Good News! Tesla Drops Price Of Powerwall 2 By $650 — Less Than One-Quarter Previous Price Hike

Tesla Powerwall 2 price cut - Australia

Well, that makes a nice change…

This morning I woke up, checked the horse was still alive, checked the children were still alive,1 and then checked my email.  To my surprise there was one from Finn telling me the price of the Tesla Powerwall 2 had dropped. [Read more…]

SA Energy Minister — Dan Pellekaan — Says $9,300 For A Tesla Powerwall 2 Is “Very Expensive”

Dan Van Holst Pellekaan - Home Battery Forum

Does the SA Energy Minister understand battery payback?

Last month my boss, Finn, received a letter inviting him to a “Home Battery Forum” hosted by South Australia’s Minister for Energy and Mining, Daniel Cornelius van Holst Pellekaan, at the Marion RSL.  As Finn couldn’t make it and I was curious what the Dutchest of all Australian Energy Ministers had to say, I attended. [Read more…]

Sunrise TV Gets It Wrong: Installing Batteries Will Lose Most Households Money

CH7 Sunrise Solar Power And Battery Segment

Mainstream media gets it wrong on batteries. In other shock news Pope declares he’s a Catholic.

If you told me two years ago you spent $46,000 on a solar and battery system and it saved you $4,000 a year, my reaction would be, “I’m sorry.  I’m so, so sorry.” [Read more…]

6th Canberra Battery Test Centre Report — 61% Of Tested Batteries Faulty

Battery Test Centre June 2019 update

The Canberra Battery Test Centre has released their latest six monthly report.  It took them 9 months to get it out, but I’m glad they took their time, as it’s a beauty. [Read more…]

Australian Standard For Battery Testing Gets Closer

Australian Standard for solar battery testing

Out of my twenty-four 2V, 1200AH batteries, one has developed a fault and is dragging on the whole system. It would be a simple warranty claim except that I have to get the battery tested, and where I live nobody has the equipment needed.

As a result of my battery discussions with my installer, I was very interested to learn that a solar battery performance standard is under development; so last Thursday (June 20), I joined a webinar hosted by the Smart Energy Council briefing the industry on its progress. [Read more…]

Good People Making Bad Decisions: A ‘Community Solar’ Case Study

A solar power and battery storage decision

I nearly choked on my kale smoothie reading this article in the latest Renew magazine…

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA to its friends) is a wonderful organisation. They started as the Alternative Technology Cooperative in 1980 and ever since they have been urging Australians to think differently and more sustainably about how they use and generate energy. [Read more…]

Want A Battery? Then Don’t Claim The $2,250 Victorian Solar Rebate

Victorian solar panel rebate vs. battery rebate

Hey Victorians, do you want the $2,250 panel rebate or the $4839 battery rebate?

Update 17 May 2019: Solar Victoria have provided us with two clarifications

  1. The VIC battery rebate is capped at 1,000 per year for 10 years. So there is a chance you won’t get it even if eligible. Bear that in mind if you decide not to claim the VIC panel rebate.
  2. You can pay a deposit before you apply for your rebate – but it is recommended that your installer confirms, in writing, that it will be refunded if you don’t get the rebate.

At the moment the Victorian solar industry is at a standstill. Phones that were ringing off the hook two weeks ago have fallen silent. [Read more…]

Smart Energy Council Says Dumb Things About Batteries

Smart Energy Council - solar batteries

On Thursday the 1st of May the Smart Energy Council put out a press release that strongly implied home batteries can pay for themselves.  Unfortunately, at this time, they don’t with the possible exception of South Australia with their hefty subsidy of up to $6,000.  Anyone who says they do without a large subsidy is either being ignorant, incompetent, or deceptive. [Read more…]

Fact Checking An SA Government Press Release Spruiking Their Battery Subsidy

SA home battery scheme

Last Sunday the South Australian State Government issued a press release spruiking its Home Battery Scheme.

It is clearly aimed at getting more South Australians to fork over thousands of dollars for a home battery, no doubt triggered by the fact that – at the current run rate – it will take 15 years for them to flog all 40,000 subsidies, despite throwing about $100,000 per month at advertising the Home Battery Scheme.

This will be a very simple blog post. I will simply rate each paragraph of the press release on my humble opinion of its truthfulness. [Read more…]

SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode #5

Last Friday Ronald and I sat down in SQHQ to discuss the previous 7 days on the blog. Here are the posts we discussed, along with links to the relevant place in the video. [Read more…]