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Record Breaking 63% Of Electricity Demand Met By Rooftop Solar In South Australia

solar record for South Australia

South Australia’s Rooftop Solar Now Meets Over 60% Of Electricity Demand At Times

On Sunday, rooftop solar provided 60% of all South Australian electricity demand in the middle of the day.  This makes SA the most solar powered state by far and puts it well past the point where we were told solar power would destroy the grid, cause your lamb roast to cost $100, and make your cows spin backwards.  It’s a big increase from last year when the highest figure I heard was 48%.  Sunday’s percentage was so high it was off the chart.  [Continue reading…]

How Much Will Australia’s Solar Subsidy Reduce By In 2019?

Solar subsidy reduction in 2019

‘Tis the season for solar subsidy scare tactics. It’s that time of the year again when some solar retailers are starting to scream that the solar rebate/subsidy/incentive will reduce next year, hoping to turn more browsers into buyers. [Continue reading…]

SolarQuotes’ Finn Peacock On ABC Radio’s Nightlife

Finn Peacock - SolarQuotes - ABC Nightlife

Finn Peacock, founder of SolarQuotes appeared on the ABC radio program Nightlife last night.  I’m guessing you won’t be surprised to hear he talked about rooftop solar.  I’m not saying he’s getting predictable, but I didn’t think the chances of him talking about home coal generation were very high.

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Select Committee Into Fair Dinkum Power To Be Established

Select Committee Into Fair Dinkum Power

The upper house yesterday voted to establish a Senate select committee that will look into “fair dinkum power”, which start its work late this month.

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Alpha-ESS To Manufacture Solar Battery Systems In Adelaide

Alpha ESS batteries - SA Home Battery Scheme

Sonnen is no longer the only game in town for heavily subsidised energy storage in South Australia, with an announcement yesterday Alpha-ESS had joined the Home Battery Scheme.

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Gunnedah Solar Farm Referred To Independent Planning Commission

Gunnedah Solar Farm

A major solar farm proposed for the Gunnedah area in New South Wales has been referred to the IPC as a result of the number of objections lodged. 

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Intech Energy Container Arrives At Port Of Townsville

Intech Energy Container

An Intech Clean Energy containerised hybrid solar + storage solution arrived in Australia yesterday, which will make its way to a property in north-west Queensland’s McKinlay Shire.

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More Large-Scale Solar And Energy Storage Progress In Victoria

Gannawarra Energy Storage System - Tesla Powerpack

Gannawarra Solar Farm is operating at full capacity, construction of its colocated battery system has been completed and Wemen Solar Farm is connected to the grid says developer Wirsol.

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Salt Water Solar Power For Singapore

Floating solar power - Singapore

Singapore’s Sunseap Group has announced it will be developing an “offshore” floating solar farm in Johore Strait.

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Up To 75% Off Solar For Renters — If Victorian Labor Reelected

solar for renters in Vic

Victorian Labor has announced a scheme to put solar panels on the roofs of rental properties and allow tenants to benefit from the lower electricity bills it provides.  The catch is it relies on Labor being reelected on the 24th.  But, looking on the bright side, if the Victorian Liberals win I’m sure they’ll be […]

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