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More Solar Energy For Somerset Regional Council

Somerset Regional Council - solar panels

Solar panels have recently appeared on the rooftops of another three Somerset Regional Council buildings as part of a Council initiative to reduce energy costs and emissions.

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AEMC Report — Electricity Prices To Fall Thanks To Renewable Energy

Wind energy and solar power - AEMC

If you don’t live in Western Australia I have good news.  A report released on December the 9th by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) says electricity prices will fall in all states except WA.

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Analyst Says Australian Lithium Needs To Get Greener

Australian lithium mining and carbon intensity

I feel undeservedly lucky, that in the worst bushfire summer imaginable, fires came no closer than about 5 km from the little patch of bush I inhabit.

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Longi Claims Another Solar Panel Efficiency Record

Longi solar panels

Solar panel manufacturing goliath Longi has announced what it says is “a new world record” for conversion efficiency in a monocrystalline module. But is it?

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Bushfire Assistance Available From Solar Victoria

Solar Victoria - bushfires

Solar Victoria has offered a helping hand to Solar Homes program rebate applicants, customers and installation businesses doing it tough as a result of bushfires.

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EnergyAustralia Solar Feed-In Tariff Changes

EnergyAustralia feed in tariff

“Big 3” electricity retailer EnergyAustralia has very recently updated its solar feed-tariff rates – with three states losing out.

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Solar Energy Continues To Help Clean Up After UK Coal Mining

Solar powered mobile dosing trailer

While deep pit coal mining ended in the UK in 2015, previous activity continues to impact the environment – and solar power has been helping to clean up the mess.

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Climate Change Concerns Climb In Australia

Climate change attitudes in Australia

The level of concern among Australians regarding climate change and its impacts has increased significantly due to the nation’s bushfire crisis.

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Renewable Electricity Generation In Australia’s Water Utility Industry

Solar power and Australian water utilities

How much on-site renewables-based electricity is generated by Australia’s water and wastewater utilities? Researchers at the University of Queensland sought to find out.

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Bushfire Smoke Impact On Rooftop Solar Energy Output

Bushfire smoke and solar panels

A solar monitoring company has found output from rooftop solar panel systems in Sydney and Canberra was significantly impacted on recent heavy bushfire smoke haze days.

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