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Australian Electric Vehicle Market Study Published

Electric vehicles in Australia

While electric vehicles only make up 0.1 per cent of new car sales in Australia currently, a new report says EV uptake has the potential to start taking off soon and make up 90 percent of all cars and light commercial vehicles on Australian roads by 2050. [Continue reading…]

Autonomous Electric Shuttle Service Kicks Off In Adelaide

Solar electric autonomous shuttle

Image: Flinders University

It won’t be breaking any speed or distance records, but a driverless and soon to be solar powered electric shuttle has been turning heads in Adelaide – and the public are invited to take a free ride. [Continue reading…]

Poll Results : Australian Government Should Focus On Renewables

Lowy Institute Poll - Coal Vs. Renewables

The latest Lowy Institute Poll indicates an overwhelming majority of Australians still want more renewables rather than coal power in the nation’s energy mix.

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How Norwegian are REC Solar Panels? And Does It Matter?

I’ve had a request to clear up the question of whether REC is a European or Asian company. The confusion arises because although the company was founded in Norway and has its headquarters there, it manufactures REC solar panels in Singapore and is owned by a Chinese corporation. I have looked into this topic exhaustively and […]

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SolarEdge Sues Huawei Over Claimed Inverter Technology Infringement

SolarEdge and Huawei

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. has announced it has filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH and WATTKRAFT Solar GmbH, a distributor of Huawei’s products in Germany.

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Nothing New For Renewables In NSW State Budget

New South Wales Budget 2018-19 - Energy

The cupboard was bare for solar power and renewable energy overall in NSW Budget 2018-19, but that isn’t likely to hold back the uptake of solar panels in the state.

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Seraphim Solar Scores Panel Supply For Ukraine’s Largest Solar Farm

Seraphim solar panels

China’s Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. has announced it will be the sole module supplier for a 246MW solar project in Ukraine. The facility will be located near Dnepropetrovsk, the country’s fourth largest city.

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Monash Forum To Ramp Up Fight For Coal Power

Monash Forum - Coal Power

Members of the Monash Forum are readying for a battle for hearts, minds and funds as the direction of Australia’s energy future is determined.

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Zhejiang BLD Solar Panels De-Listed By CEC

BLD solar panels

The Clean Energy Council has announced that Zhejiang BLD solar panels have been removed from its Approved Products List.

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City of London Corporation Commits To 100% Renewables

City of London - solar power

The City of London Corporation has announced it will source all of its electricity from renewables from October this year – and solar power will play a role.

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