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It’s A Gas : Labor’s $1 Billion National Hydrogen Plan

National Hydrogen Plan

Federal Labor announced yesterday that under a Labor government,  $1.14 billion would be invested under a National Hydrogen Plan to make Australia a global leader in the growing hydrogen industry. [Continue reading…]

New South Wales Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Plan Unveiled

New South Wales Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Plan

The NSW Government says it will invest millions in fast charging points for electric vehicles, trial electric bus services and buy more electric and hybrid government vehicles. [Continue reading…]

Core Scores NT Lithium Mining Lease

Core Lithium - Northern Territory

South Australian headquartered Core Lithium says it is on its way to becoming the first lithium producer in the Northern Territory.

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Do Solar Panels Degrade Over Time? Yes, But Not By Much

solar degradation

Solar panels are amazing things.  They cut pollution, save planets, and — by draining its power — move us closer to humanity’s ancient dream of destroying the sun.  But they’re not quite perfect.  If you happen to buy the cheapest panels you can get your hands on I’m sure you’ll soon find they can be […]

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More Coal Ash Headaches For AGL Macquarie

Coal ash - Liddell and Bayswater power stations

Coal is one of “nature’s gifts1”  that keeps on giving even after it’s burned – and not just in terms of emissions.

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New World Record Claims From Longi Solar And Risen Energy

Longi Solar and Risen Energy

Two of the world’s solar panel manufacturing heavyweights have announced PERC technology related world record claims over the past week.

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The Latest On Victoria’s Solar Homes Rebate

Victoria Solar Homes Package Rebate

The Victorian Government shed some light on uptake of its popular solar power incentive on Friday.

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City Of Melbourne (Council) Now 100% Renewable Electricity Powered

City Of Melbourne - Renewable Energy

The City Of Melbourne says it is the first Australian capital city council powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity.

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Australia’s Big 4 Banks Still Sniffing Around Fossil Fuels

Australian banks and fossil fuel loans

Major Australian banks were getting back into fossil fuels in 2018 according to a new report from Market Forces, but there was also a big increase in exposure to renewable energy.

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30 MW/8 MWh Grid Scale Battery In SA Fully Operational

ESCRI grid scale battery

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) says a 30 MW/8 MWh grid-scale battery project at the Dalrymple substation on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula is now live and connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

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