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Turnbull Twisting Arms Over Natural Gas Is A Zero Sum Game

malcolm turnbull having a gas

Don’t believe the hype. Domestic gas prices have very little effect on retail electricity prices. Someone should tell Turnbull.

According to the mainstream media, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been busy twisting the arms of natural gas producers. He wants Australians to pay less for Australian gas. Specifically he wants us to pay less than overseas customers pay for Australian gas.

This has upset gas producers because, like most companies, they would prefer to sell stuff for more money rather than less. [Continue reading…]

More Solar Power For Goulburn Mulwaree Council

Goulburn council - solar energy

Image: Stocksnap

Last week, New South Wales’ Goulburn Mulwaree Council voted to install solar panels on a new warehouse building – and it seems there’s plenty more PV in the pipeline.

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Redflow Batteries Beating Blackouts

Redflow ZBM2 Battery

Australian company Redflow’s ZBM2 energy storage solution has rescued a South African manufacturer plagued by rolling blackouts.

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Poll : No Public Cash For Liddell Power Station Life Support

Liddell Power Station

Results from a recent poll indicate 77% of Australians believe public money should not be used to keep coal-fired clunker Liddell Power Station open past 2022.

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Solar Panel Validation Pilot Program Update

Solar Panel Validation Pilot Program

Unfortunately, solar panel switcheroos aren’t unheard of in Australia. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to easily find out for certain if a panel is genuine, thanks to efforts from Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator.

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Approval Granted For 60MW Mareeba Solar Farm

Mareeba Solar Farm

Queensland’s Mareeba Shire Council has approved plans for Mareeba Solar Farm, a facility that will boast 196,000 solar panels.

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An Uncertain Future For The US Solar Industry

ITC solar trade case

The USA’s solar sector is in for a nervous wait after a decision from the International Trade Commission that some imported solar cells and panels pose a threat to the nation’s domestic manufacturing industry.

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Solar Savings Bonanza From August Small Scale PV Installations

Electricity bill savings from solar panels

The latest Renewable Energy Index from Green Markets indicates rooftop solar panels (small scale systems) installed across Australia last month will deliver $180 million in electricity bill savings over 10 years.

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Go-Ahead For 250MW Western Downs Solar Farm

Western Downs Solar Farm

Western Downs Regional Council has announced approval of another large-scale solar farm in its region – the second to be approved by Council this week.

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Why It Makes Sense To Fill Your Roof With Solar

roof full of solar

Q. How much solar should you install on your roof? A. As much as you reasonably can.

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