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More Grants For Solar Panel And Battery Recycling/Reuse

Solar panel waste - reuse and recycling

A new round of NSW Government grants for innovative projects reusing and managing solar panel and battery waste kicked off yesterday. [Continue reading…]

Tesla Big Battery Court Battle Begins

Tesla Big Battery - Hornsdale Power Reserve

The Australian Energy Regulator has commenced action in the Federal Court against Hornsdale Power Reserve over what it says were breaches of the National Electricity Rules. [Continue reading…]

Australian Solar Prices: September 2021 Update

Australian solar prices - September report

How much are Australians paying for solar power systems – and how does that compare to around the same time last year?

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City Of Stonnington Looks To A Solar Energy Future

City of Stonnington VIC - solar power

Victoria’s City Of Stonnington is to embark on a big solar power push across the community as part of its response to climate change.

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SA And VIC Solar Battery Rebate Reductions Loom

Solar battery rebates in Victoria and South Australia

Significant reductions are nearing for home battery storage subsidies in both Victoria and South Australia.

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Solar Analytics Plan Optimiser Unravels Complex Electricity Tariffs

Nigel Morris, who heads up business development at Solar Analytics, readily admits electricity plan comparison products aren’t usually particularly exciting. Still, it’s clear talking to Morris that Solar Analytics is excited about its recently-launched Plan Optimiser, and Morris reckons both subscribers and solar installers will be as well.

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Corporate “Greenwashers” Failing Renewables Test

Offset greenwashing and renewable energy

While many of Australia’s top emitting ASX200 companies have set carbon neutral targets, few have committed to switching to 100% renewable electricity says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

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Biden Wants US To Go 40% Solar By 2035

us flag

You may have noticed the US President is looking less orange these days.  Now that “sleepy” Joe Biden is in the White House’s egg-shaped office, American climate change policy is moving in the right direction.

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Growatt Inverter Recall In Australia

Growatt inverter recall - Australia

Hundreds of 8kW Growatt solar inverters sold in Australia are subject to a recall due to an electrical safety standards issue.

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Lord Howe Island Solar Hybrid Project Done And Dusted

Lord Howe Island - Solar Microgrid

More than seven years after the project was originally announced, Lord Howe Island’s completed Hybrid Renewable Energy Project has been handed over to the Island’s Board.

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