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How To Save Money With The South Australian Home Battery Scheme

South Australian Home Battery scheme

Wahey! In SA it is possible to save money with batteries – thanks to the battery rebate.

For a long time now Australia has been drawing closer to the day when home batteries will pay for themselves.  With the announcement of  South Australia’s battery subsidy scheme we know that day will soon come — unless the scheme’s lack of competition prevents battery prices from falling enough. [Continue reading…]

More Accolades For Sunshine Coast Solar Farm

Another award for Sunshine Coast Solar Farm

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Solar farm has picked up another award, this time at the Australian Regional Development Conference Awards 2018. [Continue reading…]

SunPower’s Reprieve From Trump’s Solar Tariffs

SunPower solar panel tariff exclusion

It was a happy day at SunPower HQ yesterday after the company’s solar panels were granted an exclusion from Trump’s solar tariffs, dodging what has been a taxing situation for SunPower both figuratively and literally.

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Angus Taylor – No Extension For Australia’s Renewable Energy Target

Angus Taylor - Renewable Energy Target

Australia’s Energy Minister Angus Taylor confirmed in Question Time yesterday that the nation’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) will wind down from 2020 with nothing to replace it – that is assuming the Morrison Government is still in power after the next election.

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Final Rule On National Solar And Battery Storage Register Published

National solar and battery database

Last week the Australian Energy Market Commission released its final rule on establishing a distributed energy resources (DER) register for the National Electricity Market.

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The Gigawatt Project Reviewed: Solar For Rented Roofs

gigawatt project review - solar energy

The Gigawatt Project is a Queensland company that helps put solar panels on the roofs of rental properties.  They give tenants some of the savings from rooftop solar power while giving landlords a good enough return to make installing it worthwhile.  In Queensland the Gigawatt Project can: Install a solar power system. Monitor tenant electricity […]

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Solar + Flow Battery Installation For Queensland’s Heron Island

Solar Energy - Heron Island

University of Queensland’s Heron Island Research Station (HIRS) on the Great Barrier Reef will soon build on its existing solar installation and add battery storage.

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Greenpeace Pushes For 500,000 New Solar + Battery Installations In NZ

Solarise New Zealand - Greenpeace

Greenpeace has a plan that would put solar and storage on half a million New Zealand homes over the next decade – supported by diverting cash spent on subsidies for the oil and gas industry.

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Australian Energy Storage Market Analysis 2018

Australian Energy Storage Market Analysis 2018

Up to 35,000 Australians could be working in the nation’s energy storage industry by 2020 and up to 450,000 small scale storage systems installed across the country states a new report from the Smart Energy Council.

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Victorian Solar Rebate Application Process Opens – How To Apply

Victoria solar rebate application

The wait is over – the Victorian Government announced on Friday households in the state can now apply for the VIC Solar Homes rebate for solar power systems.

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