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WA’s City of Kwinana Saving With Solar Power

Solar panels

City of Kwinana Installs More Renewable Energy Capacity | Image: Public Domain

The City of Kwinana in Western Australia recently installed 384 solar panels on the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre.

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SolarEdge HD Wave Review:  The World’s Smallest And Most Efficient String Inverter

ronald and a hdwave

Today Ronald examines the SolarEdge HD Wave inverter. It’s small. But not that small.

It’s An Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, SolarEdge, HD Wave String Inverter…

SolarEdge, an Israeli company, has produced the HD Wave — the world’s smallest string inverter.  By size, this little cracker takes more DC than any inverter out there.  Not only that, but it grabs DC, uses its funky HD wave technology on it, and spurts out the AC our homes use with greater efficiency than any thing else on the market.  And it’s now available in Australia, starting from a couple of weeks ago. [Continue reading…]

STC Prices Plummet – The Impact On Australia’s Solar Subsidy

STC values impacting Australia's solar subsidy

A sudden reduction in the value of certificates upon which solar subsidies in Australia are based has resulted in some solar companies needing to re-issue recent quotes.

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Victorian Community Power Hub Groups Announced

Community Power Hubs - Victoria

Victoria’s Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change has announced host organisations for pilot community power hubs, plus renewable energy and energy efficiency funding for resource-strapped regional councils.

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Australian Businesses Losing Out By Not Pursuing Renewables

The Business Of Renewables

While 80% of Australians believe big businesses should use renewable energy, less than half are – and it’s costing those companies holding back dearly.

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Solar To Help Cut Queensland Police Service Electricity Costs

Solar powered police stations in Queensland

Solar panels to be rolled out on the rooftops of 40 police stations in Queensland will put a dent in QPS’s $13.5 million (and rising) annual electricity spend.

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Solar Panel Clamping Zones: Are Your Panels Mounted Correctly?

panels clamped on roofs

There is one main way solar panels are attached to roofs in Australia and I’m hoping you won’t be surprised to learn it’s not glue.  If you’ve got panels, they are almost certainly fastened to your roof with clamps and held tight in the loving embrace of metal brackets.

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Tesla’s Elon Musk’s Bold Battery Estimate

Elon Musk on battery storage

In an entirely solar powered USA, what would be the land area required for battery storage to ensure 24/7 electricity supply? Tesla’s Elon Musk says he has the answer.

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Total Eclipse Challenge For Solar Power In The USA

Total Solar Eclipse - USA

A total solar eclipse that will darken a broad corridor of the US next month has raised concerns about the impact of sudden ramping down, then up, of solar generated electricity.

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Warrnambool City Council Installing Solar Powered Lights

Solar powered LED lights in Warrnambool

More than 60 off-grid solar lights that will enhance community linkages and improve safety are being installed in five parks in the regional Victorian city of Warrnambool.

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