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Sunways Solar Inverters Arriving In Australia Soon

Sunways solar inverters and Suntech Australia

It won’t be long before there will be yet another solar inverter choice available in Australia – Sunways, which is being launched here exclusively through Suntech Australia.

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Yet Another Tesla Powerwall Price Hike: Aussies Now Pay $1,500 More Than In US.

If you’re an Australian hoping to buy a Tesla Powerwall battery system, I have bad news.  It’s so bad that before I reveal it, you may want to sit down and prepare to offer words of comfort to your wallet.

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SolarQuotes TV Launch – Episode 1

SolarQuotes TV Launch - Episode 1

Following on from the popular SolarQuotes vodcast series, Finn kicks off the first season of SolarQuotes TV. In this first episode:

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NSW’s Hunter New England Health Heading For Carbon Neutral

Hunter New England Health - solar power

Lots of solar panels and electric cars are on the cards for New South Wales’ Hunter New England Health as it strives for carbon neutrality by 2030.

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Renewables Need More Long Distance Transmission. Low Interest Rates Can Make That Happen.

Long-distance transmission sends electrical energy from where it’s generated to where it’s used.  If we had more of it, electricity prices would be lower, and the integration of solar and wind farms would be easier.  Thanks to record low-interest rates, more of it is exactly what we’re going to get.  

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Electric Hot Water System VPP Trial In South Australia

Solahart electric hot water system VPP trial

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced funding for Rheem’s Active Hot Water Control project in South Australia. The trial involves storing excess solar electricity – both self-generated and from the grid – using thousands of electric hot water systems.

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Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – February 2021

auSSII solar report - February 2021

The start of 2021 saw many Australians hit the ground running in getting ready to install an energy bill busting solar power system.

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Queensland Solar For Rentals Rebate Trial Results

Queensland solar for rentals rebate

Queensland’s Department of Energy and Public Works has revealed some of the outcomes of a trial involving rebates for solar power system installations on private rental properties.

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Glenrowan West Solar Farm Construction Reaches Final Phase

Glenrowan West Solar Farm - Victoria

Victoria’s Glenrowan West Solar Farm has moved into the final phase of construction and is expected to commence commercial operation in March this year.

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Solar Saves Highfields Pioneer Village – Literally

Highfields Pioneer Village solar panels

Solar power is playing a crucial role in helping put Highfields Pioneer Village near Toowoomba in Queensland back on its feet.

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