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SA’s Walkerville Council Saving A Bundle With Solar

Town of Walkerville solar installation

Adelaide’s Walkerville Council looks set to achieve rapid payback on a solar power project. [Continue reading…]

Solar Farms Do More Than Just Generate Clean Energy

Community benefits from solar farms

Beyond the clean electricity, jobs and associated economic activity, many solar farm projects provide other positive and ongoing benefits in their local communities. [Continue reading…]

New Tasmanian Solar Schools Announced

Solar schools in Tasmania

The first batch of government schools in Tasmania to receive solar power systems under a new program have been named.

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IEA: Global Emissions Set To Surge To New High

Pandemic recovery and emissions: IEA

New analysis from the International Energy Agency indicates only around 2% of global government COVID recovery spending has been allocated to clean energy measures.

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Cessnock City Council Switches On New Solar Power Installations

Cessnock City Council - solar panels

New South Wales’ Cessnock City Council is making good on its Cities Power Partnership pledges, with the installation of several solar power systems complete and now operational.

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Wraps Off The REC N-Peak 2 Solar Panel Range

REC N-Peak 2 solar panelss

REC Group has announced the launch of the REC N-Peak 2 solar panel range, which should be available in Australia in just a few months.

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Grattan: How To End Petrol And Diesel Car Sales By 2035 

Zero emissions vehicles - Grattan Institute

Sales of new petrol and diesel cars should be phased out in Australia by 2035 says the Grattan Institute – and it has recommendations to help make it happen.

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Can A Home Battery On A Time-Of-Use Tariff Pay For Itself Yet?

Home Battery - Time-Of-Use Electricity Tariff

If you have a home battery, a time-of-use tariff can save you money.  How much depends on… Battery Capability:  This includes usable storage capacity, power output, and flexibility. Location:  Time-of-use tariffs vary greatly from state to state.  To a lesser degree, they can vary within states. Electricity consumption habits and solar electricity production Whether or […]

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Heritage Bank Switches HQ To Renewables

Heritage Bank - GreenPower

Heritage Bank announced on Friday its Head Office building in Toowoomba, Queensland is now running on 100% renewable energy.

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Sydney Solar Installations On Hold

Sydney solar installations - COVID-19

Like many other trades, solar installers in Sydney will need to down their tools for a couple of weeks at this point due to the COVID-19 situation.

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