Renting Solar Energy Storage: Bungarribee Community Battery

Bungarribee Community Battery

In New South Wales, Western Sydney’s first community battery trial seems to be delivering on its promise of cheaper electricity costs for participants. [Read more…]

SMA Solar’s Struggles Continue

SMA solar inverters

If German solar inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technology AG was Australian, the firm would certainly qualify for the “battler” label. [Read more…]

Endeavour Energy’s New Two-Way And Free Solar Soak Tariffs

Endeavour Energy solar tariffs

NSW Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP) Endeavour Energy is introducing two-way tariffs for solar owners starting next month. Find out how this will work and also about Endeavour’s new free “solar soak” tariff. [Read more…]

Turning Solar Panels Into Sneakers

Solar panel recycling

If this PV recycling solution does what it says on the tin, it could be another useful tool for dealing with end-of-life solar panels. [Read more…]

Tasmania’s Solar Feed In Tariff Takes A Hit

Tasmania solar feed in tariff update

While many Tasmanians shouldn’t experience as much electricity bill hip-pocket pain in the new financial year, those with solar panels will be receiving less for the electricity they export to the grid. [Read more…]

No Surprise: Many Australians Don’t Trust Energy Retailers

Australian energy retailer distrust

A recent survey indicates electricity and gas companies are trusted by fewer Australians than telcos, banks and supermarkets. [Read more…]

Hoymiles 8-1 MIT: Microinverter On Meth

Hoymiles 8-1 MIT microinverter

The line between microinverter and string inverter has been blurred with the launch of Hoymiles’ 8-1 MIT series. [Read more…]

Customer Concerns Trigger AEMC Electricity Tariff Pricing Review

Australian electricity tariff review

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) says it’s aware of and concerned about electricity retailers applying demand and time-of-use tariffs to households in “unexpected ways”. [Read more…]

Debunking The Screams Of “Sun Tax!”

Australia's Sun Tax debunked

Export charges for solar energy in Australia have elicited some strong negative reactions and misinformation – including referring to these charges as a sun tax. [Read more…]

Another Push For “National” Home Battery Subsidy In Australia

Australia: National Home Battery Saver.

Does a solar battery subsidy of up to a few thousand dollars sound good to you? That’s what could be available if a Clean Energy Council recommendation is heeded by the Federal Government. [Read more…]

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