About Anthony Bennett

As a child, Anthony marvelled at his Solarex toy helicopter made with shards of smashed solar cells. With some education, he became a jack of all trades & master of several, qualified contractor, builder, roofer, auto and licenced electrician, veteran car restorer & Dad. After 14+ years of lugging, lifting, plumbing and fixing, wiring, dialling and evangelising for everything solar power-related, on-grid and off, he's got a few yarns to share.

The Most Challenging Solar Installation I Ever Did

A very challenging solar power system installation

(trigger warning for solar nerds – this story has a very sad ending)

Finn asked me to write a post on the worst solar installation I ever had to do. The worst? Ah, let me count the ways I could interpret that… this could become a series. [Read more…]

The Pragmatist’s Guide to Violating Solar Panel Exclusion Zones

edge zone

When it comes to installing solar arrays on buildings, one particularly edgy subject is exclusion zones. [Read more…]

Conduit & Solar Inverters: The Good, Bad & Fugly

Nasty inverter installation with cable conduit

Looks fine from my house…

The $200, 2-inch thick, spiral-bound ‘AS/NZS 3000 Electrical Installations’ is also known as The Wiring Rules, The Book, or The Bible. Electricians use it to beat each other over the head when they feel a fellow sparkie has strayed from the true path of holy electrical compliance. [Read more…]

The Ugly Truth About Conduit And Solar Panels

Solar installations - conduit on roof

Cable conduit can look awful on a solar roof, and is overused by crap installers. But sometimes a little bit of rooftop rigid conduit can be justified. Image: Crap Solar Facebook Group

Protective electrical conduit is a small part of every solar install, but using it properly can make or break both the compliance and the aesthetics of that job.

This post will explore the use of cable conduit in and on a solar roof. [Read more…]