Fossil Fuel Careers Losing Their Oily Shine?

Employment in oil and gas

Image: Ralf Roletschek, CC BY-SA 3.0 de

A new report says a “seismic cultural shift” is under way, posing a threat to oil and gas companies in attracting and keeping skilled workers.

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NSW Opposition Leader To Pledge More Solar Power

Solar power in New South Wales

Luke Foley To Promise Massive Increase In Rooftop Solar

In his budget reply speech today, Opposition leader Luke Foley will reportedly commit to a huge increase in rooftop solar power generation capacity in New South Wales.

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Cayman Islands’ First Solar Farm Operational

Solar Power in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Celebrates First Utility Scale Solar Power Project

While it may not be huge project by some standards, the official commissioning of the first solar farm in the Cayman Islands has been called a historic event.

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NEWSFLASH – AGL Boosts Solar Feed-In Tariff Incentives By Up To 140%

AGL solar feed in tariff increase

The financial case for home solar keeps getting better | Currency image: cogdogblog, Public Domain

In some very good news for Australian solar power system owners, AGL Energy has announced huge increases to its retailer solar feed-in tariffs.

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Solar Power’s Role In NT’s Economic Development Framework

Renewable Energy - Northern Territory

Solar energy and the Northern Territory’s future | Images : NT Government

Unveiled yesterday, the Northern Territory Government’s Economic Development Framework says solar is the most promising way to achieve the government’s renewable energy target.

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CEC Approved Solar Battery List On The Horizon

Solar batteries in Australia

Australia’s Clean Energy Council is seeking battery supplier cooperation as part of preparation for including solar energy storage solutions on its Approved Products List.

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CEC To Require Solar Panel Importers To Have Australian Website

Imported solar panels - new regulations

Imported solar panel documentation improvements in Australia | Panel background image : CharlesMJames

In order to maintain CEC Approved Product status, solar panel importers will soon need to maintain an Australian website providing end-consumers and solar installers access to important product documentation.

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Australia’s Largest Community Solar Project Fully Funded

Community solar project in Canberra

Proposed site of Australia’s biggest community solar power facility | SolarShare

Strong interest in a community solar project in Canberra has resulted in it easily securing the full capital investment needed to construct what will be Australia’s largest community-owned solar facility.

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South Korea To Dump Nuclear Power, Embrace More Renewables

Nuclear power in South Korea

Kori Nuclear Plant reactors 1-4 right to left | Image:  IAEA Imagebank Р04790180, CC BY-SA 2.0

Making good on his election vows, South Korea’s new president says the country will dump plans for new nuclear power generation and not extend the life of existing reactors.

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88,000 US Solar Jobs Threatened By Trade Case

Solar employment in the USA

Trade case’s huge implications for employment and solar investment | Image: SEIA

If a petition made by a declared bankrupt US solar company is successful, tens of thousands of jobs may be lost says the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

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