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Solar + Battery Storage For Another Australian Gold Miner

Warrawoona Gold Project solar farm

Calidus Resources has inked an agreement with Zenith Pacific for the construction of a solar + battery storage facility that will help power the Warrawoona Gold Project in Western Australia. [Continue reading…]

Humes Harvesting Solar Energy

Hume solar power rollout

A major supplier of aggregates, readymix concrete and concrete pipe and products in Australia is in the midst of  a significant rooftop solar rollout. [Continue reading…]

More Solar Panels Racked Up For Bathurst Rail Museum

Bathurst Rail Museum solar upgrade

Bathurst Rail Museum has again built on its solar panel capacity and added a couple of batteries to boost the attraction’s solar energy self-consumption.

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Australian Solar Prices: January 2022 Update

Solar power prices in Australia - January 2022 update

Australians were paying more per watt for solar power systems on average last month, but there was a surprise in the popular 6.6kW category.

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Solar Export Tariff Draft Guidelines Released

Solar export tariff guidelines - Australia

Draft guidelines for solar export tariffs – a potential charge for exporting electricity into the grid – have been released for comment; and no doubt there will be plenty.

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Microinverter Solar System For Devonport Council Arts Centre

Solar power in Devonport Tasmania - paranaple arts centre

Tasmania’s Devonport City Council is getting busy in making good on its Cities Power Partnership pledges.

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Redback Smart Inverters Ready To Rock

Redback solar inverters - Smart Inverter Series

Queensland-based Redback Technologies’ new single-phase, grid-tied solar inverters have hit the market.

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Australian Firm Aims For Cleaner Cremation With Green Hydrogen

Cremation with green hydrogen

As more Australians look to lowering their carbon footprint in death as in life, renewables-based hydrogen could play a role.

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5B Looks To Robots To Slash Solar Costs

5B Maverick - ARENA solar funding

Australia’s 5B is aiming to slash the capital costs of producing and deploying its revolutionary Maverick “solar farm in a box” solution by more than a third – and has received a helping hand from ARENA to do so.

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Tonga Eruption Won’t Cool Planet Or Reduce Solar Output

Tonga eruption Tonga eruption impacts on cooling and solar power

After I heard about the Tongan volcanic eruption, the first thing I did was determine if the Tongans I knew were all right.  While conditions there are serious, they aren’t as bad as they could have been, so they’re probably okay.  Australia and New Zealand are sending relief, which is a relief. 

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