Exclusive: Ronald Wakes Up With Elon Musk. Here’s What Happened Next

Elon Musk Battery Day - Tesla

It’s 5:30 am and I’m sitting in SolarQuotes office waiting for Elon Musk’s big battery day announcement.  This is pretty early for me, so it had better be good.  I don’t normally come into the office until 5:45 am.  

I have no idea what Elon’s going to say except it’ll be about batteries.  [Read more…]

Northern Territory’s $6,000 Solar Battery Subsidy May Become $12,000

Northern Territory solar battery subsidy

A battery shed near Alice Springs. Photo: Lloyd Peacock

The Northern Territory has the nation’s most generous solar battery subsidy: $6,000 off a battery system.  It’s already the biggest battery subsidy in Australia by a long way, and if the Country Liberals win the NT election this month they will double it to an insane $12,000.  And by insane, mean they’d be nuts to make it that high. [Read more…]

Argonne National Laboratory Claims Breakthroughs In Li-ion Battery Recycling

Lithium ion battery recycling

Batteries are, as we all know, recyclable – but some recycle better than others. Lead-acid batteries? The process is easy, familiar and cheap enough to leave a decent margin, so Australia has some local recycling plants.

But the future isn’t lead acid, is it? [Read more…]

Will The Rise Of Big Grid Batteries Make Home Batteries Pointless?

Big grid batteries vs. home batteries

Image: Tesla

Long ago, when the internet was made of nothing but stone knives and bearskins, it sounded like this, and looked rubbish: [Read more…]

Energy Australia’s Solar Plus Plan: Free Solar & Battery Comes At A High Cost

Energy Australia's Solar Plus Plan review

Energy Australia will give you a ‘free’ solar power system + Tesla Powerwall. All you have to do is buy your energy from them for 7 years. Is that a good deal?

TLDR: You’ll save more money if you go to the effort of buying your own, bigger solar power system rather than surrendering your roof’s profits to Energy Australia. [Read more…]

You Won’t Believe How Dumb The NSW Government’s New Battery Calculator Is

nsw government solar battery calculator

The new NSW solar & battery calculator is so misleading it’s not funny.

The NSW Government’s Solar Battery Calculator is up and running. 

This would only be a good thing if it was up and running out the door, never to be seen again.

It had one job to do — inform NSW families if a home battery makes financial sense for them — and it fails miserably.  Worse, it fails in exactly the wrong direction. [Read more…]

NSW Government Publishes Pernicious 71-Page Battery Guide

NSW Home Solar Battery Guide 2020.

A happy family with their 4.8 kWh of Enphase AC batteries. These 4 batteries will cost about $10,000 installed and store about $1.44 of solar electricity.

Guess what! You can now read another tax-payer funded document that does more harm than good. 

The NSW Government has published the NSW Home Solar Battery Guide 2020.  It’s supposed to help the people of NSW and Australia decide if getting batteries is right for them.

I have read the report and have concluded that it is insane. [Read more…]

Why Have Home Battery Forecasts Been Staggeringly Wrong For Years?

Home battery uptake forecasts

Honey, I shrunk the battery market

When I was a kid, the past wrote checks for the future reality couldn’t cash.  I never got a flying car, let alone a jetpack, and a picture book I had promised me the 2020 Olympics would be on the moon.  Well, it’s 2020 now and we don’t even have an Olympics, let alone a moon colony to hold it in. [Read more…]

Community Batteries Benefit The Grid More Says Latest Research

Community batteries - benefits

There is a middle ground between home and utility-scale batteries: the community battery. New research shows community batteries bring more benefit than individually owned energy storage systems.

The ACT government reckons there’s a gap between the household battery and grid-scale batteries: community batteries, either owned by or at least serving the needs of collectives of households. [Read more…]

SA Home Battery Scheme’s New Calculator Gives Dismal Results (If You Can Find It)

SA Home Battery Scheme calculator

The SA Government commissioned a calculator for their home battery scheme. It shows that, for most homes, even subsidised solar batteries don’t add up yet. So they buried it on their website.

Finally, after one and a half years, the South Australian Home Battery scheme has added a battery calculator to their site. [Read more…]