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Has Daniel Andrews Killed The Residential Solar Industry In Victoria?

This is serious. Really serious. Good businesses will go bust,  families will lose homes unless drastic action is taken. Now. Right now.

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Europe’s Largest Conservation Charity Dumping Fossil Fuel Investments

National Trust fossil fuel divestment

National Trust announced yesterday it will divest from all fossil fuel companies within the next three years, as it continues its own journey towards 50% renewables by 2020.

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Sunrise TV Gets It Wrong: Installing Batteries Will Lose Most Households Money

CH7 Sunrise Solar Segment

If you told me two years ago you spent $46,000 on a solar and battery system and it saved you $4,000 a year, my reaction would be, “I’m sorry.  I’m so, so sorry.”

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Victoria’s Solar PV Rebate Done For July

Victoria solar rebates

As expected, the July quota for solar power system rebates under Victoria’s Solar Homes program was rapidly filled. It’s time to get ready for August.

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Atherton Solar Farm Gets Development Approval

Atherton Solar Farm

Queensland’s Tablelands Regional Council has approved the development of a solar farm near Tolga – but it wasn’t a slam-dunk decision and some confusing aspects of the project remain.

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Australia’s Coal Ash Dumps A “Ticking Time Bomb”

Coal ash waste in Australia

One of Australia’s biggest waste problems – coal ash – presents a huge risk to human and environmental health states a new report.

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Solar PPA Proves Popular At New Perth Housing Estate

Amble Estate solar PPA

Solar panel systems installed under a power purchase agreement (PPA) have been popular at a housing development in the Perth suburb of Girrawheen.

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DIY Solutions For Solar Power Diversion Through Home Automation

A couple of weeks ago, I took a look at a customer’s need to integrate his solar PV controller with his smart home system, and concluded that this industry needs to settle on standard protocols so systems can get smarter.

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Solar Victoria Targeting Safety And Quality 

Solar Victoria - safety and quality focus

Solar Victoria is keen to get the message across it won’t tolerate shoddy work and shonkiness occurring under the state’s Solar Homes subsidy program.

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SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode 21 – Changing The World 3.3 Watts At A Time

SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode 21

Finn and Ronald discuss SQ’s initiative to help distribute off-grid solar to impoverished households overseas, battery testing results and standards, best and worst installer reviews and more.

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