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Land Rover To Start Repurposing Their Used PHEV Batteries

When you think of Range Rovers, the words “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” probably don’t immediately come to mind. [Continue reading…]

HOEM Device Converts V2L Cars To V2H – For Under $1,000

Many Australians are having an epiphany: electric vehicles are big batteries on wheels that could, in theory, be used to power our homes using a V2H (Vehicle to Home) system. [Continue reading…]

Good Flashings For Solar; Holes In Your Roof Made Waterproof

There are many ways to make a weatherproof cable entry to your iron roof, but as far as I’m concerned, all of them except one are wrong. In this post, I’ll explain what 20 years of roofing experience has taught me about making the perfect wiring penetration.

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Tesla Confirms Key Powerwall 3 Specs

powerwall 3

A presentation by a Tesla USA employee, now circulating on YouTube, has provided substantial new information on the Powerwall 3’s confirmed specs.

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Why Faster Home EV Charging Gives Better Returns

EV charging on 3 phase

Solar power systems have been saving us money for years, but what about saving some for later? With large solar arrays on houses becoming the norm, finding places to store all the goodness is becoming more important. Faster EV charging is an excellent place to start.

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Best EV Chargers 2024: According To Australian Installers

Best ev chargers 2024 winners

What are the best home EV chargers in 2024 in Australia? I tapped into the collective wisdom of installers in the SolarQuotes network to find out.

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Failed Flashings: When Solar Roof Penetrations Go Wrong

Think about the tin roof over your head. Its primary function is to keep the rain out. Now picture putting holes in that tin sheet for a fat bundle of cables. It’s risky if not handled properly.

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How To Reinforce Skinny Rural SWER Connections With Solar Batteries

So you’ve made the tree change, shifted to the dream country block or taken over the farm now Dad has retired. While the peace and quiet is great, the fringe of grid power can prove problematic.

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The Best Home Batteries In Australia In 2024: According To Installers

Batteries 2024 gold medal winners

What are the best home batteries in Australia in 2024?

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Do You Really Need A 3-Phase Battery To Backup Your 3-Phase Home?

Today’s post explains that no matter how hard you pedal, if you take two wheels off your tricycle, it won’t go anywhere. In other words, a single-phase battery won’t power a three-phase appliance.

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