Common Battery Installation Issues: Insights from an Electrical Inspector

As home battery systems start to go mainstream, the focus on the safety and compliance of these systems becomes ever more critical. In this post, I will navigate the complexities of grid-connected battery system installations, uncover common challenges installers face, and underscore the pivotal role of the Australian home battery standard: AS/NZS5139:2019. [Read more…]

Should You Have A Home Battery Safety Plan?

Home battery safety plan

Many local councils actively promote the importance of having a bushfire survival plan to residents. Given the potential risks associated with home batteries, should homeowners also have a dedicated emergency response plan for their home battery systems? [Read more…]

What The Hell Is GivEnergy?

givenergy monitoring portal

Grey clouds. Even the monitoring has a distinctly British flavour.

Recently, I had the pleasure of walking the halls at the All Energy Solar Conference in Melbourne. For those in the industry, we affectionately call it “Solar Xmess” because it’s the one time of year when we can all get together and passionately debate the finer points over a beer. Some might argue that our drinking industry has a solar problem, but that’s a topic for another day. [Read more…]

Amber Electric Races to Upgrade as Tesla Powerwall Demand Surges

amber smartshift app and tesla powerwall

Amber Electric, the upstart electricity retailer that allows consumers to play the wholesale electricity market, recently sent out an email to its Tesla Powerwall customers, and it’s a mix of good and bad news. [Read more…]

How A Second Tesla Powerwall Unlocked 8 Cent Grid Electricity For Sean

Meet Sean, a bloke from Brighton, South Australia who loves his gadgets as much as his missus loves their new spa. Despite 8kW of solar panels, Sean had an energy bill that’d make a grown man cry. So, what did he do? Buckled down, got smart, and supercharged his battery setup. Here’s the lowdown: [Read more…]

Decoding Tesla Powerwall 3’s Electrical Specs: Implications for Australia

Tesla Powerwall 3 specifications

There she be…  Powerwall 3

Photos are doing the rounds of a Tesla Powerwall 3 installed in the wilds of Burgeristan (the USA) , so I thought I’d add a few words to the stream of excited comments. [Read more…]

Backup Your Blackout Plans. Why Hybrid Solar Needs A Bypass Switch

Hybrid solar power system with bypass switch

The green parts are thanks to SolarQuotes. In normal operation, grid energy goes in the hybrid inverter through the red line, out along the brown line, and into the home’s essential circuits via the green line. If the inverter fails, it can simply be bypassed with the green switch.

Home batteries used to be a niche market for tech enthusiasts and those needing emergency power. But as battery-backed hybrid solar systems proliferate, the solar industry is learning that even the best plans can go awry. [Read more…]

Is “Not-Made-In-China” A Safer Bet For Your Solar Battery?

Non-Chinese batteries

Is ‘Made in China’ a deal-breaker for you when it comes to solar batteries? [Read more…]

A Battery Without Solar Can Be Worth It in WA, But Only Just

Installing home batteries without solar panels in Western Australia

Basking in sunlight from dawn to dusk, Western Australia is a great place for solar panels. But not everyone can install solar, which got me thinking. Is WA a great place for batteries without solar panels? [Read more…]

Solar Batteries Without Solar Panels? No Sun, No Problem.

Solar batteries charging from the grid

Solar panels and batteries might sound like a match made in energy heaven, but some people install batteries without solar panels. What gives? [Read more…]

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