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Ku-ring-gai Moving Forward On Community Net Zero Emissions

Solar power in Ku-ring-gai

Sydney’s Ku-ring-gai Council has a plan to transition to net zero emissions by 2040 for its own operations. Now it’s looking towards encouraging the entire community to do the same.

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South Australian Flexible Solar Exports Update

Flexible solar exports - South Australia

To help accommodate more home solar power in South Australia, SA Power Networks (SAPN) will soon be offering some new solar owners in Adelaide a choice between flexible and fixed exports.

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No, This Device Will Not Provide Big Electricity Bill Savings

Power saver scam

Online ads have been popping up on Australian screens spruiking a magic product that promises to slash electricity bills by “up to 90%”. It’s a scam.

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Solar Installer Shuns String Inverters, Switches To Microinverters

Enphase microinverter - Penrith Solar

Citing safety, simplicity, support and performance reasons, NSW’s Penrith Solar has bid farewell to string inverters and is now only installing solar power systems with microinverters.

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Movement At The Station – Morwell Solar Farm

Morwell Solar Farm

The public notification period for a solar farm incorporating battery storage on the outskirts of the Victorian coal town of Morwell recently kicked off.

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Coca-Cola Amatil Joins The RE100

Coca Cola Amatil - solar panels

Beverage bottler Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has joined the RE100 renewable energy initiative after committing to 100% renewable electricity across its operations here and abroad.

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TAI: Fossil Fuel Exporters Should Cough Up For Climate Damage

Fossil fuel level for climate damage

The Australia Institute (TAI) is calling on the NSW Government to support a levy on fossil fuel exports to help cover the costs of climate change impacts in the state.

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Melbourne Market’s Massive Solar Power Upgrade

Melbourne Market - solar power

Melbourne Market in Epping is set for a big bump up in solar power capacity, with the market community and produce to also get better protection from the elements.

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Solar Export Limiting: Just How Much Energy Will You Lose?

Export limited solar systems are becoming increasingly common.  Some new solar power system buyers are being told they can only proceed with an installation if the installer ‘export limits’ their system. Export limiting is a polite way of saying ‘hobbled’.  An export limited solar system will occasionally send less electricity into the grid than its […]

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Audit Reveals Coal Power Station Pollution Inaction

Coal power pollution - Australia

Taking decreases in electricity generation into account, there’s been little change to the toxic pollution emissions profile of coal-fired power stations says Environmental Justice Australia.

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