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What The Hell Is GivEnergy?

givenergy monitoring portal

Recently, I had the pleasure of walking the halls at the All Energy Solar Conference in Melbourne. For those in the industry, we affectionately call it “Solar Xmess” because it’s the one time of year when we can all get together and passionately debate the finer points over a beer. Some might argue that our drinking industry has a solar problem, but that’s a topic for another day. [Continue reading…]

Maximising Solar Efficiency in Heat Waves: An Aussie Guide

With another scorching summer looming on the horizon, spare a thought for the solar panels doing it tough up there on the roof. There’s a common misconception that PV rooftop solar thrives in the heat just like a thermal solar system, but in fact, the opposite is true. [Continue reading…]

Cybertruck’s Powershare: Single-Vendor Ecosystems For The Win?

Solar brand product ecosystem

Let’s face it: The number of different solar-related products out there is mind-boggling to the average consumer. There’s a myriad of solar panels, inverters, batteries, EV chargers, and assorted smart energy devices.

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VIC New Builds: Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Requirement GONE

Word is on the street that new builds in Victoria no longer have to use a gas-boosted solar hot water service.

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MC4 Plugs, The Hardest Working Things In Solar.

If you’re not involved in the solar industry but wonder how millions of solar panels worldwide are connected to deliver clean energy, you might have too much spare time on your hands. Nonetheless, I’m glad you’re interested because, as I’m about to explain, this topic can be quite electrifying – particularly when an electrical fire […]

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Victoria Proposes 3.3 Cent Minimum Feed In Tariff

Victorians with solar power will get less for their exports if a draft determination by the Essential Services Commission goes ahead: the commission wants to cut another 33 per cent off the state’s feed-in tariff by July 2024.

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Breaking the $140 Barrier: BNEF Reports Record Low Battery Prices

tesla battery cell manufacturing

Battery prices have begun falling again after rising during 2022, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

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Why You Can’t Have Enphase Sunlight Backup

screen-grab from Enphase website spruiking sunlight backup

You may have seen inverter companies promoting “battery-less backup” – a feature that lets you power lights and appliances with your solar panels during grid outages and without the need for batteries.

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Northvolt’s Revolutionary Sodium-Ion Battery Packs Serious Punch

northvolt sodium-ion battery cell

Sweden’s Northvolt is touting a specific energy of 160 watt-hours per kilogram for its newly announced sodium-ion battery cell.

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LG Battery Recall: 6000 Batteries Yet To Be Located

burnt out lg resu battery

LG’s battery recall saga rolls on, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommending to Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones that he issue a national product safety notice for the solar storage units.

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