Tonga’s Largest Solar Power Facility Commences Operations

Matatoa Solar Farm - Tonga

Image : Tonga Power Ltd

Tonga’s King Tupou VI officially commissioned Matatoa Solar Farm last week, another step towards the Kingdom achieving its renewable energy goal.

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Zero Emissions, Green Limousine Service Launches In Adelaide

myCar EV service - Adelaide

MyCar luxury electric vehicle chauffeur service

Want to take a spin in a Tesla? South Australia’s first zero-emissions chauffeur service, myCar, launched in Adelaide yesterday – but as a luxury service, it won’t be cheap.

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Butler : National Energy Guarantee Will Nobble Rooftop Solar

National Energy Guarantee and solar power

Will the NEG impact on Australia’s “solar rebate”?

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Mark Butler, says implementation of the Turnbull Government’s NEG will nobble small-scale solar power and large-scale renewables.

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Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) Legislation Passes

Victoria Renewable Energy Target - VRET

Image : seagul

The Victorian Labor Government’s  Renewable Energy (Jobs and Investment) Bill 2017 passed the Legislative Council late on Friday afternoon, enshrining the VRET in law.

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Stockland To Roll Out Solar PV On 10 More Shopping Centres

Solar panels at Stockland shopping centres

Image: Stockland

Property development giant Stockland has announced it is installing a total of 39,000 solar panels on major shopping centres in three Australian states.

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Construction To Commence on Queensland’s Kennedy Energy Park

Kennedy Energy Park - Queensland

Image: Windlab

Construction is set to begin on the $160 million Kennedy Energy Park; the first large scale solar power, wind and battery hybrid project to be connected to the grid in Australia.

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Picking Energy Winners In Australia – Latest Poll Results

The Turnbull Government claims it’s not picking winners when it comes to energy, but Australian voters have – and a winner is renewables.

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Cathy McGowan : Community Projects A Vital Piece Of Australia’s Energy Jigsaw

Cathy McGowan on community energy

Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan AO has called for more funding for community energy projects across Australia.

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Orange Aquatic Centre Goes Solar

Solar panels at Orange Aquatic Centre

Image: Orange City Council

A 100kW solar power system has been installed at the Aquatic Centre in the New South Wales regional city of Orange.

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Clean Energy Target Dumped For National Energy Guarantee

Tony Abbott - Coal fan

Mr. Abbot said the CET’s dumping was “progress”. | Image: via Facebook

It’s a done deal. The Australian Government has dumped Dr. Alan Finkel’s recommendation of a Clean Energy Target in favour of a “National Energy Guarantee”,  which will see coal power hanging around for a lot longer and renewable energy subsidies end.

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