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Anthony joined the SolarQuotes team in 2022. He’s a licensed electrician, builder, roofer and solar installer who for 14 years did jobs all over SA - residential, commercial, on-grid and off-grid. A true enthusiast with a skillset the typical solar installer might not have, his blogs are typically deep dives that draw on his decades of experience in the industry to educate and entertain. Read Anthony's full bio.

Budget EV Diaries: Running on Empty and the RAA Rescue

Emergency road service van charging an EV

As I wrote last week, I’ve recently picked up a really cheap electric vehicle. Since then, I’ve been testing out the battery, mulling over why we feel the need to name cute cars… and trying out the RAA’s new emergency charging service for EVs. Oops.

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Balancing Act: Do You Need Three Batteries On A 3 Phase House?

Power Plus and Selectronic Inverters

One battery and three of the best inverters made anywhere.

It wasn’t so long ago that 1kW was the average size of a solar power system. Keen customers bought 1.5kW. The first 2kW job I did was on a garage full of Mercs that overlooked a winery. Fast forward just a decade and a half and 6.6kW has become the basic measuring stick for quotes, with average system sizes surpassing 10kW.

As system sizes have grown, so has demand for 3 phase solar power.

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I Just Bought The Cheapest Electric Car In Australia… Again

I can’t quite believe it’s been over a year since I penned an article about buying my first EV.

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Pint Glasses to Power Grids: Explaining kW and kVA

beer glass explaining kVA

Electrical devices have many different ratings, but one of the most confusing distinctions for the average consumer is between kilowatts (kW) and kilovolt-amperes (kVA).

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Self-Cleaning Solar: Why You Should Avoid Flat Solar Panels

dirty solar panels

You may have heard that flat solar panels require regular cleaning, but those angled at 10° or more don’t. But is it really true? [Read more…]

Eclipsing Trust: Trina Solar’s Ongoing Warranty Worries

Trina warranty details

In the competitive solar panel market, Trina Solar stands out as a brand synonymous with reliability and value. They’ve built a reputation on promises of quality and durability, making them a trusted choice for Aussie homeowners. However, a recent chat with a fellow installer reveals a stark reality that may leave you questioning their reputation; and us questioning their place on the SolarQuotes recommended panel chart. [Read more…]

How To Go Reliably Off-Grid With Your Tiny House Or Cabin

Lifting a tiny house into position

Image credit: NESCA

A growing number of Australians are trying to avoid the hellscape that is the current Australian housing market. The trend towards tiny houses shows it’s not hard to build a neat little dwelling and plonk it somewhere nice. [Read more…]

How To Safely Add Solar Power To Your Caravan, RV Or Camper

Unrestored motorhome

At SolarQuotes, we often field inquiries about remote-area solar power systems, and increasingly, we’re seeing interest in their little brothers, too: off-grid systems for buses, caravans, RVs or trendy tiny houses.

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How To Kill Friends And Electrocute People: Wiring Without An Electrical Licence

electrical standards

So you’d like to be an electrician? Here’s half your required reading…

Australia’s conservative electrical licencing laws mean there’s really not much a homeowner can DIY, beyond changing light globes or rewiring a ceramic fuse (if your switchboard hasn’t been upgraded since the the 1960s). Some people decry this as ‘the nanny state gone mad’, but I have to point out the law isn’t as silly as some of the wiring I’ve encountered. [Read more…]

The Sorry State Of Electrician Training In Australia

JIS screws are invariably ruined by people who don’t know they exist.

Despite 15 years in solar, my experience as an apprentice isn’t as distant as you might think. [Read more…]

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