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The Standards Gap Holding Back Solar Homes Becoming Smart Homes

inverter wirelessly communicating with smart plugs

Want your inverter to wirelessly control some smart plugs? It ain’t easy…

This week’s post was inspired by a question asked by Malcolm via e-mail:

“Do you know of any ‘Smart” home systems/software that can be used with a Fronius Inverter/Smart Meter to direct surplus solar power to home appliances and/or heaters via smart wifi plugs?”

It’s a good question, and one that doesn’t yet have very many good answers. [Continue reading…]

Continuing Push For Rooftop DC Isolator Requirement Review

Rooftop DC isolator

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There is a growing call for an end to the very unpopular rooftop isolator requirement for solar power system installations in Australia. [Continue reading…]

Greater Shepparton City Council Reaping The Benefits Of Solar Energy

Greater Shepparton City Council - solar power

Victoria’s Greater Shepparton City Council is pleased with the performance to date of its most recent solar energy installations.

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Coal, Gas, Nuclear – What A Fracked Up Week In Australia

Coal, gas and nuclear power in Australia

Adani’s coal mine another step closer, fracking to kick off in the NT (WA soon too?) and our energy minister hasn’t shut the door on nuclear power. Thank <insert choice of deity here> it’s Friday.

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SCOOP! — Canadian Solar Product Warranty: Now 12 Years

Canadian solar scoop

Today I spoke with Michael Rush, the head of Sales and Marketing for Canadian Solar in Australia.  Well, I say I spoke to him today, but you’re actually reading this during my tomorrow — so my today is now your yesterday.  I guess time really is a wibbly wobbly thing. He told me some interesting […]

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Bifacial Solar Gets A Big Boost In The USA

Bifacial solar panels

Overseas manufacturers of bifacial solar panels will be rejoicing after an announcement from the U.S. Trade Representative that these modules will be excluded from the “Trump solar tariff”.

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Simple Payback Time For 6.5 kW Of Rooftop Solar By Australian Capital — June 2019

One year and one month ago I wrote about the simple payback time of rooftop solar, which is how long it takes the savings from solar power to equal the cost of a system.  In most Australian capitals it took around 5 years or less, which meant rooftop PV was one of the best investments […]

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How Much Rooftop Solar Power Can Be Installed In Australia?

Rooftop solar power in Australia

Ever wondered how much rooftop solar panel capacity could in theory be installed in Australia given the rooftop real estate available in this country? Here’s an answer.

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BSG Seeking Land For Bendigo Community Solar Farm

Bendigo Community Solar Farm

Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) is seeking expressions of interest from land owners prepared to lease a section of their properties for the purposes of a large-scale community solar project.

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LG Chem Australia Partners With Local Battery Recycler

LG Chem battery recycling Australia

Energy storage manufacturer LG Chem has chosen Envirostream to be the company’s exclusive battery recycling partner in Australia.

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