Great Britain Sets New Record Low For Electricity Carbon Intensity

Great Britain - electricity carbon intensity

Great Britain enjoyed its “greenest” electricity on Easter Monday afternoon – and solar energy’s contribution was significant. [Read more…]

SolarQuotes TV Ep. 3: Panel Punishment, Solar Fires, Battery Chat + More

The solar fire hazard that could soon be addressed, karate vs. crystalline in a full-on solar panel punishment test, why home batteries are still so pricey, the dark side of solar – all this and more! [Read more…]

Tasmanian Labor Spruiks Solar And Battery Loans

Solar and battery loans - Tasmania

Solar power is a winner – and Tasmanian Labor is using the passion for PV to try and win over voters when Tasmanians go to the polls on May 1. [Read more…]

Community Batteries: Power To The People

Community batteries overview

Image: McKell Institute (Note: the DC stands for “Distribution Centre” not “Direct Current”)

There’s been a lot of chatter about community batteries recently – here’s a brief overview of what they are, how they work and some of their benefits. [Read more…]

WA Solar Owners Invited To Complete Survey

Western Australia solar installation survey

A Western Australian government agency is asking the state’s solar owners to provide feedback on their clean power journey. [Read more…]

Solar Powered Mars Helicopter A Step Closer To First Flight

Ingenuity - solar powered Mars helicopter


The solar powered helicopter drone Ingenuity’s 471-million-kilometre journey aboard Perseverance ended yesterday with a 10cm drop from the rover’s belly on to the surface of Mars. [Read more…]

Australian Solar Systems Interest Index: April 2021

auSSII solar report - April 2021

Our latest auSSII report provides an insight into what Australia solar buyers were wanting in March 2021 when requesting quotes via SQ. [Read more…]

JA Solar’s 415-Watt Solar Panel For Residential Installations Unveiled

JA Solar - 415-watt DeepBlue 3.0 Light

Another high-power solar panel will be hitting the residential PV market – JA Solar’s 415-watt DeepBlue 3.0 Light. [Read more…]

SolarQuotes’ Finn Peacock: Don’t Call It A Solar Tax!

A draft determination released by the AEMC last week that would affect home solar in Australia caused quite a stir. Here’s SolarQuotes’ founder Finn Peacock’s take on it. [Read more…]

Slabs For Surplus Solar Energy: VB Solar Exchange 

VB Solar Exchange

The curiosity of solar power system owners partial to Victoria Bitter beer may be piqued by a new promotion launched by the brewer. [Read more…]