How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

How long do solar batteries last?

The short answer: Expect a home battery in a temperate climate with typical use to last 15 – 17 years. Solar batteries exposed to higher temperatures, and worked hard every day, could have an effective life of 12 – 14 years. [Read more…]

Sizing Up Solar Batteries: A Comprehensive Guide to Dimensions and Energy Density

How big are solar batteries?

While we often talk about solar battery capacity, let’s take a detour and explore their physical dimensions – yes, their actual size. It may seem like an odd question to some, but understanding the dimensions can make all the difference if you’re short on space. [Read more…]

Jinko’s Suntank Battery Bounces Back With An Improved Warranty

jinko warranty doc and battery

This article is all about the Jinko Suntank Battery’s technical specs.  Two months ago, I wrote about its terrible warranty and decided no one in their right mind should buy it. But — to their credit — Jinko replaced the original warranty with a much better one shortly after my post was published. [Read more…]

Track Your Powerwall’s Health with Our DIY Degradation Calculator

Battery state of health estimator spreadsheet

Most of us know that home batteries inevitably degrade over time, but understanding how to quantify that degradation and take proactive steps remains a mystery. [Read more…]

Alpha ESS Battery Review: An Unforgettable Installation Experience

Installation: Sure Solar

The Alpha ESS battery: hailed by many, criticised by others. Established in China in 2012, Alpha’s surge in popularity across the Australian market has many of us asking if these batteries are a fantastic bargain or asking for trouble.

Through my journey of installing various models, including the SMILE5 series, I’ve witnessed both the charm and the hiccups. Join me in my recount of an installation experience that I’ll never forget, and find out if the Alpha ESS is worth your time and money. [Read more…]

Battery Degradation Part II: How To Measure It

dead solar batteries

Image Credit: Selectronic Australia

All batteries degrade over time. The battery warranty specifies the maximum degradation you can expect – typically over ten years. But how do you know how much your battery has actually degraded?

[Read more…]

Tesla Megapacks Included in NSW’s Latest Giant Battery Approvals

close up of a Tesla Megapack

Tesla Megapacks – like these will be installed near Muswellbrook, NSW. The Aplsey battery manufacturer is TBC.

Two more grid-scale battery projects have been approved in NSW renewable energy zones. [Read more…]

BYD Battery-Box LV, HV & Pro Discontinued. Expand Your System Now Or Never.

BYD Battery Box LV, HV & Pro

BYD Battery Box LV, Battery Box HV & Battery Box Pro

The Clock Is Ticking for BYD’s Legacy Battery Box Products

[Read more…]

Is The Budget Sungrow Battery Any Good? I Installed One To Find Out…

Recently, I decided to retrofit a 12.8 kWh Sungrow battery and hybrid inverter to a 6.6kW solar system on a rental unit I own. The video above is a deep dive from start to finish, but if you don’t feel like watching, here’s a summary.
[Read more…]

Tesla Operated “Big Bessie” Battery Rocks Rockhampton

bessie the battery

Rockhampton residents will soon reap the benefits of grid-scale renewable storage soaking up excess solar production, with Powerlink flicking the switch on a 50MW/100MWh battery in Bouldercombe. [Read more…]

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