Bass Coast Shire Invites Climate Action Plan Community Involvement

Bass Coast Climate Action Plan

Victoria’s Bass Coast Shire Council is encouraging residents to contribute to the development of a climate action plan for the community. [Read more…]

2019 A Great Year For Renewables In Australia

Renewable energy Australia - 2019

While it wasn’t without its challenges, two reports released this week paint a very rosy picture of how renewable energy fared in Australia last year. [Read more…]

Eurobodalla Shire Council: Solar A Safe Bet

Eurobodalla Shire - solar energy

New South Wales’ Eurobodalla Shire Council recently sang the praises of residential and commercial solar power – and it has the experience under its belt to do so. [Read more…]

Door-To-Door Solar Sales Warning From CEC

Door to door solar sales

Door-to-door sales haven’t been a good look for Australia’s home solar energy sector at the best of times. In the current situation, the practice would be just plain dumb. [Read more…]

Solar Boosting Community Safety In Douglas Shire

Solar street lighting - Douglas Shire

It looks like Queensland’s Douglas Shire Council put its Safer Communities grant money to good use – and solar power features in its purchases. [Read more…]

Is Solar Panel Optimisation Worth It?

Solar string inverters, micro-inverters and power optimizers. What’s the best choice? Finn offers his point of view in this video (transcript included). [Read more…]

Raw Deal For New NT Solar Owners And Installers

Northern Territory solar feed in tariff

The Northern Territory’s distinction as having the hands-down best solar feed in tariff has been lost for new system owners. Installing solar will still be worth it, but payback will be significantly extended. [Read more…]

Making Going Solar A COVID-19-Free Experience

Going solar and COVID-19

In among all the challenges of late, some good news is arranging the purchase of a solar power system and having it installed doesn’t require you to be in close physical contact with anyone – social distancing can be observed. [Read more…]

Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – April 2020

Australian solar power report covering March 2020

March 2020 was a month unlike any other, but there were still plenty of Australians interested in solar power – with some perhaps spurred on by the prospect of bigger electricity bills through staying at home. [Read more…]

Dubbo Regional Council Joins Cities Power Partnership

Dubbo Regional Council - solar energy

Image: Google Street View

New South Wales’ Dubbo Regional Council has announced it is now a member of the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership (CPP) program. [Read more…]