Solar Panel Reviews

A good way to help develop an informed opinion of any product is to check out consumer reviews. Using the links below, you’ll find thousands of solar panel reviews covering the many brands sold in Australia, submitted by Australian customers who have those panels installed for at least 12 months!

I am very careful how I collect these reviews to ensure that only genuine customers can leave feedback, based on the modules’ reliability and performance since they’ve been installed on the rooftop of their home.

Accompanying each review you’ll also find information on how long the solar panels have been installed and which company the customers bought them from –  some of the modules have been installed a number of years. Many of the pages also include interesting and useful background information on the manufacturer. Learning more about the company behind the module brand may help you in forming your own opinion of products and arriving at a purchase decision.

I really hope these pages help you explore real peoples’ experiences with solar panels bought on the Australian market and used locally.

If you have panels installed and would like to share your thoughts and opinions on their performance, on each brand’s review page you’ll find a button enabling you to submit your own feedback – or you can also click here to submit a solar panel review.

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