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Thinning The Herd : Solar Panels Struck From CEC Approved List

Approved solar panels in Australia

In one fell swoop, thousands of solar panel models disappeared from the Clean Energy Council’s approved solar panels list a few days ago.

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Australian Rooftop Solar Power System Installations Top 2 Million

Solar power installation statistics - Australia

Latest estimates put the number of rooftop solar power systems installed across Australia at more than 2,001,130 – with approximately 20.3% of all Australian homes now boasting solar panels.

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Climate Action Protest Students Not Done Yet

Climate action school student protest

15,000 Australian students went on strike from school in each capital city and more than 20 regional centres across Australia recently. There’s more action to come, but this time outside of school hours.

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Queensland Solar And Battery Subsidy To Be Exhausted Soon

Queensland solar battery rebate

1,000 extra subsidy packages have been added to the Queensland Government’s solar and storage scheme – but it’s likely they won’t last long.

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City of Ryde Eyeing 60% Renewables By 2030

Ryde Council - solar power

In a meeting on Tuesday, Sydney’s City of Ryde gave the nod to investigating the potential of substantially amping up its use of renewable energy sources.

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Opal Aged Care’s Solar Power Rollout

Opal Aged Care solar rollout

Opal Aged Care is installing more than 10,600 solar panels at 54 of its properties across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland as part of a broader energy efficiency program.

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Amendments To Australia’s Renewable Energy Regulations Proposed

Small scale vs large scale solar

When is a small-scale solar power system a large-scale system? The Department of Environment And Energy wants to clarify this through changes to renewable energy regulations.

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WA’s Government Promises Renewables From Fracking Cash

Gas fracking moratorium lifted in Western Australia

Western Australia’s McGowan Government has announced it has lifted a moratorium on fracking, but assures everyone things will be A-OK and has dangled a renewable energy carrot.

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InSight’s Solar Panels Operational

NASA's solar powered InSight lander

Things are looking good for NASA’s InSight lander – its solar panels were successfully deployed just hours after landing on Mars.

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Is Labor’s $2,000 Battery Subsidy A Waste Of Money?

On Wednesday shadow Prime Minister, Bill Shorten, gave some details on the plans for energy Labor will throw into motion if they win the next election.  According to all the little people inside my TV, this election will occur within 6 months but it may be almost a year away.

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