From Stink Pipes to Split Rafters: Avoid These Rooftop Solar Blunders

dented roof sheets

Think of me as a detective, but swap out crime scenes for rooftop and commercial solar setups. Here, the thrill isn’t in chasing down overt dangers but in uncovering the subtle, critical details often hidden in plain sight. It’s an adventure where precision meets the pursuit of an installation everyone can be proud of. [Read more…]

The Duck Test: When Solar Companies Wind Up

The duck test

At SolarQuotes, we sometimes hear stories about orphaned customers in a predicament when their installer goes bust. But this one rubs salt into the wound. [Read more…]

Self-Cleaning Solar: Why You Should Avoid Flat Solar Panels

dirty solar panels

You may have heard that flat solar panels require regular cleaning, but those angled at 10° or more don’t. But is it really true? [Read more…]

The Unseen Craftsmanship of A Good Solar Install: Array Cabling

residential solar panels in Australia

Did you know that a staggering 90% of solar installation defects are found on the roof? [Read more…]

How To Go Reliably Off-Grid With Your Tiny House Or Cabin

Lifting a tiny house into position

Image credit: NESCA

A growing number of Australians are trying to avoid the hellscape that is the current Australian housing market. The trend towards tiny houses shows it’s not hard to build a neat little dwelling and plonk it somewhere nice. [Read more…]

How To Safely Add Solar Power To Your Caravan, RV Or Camper

Unrestored motorhome

At SolarQuotes, we often field inquiries about remote-area solar power systems, and increasingly, we’re seeing interest in their little brothers, too: off-grid systems for buses, caravans, RVs or trendy tiny houses.

[Read more…]

Electrical Nightmares: The Terrifying Realities of Household Wiring

Hard to believe, but this shiny, stripped copper cable inside a house roof is the handiwork of birds!

Electricity is crucial in modern society, powering almost everything we use daily. In Australia, working with anything over 50 volts AC or 120 volts DC (ripple-free) requires a licensed electrician. [Read more…]

Maximising Solar Efficiency in Heat Waves: An Aussie Guide

With another scorching summer looming on the horizon, spare a thought for the solar panels doing it tough up there on the roof. There’s a common misconception that PV rooftop solar thrives in the heat just like a thermal solar system, but in fact, the opposite is true. [Read more…]

MC4 Plugs, The Hardest Working Things In Solar.

While they look different, the new model MC4 evo plug on the left is legal to mate with the old MC4 on the right.

If you’re not involved in the solar industry but wonder how millions of solar panels worldwide are connected to deliver clean energy, you might have too much spare time on your hands. Nonetheless, I’m glad you’re interested because, as I’m about to explain, this topic can be quite electrifying – particularly when an electrical fire or short circuit causes a catastrophic inverter failure. [Read more…]

In-House Vs Sub-Contractor Solar Installers: Which Is Best?

In-house vs sub-contract installers

When wading into the murky waters of rooftop solar for the first time you may have come across people advising you to check that the solar company doesn’t use sub-contractors to install their systems. [Read more…]

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