Will Only 7 Batteries Qualify For The NSW Battery Rebate?

batteries eligible for nsw rebate

The NSW government battery rebate has been causing some angst for NSW solar and battery installers. [Read more…]

NSW Battery Rebate: How To Triumph Despite The Confusion

So you’ve heard about NSW offering an incentive between $1600 and $2400 to install a home battery. It’s great news but if you’re confused about exactly how this battery rebate works, don’t worry, so is the solar industry. Installer angst is palpable; but read on and I’ll explain there’s opportunities to make this work for everyone.

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Batteries In Australia In 2024

Adding a battery to your solar home can reduce your bills and keep your lights on if there’s a blackout.

But choosing one for your home isn’t as simple as popping down to the shops and getting some AAs.

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Modular Home Batteries Explained: All The Benefits & Key Considerations

Australian electrician installing a modular home battery

The Tesla Powerwall is renowned for being a shiny white slab of energy storage, but what if you’re willing to sacrifice some style for modularity? Are modular home batteries a better choice? [Read more…]

Tesla Confirms Key Powerwall 3 Specs

powerwall 3

A presentation by a Tesla USA employee, now circulating on YouTube, has provided substantial new information on the Powerwall 3’s confirmed specs. [Read more…]

The Best Home Batteries In Australia In 2024: According To Installers

What are the best home batteries in Australia in 2024? [Read more…]

Do You Really Need A 3-Phase Battery To Backup Your 3-Phase Home?

Potatoes as batteries

If only home batteries were this simple

Today’s post explains that no matter how hard you pedal, if you take two wheels off your tricycle, it won’t go anywhere.

In other words, a single-phase battery won’t power a three-phase appliance. [Read more…]

Can Amber Electric Win Back Tesla Powerwall Customers?

Amber Powerwall onboarding

Amber Electric recently put a hold on adding new Tesla Powerwalls to their novel electricity plan, thanks to some tricky issues between Amber’s SmartShift app and Tesla’s Powerwall control software. The good news? They’re back on track and ready to roll with Powerwalls again. But the big question remains – after this little stumble, can Amber rebuild the trust of their Powerwall customers?
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Sigenergy Battery: If It Lives Up To The Claims – It’ll Be Amazing

sigenergy inverter and battery

*Updated 18/3/24: Errors corrected based on Sigenergy feedback

In the rapidly evolving world of renewable energy and storage, we have often seen products that spark a lot of interest, but turn out to be a flash in the pan. So, you’ll have to forgive my scepticism when a brand-new company puts out a well-orchestrated media release, rave reviews and a showy launch bringing yet more new products to a crowded market.

Sigenergy is certainly making noise, announcing a new range of all-singing, all-dancing, all-in-one energy solutions.

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Powerwall 3: What To Expect When It Arrives In Australia

powerwall 3 and possum

Image: Tesla (possum added). Note: This Powerwall 3 install would not be compliant in Australia. Too close to the windows and requires a fire-rated backsheet because it backs on to a habitable room.

Last week, Tesla officially put the Powerwall 3 up for sale on its US website, and released some previously unknown details about the much anticipated home battery. [Read more…]

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