SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode #5

Last Friday Ronald and I sat down in SQHQ to discuss the previous 7 days on the blog. Here are the posts we discussed, along with links to the relevant place in the video. [Read more…]

Craig Kelly Calls SA Big Battery A Failure – After It Works Exactly As Expected

Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly MP and the Big Battery

Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly is upset the SA big battery is not magical.

Craig Kelly is…

  • A Liberal Member of Parliament.
  • A supporter of health damaging and environmentally destructive coal power.
  • The only Federal MP with a nuclear reactor lodged in his seat.
  • A man who resembles a big cuddly koala bear with a shaved face.

Recently he published a 419 word essay on his facebook page titled, “THE GREAT BATTERY CONJOB EXPOSED”. [Read more…]

Canberra Battery Test Centre Update — BYD Battery Comes Out On Top

Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre Results

The results show some big name batteries performing pretty poorly…

The Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre in Canberra has released a new report.  They released it 5 months ago but I’ll make apologies for tardy reporting later.  [Read more…]

Tesla Popup Store In Adelaide Quotes $9,300 Powerwall Installed By Killer Robots

Tesla popup store in Adelaide, South Australia

Yesterday I visited a pop-up Tesla store in Adelaide.

Tesla has told me they can provide a fully installed Powerwall 2 in South Australia for $9,300 after the state’s $6,000 battery subsidy.  The three phase version will cost “a few hundred dollars more” and there is a 12 week waiting period. [Read more…]

Tesla Big Battery’s First Year: Lowers Electricity Prices, Makes Money, Is Not On Fire

Tesla Big Battery - Hornsdale Power Reserve

The Hornsdale Power Reserve or “Tesla Big Battery” is One! And it’s been quite successful.

The Tesla Big Battery in South Australia came online last year on the first of December.  It’s now one year and 18 days old.  Despite the involvement of Elon Musk and Tesla it’s not actually called the Tesla Big Battery.  Its real name is the Hornsdale Power Reserve.  Personally, if I had been asked, I would have called it Elonia Princess of Power, but I wasn’t consulted and so my naming talents continue to be squandered. [Read more…]

It Appears Impossible To Save Money With The Queensland Battery Grant

Queensland battery grant - a useless subsidy?

Don’t Rush Into Getting A $3,000 QLD Battery Grant:  It Can Cost You Dearly.

Yesterday a Queenslander asked me for advice.  This is not unusual.  I’m originally from Queensland, so I understand their primitive ways.  I also take care to maintain their respect by never making fun of my home state and only ever saying things about it that are factually true.  Such as the plants want to kill you.

This Queenslander asked me if he should take advantage of his state’s $3,000 battery grant scheme[Read more…]

Alpha ESS Battery Review: Everything You Need To Know About The Storion-SMILE

Alpha ESS Battery Review

The Alpha ESS Storion SMILE battery is the second battery eligible for the SA Battery ‘rebate’. But is it worth considering?

Alpha ESS is a Chinese manufacturer of home battery systems.  Because they have promised to do some assembly in Adelaide they are now the second company eligible to receive South Australia’s substantial home battery subsidy, as reported by Michael here. More batteries will become eligible in January. [Read more…]

Is Labor’s $2,000 Battery Subsidy A Waste Of Money?

Labor solar battery rebate

On Wednesday shadow Prime Minister, Bill Shorten, gave some details on the plans for energy Labor will throw into motion if they win the next election.  According to all the little people inside my TV, this election will occur within 6 months but it may be almost a year away. [Read more…]

Punters Surprised: Prices Publicised Show Batteries Subsidised Cost More Than Surmised

sonnen battery prices

Prices Sonnen Has Published Show Their SA Subsidised Batteries Of Any Size Ain’t Cheap!

In what could have been good news, Sonnen’s Australian website now gives prices for home battery systems bought directly from them after the South Australian battery subsidy is applied.  [Read more…]

How Virtual Power Plants Can Improve Battery Payback

Virtual Power Plants and solar battery systems

Virtual Power Plants: What Are They And Can They Make Batteries Pay?

I’m really excited to have this opportunity to tell you about Virtual Power Plants.  I’m virtually beside myself with excitement.  That’s not just a horrible joke.  I’ve actually written little bits of this post in a variety of houses and used t’internet to store each file in the cloud.  Once I’m done pasting them all together I’m sure you won’t be able to tell the difference between this and an article that was centrally generated. [Read more…]