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Another Electricity Price Hike On The Cards For WA Households?

Electricity prices in Western Australia

Image: Motorjan11

In a situation that’s become all too common, households in Western Australia may again be paying more for electricity from July 1 this year. [Continue reading…]

Tweed Shire Adds Aquatic Centre Installation To Solar Energy Portfolio

Tweed Shire Council - solar power

New South Wales’ Tweed Shire Council switched on its new 165kW solar panel installation at the Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre (TRAC) in Murwillumbah last week. [Continue reading…]

Another Major Milestone For Australia’s SolarQuotes

Solar Quotes milestone

The quote counter for Australia’s go-to site for all things solar power, SolarQuotes, quietly ticked over to 400,000 early this week – the number representing equivalent to one in 25 Australian homes.

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Busways Goes Solar At Penrith

Busways solar power system

New South Wales bus operator Busways has unveiled a shiny new solar power system at its Penrith depot.

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Pmax And NOCT: How Solar Panels Perform In The Heat


It’s an unfortunate fact the hotter it gets the worse solar panels perform.  As fossil fuel generators can suffer even greater efficiency loss due to heat, this is nothing to get all steamed up about.  But it’s still not a good thing. 

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Hanwha Energy Seeking Australian Electricity Retailer Status

Hanwha Energy Retail Australia - Electricity Retailer Authorisation

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) announced yesterday it has accepted an electricity retailer authorisation application from Hanwha Energy Retail Australia (Hanwha ERA).

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Western Australia’s City of Vincent Installing Solar Power

City of Vincent - solar power

City of Vincent (Council) in WA is installing solar panels on four of its large buildings – and expects a rapid payback on its investment.

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Australians Backing Electric Vehicles 

Electric cars in Australia

Results from two recent polls indicate many Australians are on board with accelerating an electric vehicle revolution across the nation.

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Solar Businesses Facing Action Over Sales And Marketing Tactics

Solar businesses - legal action

In its latest Installer News, the Clean Energy Council has flagged a couple of recent instances where Australian solar businesses have caught the attention of government consumer watchdogs.

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PERC Solar Panels And LeTID — Cause For Concern But Not Panic

don't panic per

Solar panel manufacturers are always on the lookout for low cost improvements they can make to get an edge over the competition.  Or rather, stay in competition, as they are involved in a Red Queen Race1 where they have to run as fast as they can just to stay where they are.

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