Worrisome Results From Canberra’s Battery Test Centre

Lithium-ion Battery Test Centre

Canberra’s Battery Test Centre has been going a couple of years now. What do the results so far tell us about the state of the home battery market?

I am very happy.  I just found out there is a battery testing centre in Canberra.  Who would have thought there would be something useful in Canberra?  Besides, of course, for the Federal Government and the bureaucracy that’s necessary for the functioning of a modern representative democracy.1 [Read more…]


  1. And Reposit.

New Tesla Powerwall 2 Orders Won’t Arrive Until “Early 2019”.

Tesla Powerwall 2 delay

If you order a Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery system, according to a Tesla spokesperson, you will now have to wait until early next year to have it delivered.  This means the supply of Powerwalls for new Australian orders will be halted for at least 7 months.  If these turn out to be Tesla months then your guess as to when they will be available is as good as mine. [Read more…]

Arvio Supercapacitor Energy Storage — Powerful Enough To Beat Batteries At Their Own Game?

super capacitor man - Arvio Kilowatt Labs Sirius

Will Super Capacitor Energy Storage Save The World? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Australian company Arvio is now selling a supercapacitor energy storage module.  If you go to their site you can see the Kilowatt Labs Sirius module that stores 3.55 kilowatt-hours of electricity on sale for $4,950 including GST – here’s how it looks: [Read more…]

Don’t Add Batteries To A 3-Phase Home Before Reading This

3-phase homes and solar battery systems

If you buy the wrong battery system for your three-phase home your electricity bill will not go down nearly as much as you expect. And with the economic return of battery systems being pretty marginal in even the best case scenario, it is super important that your battery gives you the best returns possible. [Read more…]

Tesla Increases Cost Of Powerwall 2 To $9,600 — Not Including Installation

Tesla Powerwall 2 price rise

And you thought batteries were meant to be getting cheaper every year?

Sorry I’ve been slow in reporting this, but back in February Tesla raised the price of a Powerwall 2 in the United States by 400 Mickey Mouse dollars; an increase from US$5,500 to US$5,900.  We’ve also copped it sweet here in Australia and the price has increased by $600 to $9,600 before installation.  The only mitigating circumstance I can see is that all Tesla Powerwall 2 battery systems now come with full backup capability.  It’s no longer an optional feature. [Read more…]

Powershop Removes Mystery About Reposit GridCredits

Powershop reveals Reposit GridCredit payments

Powershop Reveals Dollar Value Of Reposit Payments For Exporting Battery Power To Grid During ‘Critical Peaks’

Reposit is a smart controller that helps households make more effective use of battery systems.  One advantage Reposit provides is during certain — very limited — periods of time, you can be paid $1 for each kilowatt-hour of electricity your battery exports to the grid.  Reposit calls these payments GridCredits. [Read more…]

Ronald Checks Out Electric Cars Part 2 — Range, Charging, And Trivia

Electric cars - range and charging

Nine days ago I attended the Charge Together electric car event in Adelaide and scored some sweet electric rides.  Last week I wrote about 5 specific electric cars and today I’ll describe what I learned about driving electric cars in general from their owners.  I’ll cover range anxiety and how it’s not really a problem provided you get an electric car that suits your needs.  I cover charging at home, at public charging stations, and even what to do when out-the-back-of-Burke and desperately seeking a charge.  I’ll even cover a little bit of electric car history. [Read more…]

Ronald Checks Out 5 Electric Cars On The Streets Of Adelaide

Electric car review - Charge Together

Ronald attended the Charge Together electric vehicle event In Adelaide. Here’s what happened…

I attended an electric car event here in Adelaide on Sunday.  I thought it was a reasonable thing to do as I’d recently written about how electric cars don’t result in more CO2 emissions than the typical petrol car. Because some people have made apples to oranges comparisons between the greenhouse gas emissions produced by, lower performance petrol cars and larger, higher performance electric cars when charged from the grid, it seemed like a good idea to see with my own eyes that these people aren’t being fair dinkum. [Read more…]

Craig Kelly Is Wrong: Electric Cars Are Better For The Environment Than Petrol Ones

Craig Kelly on electric cars

Craig Kelly Is Either Illiterate, Incompetent, or Machiavellian.  But I’m pretty sure it’s the middle one.

Toyota Prius Beats Nissan Leaf And Tesla S On CO2 Emissions In Australia

It has become clear to me there is some confusion over whether electric cars offer an environmental benefit in this country.  Craig Kelly, who is an extremely honorable Member of Parliament, has told the nation they result in more greenhouse emissions than conventional petrol cars.

If you are standing up while reading this you may want to sit down due to your shock when I tell you Craig Kelly is actually wrong on this. [Read more…]

The Six Biggest Myths About Battery Storage

finn's battery system - energy storage myths

If you are buying a solar battery – go in with your eyes wide open.

I’ve been publishing thoughts on the solar industry since 2009. And since Tesla announced their Powerwall battery to great media hype in May 2015, a lot of those thoughts have concerned batteries.

Unfortunately, a lot of the facts I’ve published about batteries, their economics and their environmental impacts have not gone down well with some parts of the solar industry, generally the parts that have bet their future on selling lots of batteries in the short to medium term. [Read more…]