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Idiots Insisting “Over 20% Renewables Is Impossible” Go Into Hiding. Won’t Be Missed.

20 per cent renewable energy

A few years ago it was common to hear “Grids Can’t Handle More Than 20% Renewables”. South Australia (among others) would beg to differ.

I was talking to Finn on Sunday — electronically because computer viruses are less of a threat than biological ones these days — and I mentioned South Australia was producing much more electricity from renewables than it was consuming and that the surplus was being exported to Victoria.  There’s nothing unusual about this, especially on weekends, but it prompted Finn to ask… [Continue reading…]

Door-To-Door Solar Sales Warning From CEC

Door to door solar sales

Door-to-door sales haven’t been a good look for Australia’s home solar energy sector at the best of times. In the current situation, the practice would be just plain dumb. [Continue reading…]

Solar Boosting Community Safety In Douglas Shire

Solar street lighting - Douglas Shire

It looks like Queensland’s Douglas Shire Council put its Safer Communities grant money to good use – and solar power features in its purchases.

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Is Solar Panel Optimisation Worth It?

Solar panel optimisation

Solar string inverters, micro-inverters and power optimizers. What’s the best choice? Finn offers his point of view in this video (transcript included).

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Raw Deal For New NT Solar Owners And Installers

Northern Territory solar feed in tariff

The Northern Territory’s distinction as having the hands-down best solar feed in tariff has been lost for new system owners. Installing solar will still be worth it, but payback will be significantly extended.

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Will SA’s “Solar Sponge” Tariff Make ‘Batteries Without Solar’ Worthwhile?

Solar sponge tariff - South Australia

In October 2019 South Australia Power Networks (SAPN) announced they would introduce a new “Solar Sponge” tariff promising electricity in the middle of the day at one quarter their usual rate.  As a result, some people have claimed this will let a battery pay for itself, even if the home doesn’t have solar panels.  Are […]

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Making Going Solar A COVID-19-Free Experience

Going solar and COVID-19

In among all the challenges of late, some good news is arranging the purchase of a solar power system and having it installed doesn’t require you to be in close physical contact with anyone – social distancing can be observed.

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Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – April 2020

Australian solar power report covering March 2020

March 2020 was a month unlike any other, but there were still plenty of Australians interested in solar power – with some perhaps spurred on by the prospect of bigger electricity bills through staying at home.

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Dubbo Regional Council Joins Cities Power Partnership

Dubbo Regional Council - solar energy

New South Wales’ Dubbo Regional Council has announced it is now a member of the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership (CPP) program.

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Barwon Water Becomes Sustainable Housing Estate Developer

Highton Eco Estate

Victoria’s Barwon Water is turning surplus land previously forming part of the Highton Basin landholding into a sustainable housing estate, with all homes to have solar power systems.

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