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Camden Cutting Emissions & Grass With Electric Commercial Mower

Electric ride-on lawnmower

Sydney’s Camden Council recently acquired a new EV of sorts – an electric ride-on lawnmower.

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FIMER Scores Spot In NSW EV Destination Charger Program

FIMER Wallbox EV charger

FIMER’s FLEXA AC Wallbox is among the EV chargers eligible  for New South Wales’ electric vehicle destination charging grants.

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Renewables-Powered Public EV Charger For Yarra Glen

Yarra Glen EV charger

EV drivers visiting the Victorian town of Yarra Glen will soon be able to top up their electric vehicles at a new charging station.

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Electricity Prices To Rise (Again) In Western Australia

Electricity prices in Western Australia - 2022/23

The WA Government will be clawing back some of its Household Electricity Credit through more expensive electricity and reduced feed-in tariffs.

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Towards Australian Standards For Second-Hand Solar Panels

Second-hand solar panels in Australia

Two Australian organisations are collaborating on developing standards and certification to support a local second-hand solar panel market.

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Coal Power Connection In Australia’s “Most Polluted” Postcodes

Coal power air pollution - Australia

Six of the ten Australian postcodes determined to have the highest levels of five dangerous air pollutants have something in common – coal power plants within their boundaries.

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Thousands Of Solar Panels Airlifted Onto Tonsley Rooftops

Solar panel airlift - Tonsley, Adelaide

2,000 solar panels were recently airlifted by helicopter onto the roofs of Renewal SA’s Line Zero building and TAFA SA’s campus in Adelaide’s Tonsley Innovation District.

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Caravan Solar Panel Tragedy: Coroner Delivers Findings

Caravan solar panels - coroner findings

The findings of a coronial inquest in Tasmania serve as a reminder to owners of caravans with solar panels to ensure they are properly secured.

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To Electrify Road Transport Australia Will Need 46% More Generation

traffic near perth

Australia has more than 20 million vehicles, including 2 million heavy trucks. To electrify them all would require an increase in on-grid electricity generation of approximately 46%.  This size of this increase raises the question:  Is it possible for Australia to generate enough electricity to enable a rapid transition to electric road transport?

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Maxeon Hooks Up With AlphaESS For SunPower One

Maxeon and AlphaESS - SunPower One

High-end solar panel manufacturer Maxeon has made an interesting choice of energy storage and EV charging solutions partner – AlphaESS.

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