Upgrading Vintage Solar? You May Need To Start Again

Old cottage with old solar power system

Like the rest of Burra, this solar system should be heritage listed.

Are you an early adopter of solar power? Are you wondering how to install a new solar system alongside your existing one? Or if you need to replace it entirely? And what about the solar rebate if you’ve already received it? Plus, how does the Premium Feed-in Tariff (FiT) factor into your decision?
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Upgrade Your Solar To Be Bigger & Better (And Immune To Export-Charges)

Solar panels all over a roof

image credit: Kelvin Graves – Crap Solar Facebook group

I’ve recently noticed an uptick in questions from previously satisfied solar owners. With rising prices eroding their savings, they’re looking to boost their solar yield. If you’d like more solar, read on and we’ll explain how to go about it.
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Is Your Home A Solar Installer’s Worst Nightmare?

solar installer having a mare

Trawling an album recently, I was traumatized to recall one particular solar installation. I took nearly 20 photos at the time to prove why, in this case, it was such a nightmare. [Read more…]

Hidden Defects in Solar Battery Installations: What Inspectors Look For


battery install defects

Solar battery installation inspections are essential. They ensure systems are safe, compliant, and function optimally. [Read more…]

5 Proactive Ways to Protect Your Solar Setup from Corrosion

a corroded solar inverter

A Growatt inverter near Ardrossan, South Australia

This article will explore proactive ways that you can protect your solar investment by slowing down and even preventing corrosion, enabling your solar panels to keep on giving right through to their (and maybe your) sunset years. [Read more…]

Four Things You Should Check Before Your Solar Installers Leave

Welcome back to our monthly chat. I’m Pat from Southwell Solar Inspections. In my line of work, I get to chat with system owners after the solar installation team has packed up and moved on. It’s a unique chance to hear how the system is running once the initial excitement has faded.
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Good Flashings For Solar; Holes In Your Roof Made Waterproof

solar array on roof with wiring

Image credit: Solar Depot

There are many ways to make a weatherproof cable entry to your iron roof, but as far as I’m concerned, all of them except one are wrong. In this post, I’ll explain what 20 years of roofing experience has taught me about making the perfect wiring penetration. [Read more…]

Failed Flashings: When Solar Roof Penetrations Go Wrong

roof flashings

Think about the tin roof over your head. Its primary function is to keep the rain out. Now picture putting holes in that tin sheet for a fat bundle of cables. It’s risky if not handled properly. [Read more…]

How To Reinforce Skinny Rural SWER Connections With Solar Batteries

So you’ve made the tree change, shifted to the dream country block or taken over the farm now Dad has retired. While the peace and quiet is great, the fringe of grid power can prove problematic.
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Top 5 Solar Installation Mistakes From Not Reading The Instructions

The Electrician's Bible: AS3000. Section 4.1.2

Installing solar systems is more than just a job; it involves a deep understanding of numerous Australian standards and guidelines. Among these, AS3000 – The Australian Wiring Rules – stands out as the master standard for electrical work. Among a zillion other things, it mandates that all equipment installations adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. [Read more…]

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