working in the industry for a decade, he decided it was time for a change and spent 14 years as a guitar teacher in Perth.

An unfortunate scuba-diving accident caused him to take a break from music and head back into the electrical industry – which was just in time for Australia’s solar boom in the late 2000s. 

Three years of installing solar was enough for Kim, and his passion for renewable energy led him back to academia, studying for a diploma in sustainability and bolstering his knowledge.

Joining the SolarQuotes blog team in 2022, he now shares that knowledge through his well-crafted blogs. Kim’s dedication shines through as he balances blogging, teaching music, and caring for his elderly mother.

His practical experience and desire to share knowledge make Kim a valuable team member, as he translates the techier or more niche aspects of the solar industry into content that the layperson can understand and digest.


Electrician's Licence (WA)


Tafe WA (Diploma in Renewable Energy, Certificate in Trade Studies [Electrical Fitting & Installing])

Polytechnic West (Diploma in Sustainability)

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