Using Table Salt To Make Better, Cheaper Li-ion Batteries

Salt use in Li-ion battery cathodes

Table salt could hold the key to bigger, cheaper Li-ion batteries.

Just before Australia went into its traditional summer stupor, someone from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in America got in touch with me about research into single-crystal technologies for Lithium-ion batteries.

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Check Out This Novel Zenaji Battery Installation in WA

Zenaji battery installation

Jason’s garage in Geraldton. Those funky looking black tubes are 4 x 1.93 kWh Zenaji batteries.

Jason Bertelsen isn’t a name in the renewables sector – he’s a customer. However, his story, in particular his decision to put money into Zenaji batteries, intrigued us enough to get in touch for an interview. [Read more…]

Check Out This 120 kW, 200 kWh Off-Grid Factory In Mackay, QLD

Solar + Battery Storage - Off-Grid Factory

Ten years ago, a “couple of sparkies” from the Riverina headed north and set up an electrical services business in Mackay, Queensland, catering to the mining industry.

Today, Jason Sharam (managing director) and Peter Shaw (CEO) run an electrical services business with a very noticeable difference: they now have what is probably close to unique – an off-grid solar-powered manufacturing facility with “100% renewable” as its goal. [Read more…]

LAVO’s Australian Made Hydrogen Battery: Incredible Engineering. Tough Sell.

Lavo hydrogen battery review

The LAVO hydrogen battery is a feat of engineering -but who will buy it?

If all you’ve ever wanted out of life is to own an Australian made, hydrogen-powered, fuel cell, energy storage system then I have some really good news for you.  In October, Australian company LAVO launched a hydrogen energy storage system for homes and businesses.  While it’s mainly a fuel cell, they refer to it as a hydrogen battery, so if you want to call it a battery knock yourself out. [Read more…]

Tesla Increases Powerwall Price $800 After Announcing They’ll Halve Battery Prices By 2025

Tesla Powerwall price increase

Despite promising to reduce energy storage costs, Tesla keeps increasing the price of its Powerwall home battery.

On September the 23rd I woke up at 5:00 am to listen to Elon Musk’s Battery Day announcement where the world was told Tesla would cut the cost of batteries in half by 2025.  We were told they would:

  • Lower the cost of battery cells.
  • Lower the cost of battery factories.
  • Reduce the cost of raw materials required.

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Batteries Key To Solar’s Future In A “Post-Peak” Market

Solar power in a post-peak market - Australia

Will solar sales soon go to the dogs without batteries? Image: Adelaide Solar Safe

Australia has seen a decade of explosive growth in renewables, but there’s another big change coming. According to Green Energy Trading chair Ric Brazzale, we’re very close to the peak of new rooftop solar PV. [Read more…]

Exclusive: Ronald Wakes Up With Elon Musk. Here’s What Happened Next

Elon Musk Battery Day - Tesla

It’s 5:30 am and I’m sitting in SolarQuotes office waiting for Elon Musk’s big battery day announcement.  This is pretty early for me, so it had better be good.  I don’t normally come into the office until 5:45 am.  

I have no idea what Elon’s going to say except it’ll be about batteries.  [Read more…]

Northern Territory’s $6,000 Solar Battery Subsidy May Become $12,000

Northern Territory solar battery subsidy

A battery shed near Alice Springs. Photo: Lloyd Peacock

The Northern Territory has the nation’s most generous solar battery subsidy: $6,000 off a battery system.  It’s already the biggest battery subsidy in Australia by a long way, and if the Country Liberals win the NT election this month they will double it to an insane $12,000.  And by insane, mean they’d be nuts to make it that high. [Read more…]

Argonne National Laboratory Claims Breakthroughs In Li-ion Battery Recycling

Lithium ion battery recycling

Batteries are, as we all know, recyclable – but some recycle better than others. Lead-acid batteries? The process is easy, familiar and cheap enough to leave a decent margin, so Australia has some local recycling plants.

But the future isn’t lead acid, is it? [Read more…]

Will The Rise Of Big Grid Batteries Make Home Batteries Pointless?

Big grid batteries vs. home batteries

Image: Tesla

Long ago, when the internet was made of nothing but stone knives and bearskins, it sounded like this, and looked rubbish: [Read more…]