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Here at SolarQuotes we’ve put together a resource on commercial solar power called:

Solar For Your Business ‘101’:  A Beginner’s Guide

If you have a business but no solar panels, it’s made for you.  Or if you work at a business without solar and want some cred for suggesting a money saving idea you may want to run your eyeballs over it for that reason.  It’s full of solid advice and I highly recommend it.  The only way I could recommend it more is if I wrote it myself.  And I didn’t do that because I actually had no involvement with it at all. [Continue reading…]

Warwick Solar Farm – Excitement And Angst

A planned major solar farm has generated both enthusiasm and concern in the Warwick area, a situation that may hold some lessons for solar developers. [Continue reading…]

Sonnen To Manufacture Solar Batteries In South Australia

Sonnen batteries in Adelaide

German energy storage giant sonnen plans to establish a battery manufacturing centre in Adelaide that will produce 50,000 home systems over five years.

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South Australian Premier Pledges Interest Free Solar + Battery System Loans

Interest-free solar loans in South Australia

Yet another renewable energy related election commitment – this time Premier Jay Weatherill has announced a $100 million no-interest loans scheme to assist households in the purchase of solar power and/or battery systems if Labor is returned to office in SA.

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Progress On WA’s Merredin Solar Farm

Merredin Solar Farm - Western Australia

Several milestones have been reached in the development of what is claimed will be Western Australia’s largest solar farm, which may also include battery storage.

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SA Labor’s Renewables And Energy Storage Targets – Reactions

Reactions to renewable energy announcements in South Australia

If you’re a renewable energy supporter, South Australia has been a pretty exciting place to be recently and yesterday was no exception.

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SA Labor Commits To 75% Renewables By 2025

South Australia renewable energy target

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says if Labor is re-elected, it will boost the state’s Renewable Energy Target to 75 per cent by 2025.

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Development Application Lodged For Australia’s Largest Urban Solar Farm

Epuron South Fremantle Solar Farm

A development application has been submitted to Western Australia’s City of Fremantle for a solar farm proposed for a former South Fremantle landfill site.

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Trump Solar Tariffs A Taxing Situation For SunPower

Sunpower and Trump's solar tariffs

SunPower’s president and CEO isn’t particularly happy with the Trump Administration’s recent attempt to help “Make America Great Again” through punitive duties on imported cells and solar panels.

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Installing Solar Panels On A Flat Roof — All The Angles Covered

If you are checking out this article because you are planning to put solar panels on a flat roof, then odds are you’re looking to install a commercial solar system.  While there are homes with flat roofs, they’re not nearly as common as flat business roofs.  But whether it’s for a home or a business […]

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