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Scrap Your Old Solar System & High Feed-in Tariff For A Bigger & Better Return

Do you have a faithful, old, 1.5 kilowatt solar system installed? Has it sat on your roof churning photons into electrical energy for 10 years or more? Has it earned you a heap of money because it gets an old, premium feed-in tariff far higher than anything available now?

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Clean Energy Finance Corporation Invests In Ingenia Communities

CEFC and Ingenia

Ingenia Communities Group has secured a $75 million debt facility with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) for carbon reduction and energy initiatives.

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WA Election 2021 – Climate Change, Renewable Energy and EVs

Western Australia election 2021

While it’s still just under a month before voters in Western Australia go to the polls, here’s some of what WA Labor, Liberals, Nationals and Greens have committed to at this point in terms of renewable energy, electric vehicles and climate change.

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AEMO Virtual Power Plant Reports Released

Virtual Power Plants - AEMO reports

The Australian Energy Market Operator has published its latest Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Knowledge Sharing Report and VPP Consumer Insights Interim Report.

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Another Cracking Quarter For Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy

Microinverter and battery storage manufacturer Enphase pleased shareholders once again, delivering another strong quarter.

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Fossil Fuel Air Pollution Responsible For 18% Of Deaths Globally In 2018

Fossil fuel air pollution deaths

A study out of Harvard University estimates the number of deaths attributable to fine particle pollution generated by fossil fuel combustion is likely far higher than previously thought.

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Climate Change And Renewable Energy Attitudes In Victoria

Renewable energy and climate change attitudes in Victoria

A majority of Victorians want to see even more investment in renewable energy and remain concerned about climate change according to a recent survey.

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Sunways Solar Inverters Arriving In Australia Soon

Sunways solar inverters and Suntech Australia

It won’t be long before there will be yet another solar inverter choice available in Australia – Sunways, which is being launched here exclusively through Suntech Australia.

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Yet Another Tesla Powerwall Price Hike: Aussies Now Pay $1,500 More Than In US.

If you’re an Australian hoping to buy a Tesla Powerwall battery system, I have bad news.  It’s so bad that before I reveal it, you may want to sit down and prepare to offer words of comfort to your wallet.

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SolarQuotes TV Launch – Episode 1

SolarQuotes TV Launch - Episode 1

Following on from the popular SolarQuotes vodcast series, Finn kicks off the first season of SolarQuotes TV. In this first episode:

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