Approval Granted For $262 Million Suntop Solar Farm

Suntop solar farm

Suntop Solar Farm is the second large-scale PV project to be given the green light by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment this week.  [Read more…]

Seraphim Solar Panels For Bullarah Solar Farm

Seraphim solar panels - Bullarah

Seraphim 325W MX solar panels will feature at Bullarah Solar Farm, a clean power station to be constructed 95 kilometres west of Moree in New South Wales. [Read more…]

$407 Million Darlington Point Solar Farm Approved

Darlington Point Solar Farm

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment announced yesterday it had approved a 275-megawatt solar power project to be situated approximately 10km south of Darlington Point, near Griffith. [Read more…]

NSW Large-Scale Solar Energy Guideline Published

NSW Large Scale Solar Energy Guideline

The New South Wales Government released its Large-Scale Solar Energy Guideline yesterday, which it says puts farmer and resident needs “front and centre”. [Read more…]

$5M Rooftop Solar Roll Out For NT Schools To Commence

Solar schools - Northern Territory

Image: Hans

The Northern Territory’s government has announced the first round of schools that will soon have solar panels installed. [Read more…]

Oxfam Australia : 100% Renewables, No New Coal

Oxfam on coal and renewables in Australia

Oxfam has warned Australia is at risk of falling even further behind in the climate change battle, isolating it from its neighbours in the region. [Read more…]

Australia’s 43GW-61GW Of Residential Rooftop Solar Potential

Residential solar potential in Australia

Australian grassroots solar advocacy group Solar Citizens says while 6GW of solar capacity is currently installed on residential rooftops throughout Australia, there’s potential for much, much more. [Read more…]

City-Scale Energy Storage With Molten Silicon

Molten silicon energy storage

A group of MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology and National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers say their molten silicon energy storage design concept could help power cities – and be much cheaper than pumped hydro. [Read more…]

Sunswift Team And Solar Car Violet Set Guinness World Record

Sunswift's Violet solar car

Image: Sunswift team and their solar car – Violet | UNSW

The UNSW Sunswift solar car team last week set a new Guinness World Record for the lowest energy consumption driving trans-Australia with an electric car. [Read more…]

NSW Energy Minister Spruiks Renewables Achievements

Wind and solar power in New South Wales

Image: NSW Energy

New South Wales’ Minister for Energy and Utilities Don Harwin outlined renewable energy progress in the state at the NSW Smart Energy Summit on Tuesday. [Read more…]